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Hank Green

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William Henry "Hank" Green II was born on May 5th, 1980 to Mike and Sydney Green. . He married Katherine Green in 2006. Hank and Katherine live in Missoula, Montana with their pet, Cameo. Hank and Katherine had their first child, named Orin, in October 2016.

Hank uploaded the first video to the vlogbrothers channel on New Year's Day 2007, and has also helped start ScishowCrash Course (where he teaches science topics), the now-defunct Truth or Fail, hankschannel, and hankgames. Hank was also responsible for starting up Vidcon, Subbable, DFTBA Records, and the Project For Awesome. He is the executive director for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and other Pemberley Digital projects, and has also helped start up YouTube programs The Brain Scoop and Sexplanations, featuring knowledgeable Missoula residents.

Hank has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Eckerd College and a master's degree in environmental studies from the University of Montana. Before making videos for a living, he wrote in many publications, including mental_floss and his own technology blog, ecogeek.

Hank is also known for his songs that he writes with his guitar (called "This machine pwns N00bs" in an homage to Woody Guthrie), concerning science and other "nerdy" things. His albums include So Jokes, I’m So Bad at This (live), This Machine PWNS N00bs, and Ellen Hardcastle.

Significant Quotations:

  • "We aren't born with a self, we create ourselves."

  • "The most natural thing in the world is complexity."

  • "Dude - no edge." (regarding the infinite universe)

  • "Good morning John it's ______"

  • "Fart fart fart."

External Links:
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