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I'm Australia and am about to go to sleep! Here is a dumb video I made and I hope it isn't terrible.

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Good morning John,

It’s Hank on Tuesday coming to you from Melbourne, Australia which is just behind this window here.

(Shouting)Getting real close to the lamp John.

It’s Friday actually, it’s not a very pleasant sensation on my fingers.

You know when they do this thing when they have like the Google auto complete- Vlogbrothers pioneered that, that was our thing and then everybody stole it but anyway I’m not bitter: creativity is shared, everyone builds on what everyone else has done before. If we couldn’t copy the work of other people-I couldn’t say words.

So I’m going to modify my own idea. I’m gonna go to and type “ Why is Australia?”. I spelled it super wrong. (Reading tweet) “Why is Ausralia preforming what the hell im not good at geography but since when is Australia in Europe??”- now this, I believe this tweet is about Eurovision but what is Europe anyway: it’s an idea.

(Types in why is Australia) Why is Australia. (Reads tweet) “Why is Australia the best for Psych-Rock?”. You know what Bee Radley, what the frick is Psych-Rock- we’re gonna find out together. (Shouts) Psych-Rock. Ehh.

(Reading tweet) “Why is Australia so far away,”. So continents, interestingly, are less dense rock that is floating, essentially, on top of the sort of jelly-like interior of the Earth and how those giant rocks float around on the jelly ball of Earth is a fairly random process but something we’ve modeled pretty extensivley- look, I'm not a geologist but geologists do exist and you should ask one of them.

Gaby wants to know (reading tweet) “why is Australia so slow with movie releases like i NEED to watch hustlers rn or else i won’t be a valid gay!!!!!”. I’ve also heard Hustlers is good and it is ludicrous that we live in this global world and we still do content releases by continent- is right here, everybody knows about the thing, you can’t do this to us anymore. 

Sigrid wants to “why is Australia so obsessed with fairies?”. They got fairy floss which is cotton candy, fairy bread which is, I think, bread with sprinkles on it, fairy penguins which is a kind of penguin, fairy lights- I don’t know what that is-, The Faries which I’m gonna assume are boats that you take from one place to another. (Faries plays) Oh my God, it’s not a boat; this is better than Psych-Rock. The magical mystery tree. It says right here in the YouTube description “The Fairies is an international and unique concept”- so it’s both international and unique, “that has proven as itself as one of the top TV series, touring, publishing, DVD, music and licensing properties in Australia. Well if I’m here to watch Faries on Youtube as a child, this is the marketing language I’m looking for.

Alright, I’m gonna mix it up because you know, most people are just mad about Australian politics in this search so I’m just gonna search “why is Hank Green”. Why is Hank Green so- oh gosh I take it back. 

All right, well I think this counts as a video. I’m gonna go watch The Faries on Youtube and then maybe go edit my book on the banks of the Yarra river like a lucky,little turd.

John, I’ll see you on Tuesday.