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H: I'm live.  Hey, everybody, how's it going?  I just opened this box of this game that we might play a little later on.  It's called Watch Ya Mouth and it appears to be, let's see.  What are the rules?  Doesn't look particularly complicated.  Um, "Each team has 60 seconds to interpret as many phrases as possible.  On each team, one player is the reader and one is the interpreter."  So I guess I have to say words while my mouth has a thing in it.  (Noises)  Closing these things.  Um, and we've got--we're back.  So I'm kinda messing around right now, 'cause I know that not everybody's opened the link yet, so there's not technically tons of people in the room at the moment and uh, oh yeah.  Hm.  Okay, I see what's going--so it's just like a bunch of--bunch of like, things like "A baby baboon's brown belly" and then I have to put in this--one of these objects into my mouth.  Which I've never done before, so I'm not entirely sure how it works.  Oh yeah, like that.  (?~1:38)  That's really hard and also it really reminds you that there's a skull inside of your head.  

But now I--yeah, so I 100% understand what this game is and how it works now.  I imagine people are joining back into the chat.  I'm gonna go to myself and then get this chat open.  It looks like people are here!  

 (02:00) to (04:00)

Why weren't you and John in YouTube Rewind?  You were in past years.  It's been a while since we've been in YouTube Rewind.  Why not?  I don't know.  It's not a thing that I think about.  We live in, not like, we don't live in LA, so it's like, harder to do stuff, and uh, and also there's like--it's such a big diverse platform with so much stuff going on that it's hard to try and, you know, capture all of what happened this year, so like, definitely not something that bothers me or that I even thought about until someone asked me earlier today on Twitter.  They were like, why weren't you in YouTube Rewind, YouTube blah blah blah, and I was like, boy, is there not any hard feelings when it comes to me being or not being in YouTube Rewind.  YouTube is a great place with lots of interesting stuff happening on it.

Is it just me or is Hank's video a bit behind the audio?  Well.  If any--if yesterday taught us anything, it's that it's not just you and yaaah.  Why do you live in Montana?  Why do I live in Montana?  Yeah, right?  Why wouldn't I?  It's beautiful.  Let me answer that question with my--with my Watch Ya Mouth objects in.  (?~3:32) is a big city.  I have a really hard time (?~3:34) too seriously and I like being in a place where (?~3:41) we care about stuff and we try real hard, but at the same time, like, I can, you know, stay in touch with reality a little bit better, I think.  Alright.  So that seems like it was worth it.

 (04:00) to (06:00)

Hank: Uh, so, I'm going to go over to Oh! We got our dynamic third live now. So, thanks to anonymous for getting that digital download bundle. Um, was I asked to be in YouTube Rewind? I don't think it came up, no. But, I think I've been asked previously and said no, so there may be, uh, once you, once, you know, throw out the, throw out the negative.

Am I going to release the Stanley Parable perk soon? Cory, you asked that question for 5 dollars, and, when probably that perks going to cost less than that. Um, but yes. I should have, at some point this morning, written up the text of that perk. But, I didn't do it, so maybe I should just grab my computer, and do it right now.

Live, you can see behind-the-scenes how the Project for Awesome works. First, this is my backpack, and my computer's inside of it. So is this thing I need to give to Marianna. I'll just put it on your desk. You know, just doing all the things. And then, uh, oof! And then, I'm gonna type up my description, if my computer has any charge, which it does. 10% everybody.

Did he cronch something? I was gone. Yes I did. But the good news is, is when you watch that Project for Awesome Recap, you'll probably catch the cronch.

Um, to Marianne and Victoria. What? Stanley Parable. How do you spell Stanley? L-E-Y? Yeah. 


Live Stanley Parable with Hank. Join Hank as he plays the new deluxe of Stanley, L-E-Y, Parable, uh, either live or on-demand.

 (06:00) to (08:00)

Um, you can see Hank playing this exceptionally weird game on Games with Hank, but now only a select few will get to see Hank play live. Uh, get to see him play this new addition live. Uh, available as part of the digital download-- I've spelled digital wrong, bundle. Digital with a t, not two d's. I'd watch that.

Did I miss the Hanklerfish art? You did not! That's actually also going live very soon. I think that we've got that one ready to go. Hanklerfish art?

[Off-camera talking]

K. We're gonna put Hanklerfish art and Stanley Parable live very soon everybody. 

Join Hank as he plays the new deluxe edition of Stanley Parable, either live or on-demand. You can see Hank playing this exceptionally- uh I skipped a word. That's why the copyediting's important- weird game on Games with Hank. The original...

[Typing noises]

Oh yeah, I missed a lot of word. A lot of words.

 (08:00) to (10:00)

Available as part of the digital download bundle. Alright. Boop boop. Sending. And we're gonna get that one up. 

Okay. It's true! So we're gonna get the Hanklerfish art up, and we're gonna get that Stanley Parable up.

"Hank, I just got off work for Jason so I got to have fun packing and shipping quotes by you an John," that's awesome.

"Hank, are the livestreams available as a separate perk like you did with [unknown] last year?" Oh, I don't... I think that they're available as a separate perk and also as part of the download bundle. I don't remember if -- yes, it's that one-- i don't remember if--only if we did not include the livestreams as part of the download bundle last year, but we are doing it this year. Cause it's simpler. 

Marianne: Yes

Hank: Marianne agrees 

Marianne: Uh, Hanklerfish perk is live and featured.

Hank: Hanklerfish perk is live and featured! 

Marianne: We also made two, uh... perks live by Doctor [unknown].

Hank: Okay.. Okay. There's, uh... so the Hanklerfish art is live! Project for Awesome dot com slash donate... we've also got, uh, two perks by... ooh, there's only fifty of them; they do take a long time to make. So, I probably shouldn't do two-- I probably shouldn't do more than that. It was really fun to do them, but, it was a long process. I have pictures of them if you wanna put that in the description. I'll try to find some. 

Marianne: No, it's fine... as soon as it's live--

Hank: It's too late? 

Marianne: Yeah 

Hank: You can't change it! No one will buy it then! It's--they're beautiful! I wanna show people how beautiful they are! Here... there it is... I can show you how beautiful it is on my computer screen. Yeah that's kinda what they look like... woooo! They look like they're in the middle of the ocean. Um... and... 

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