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 (00:00) to (02:00)

H: I'm live.  Hey, everybody, how's it going?  I just opened this box of this game that we might play a little later on.  It's called Watch Ya Mouth and it appears to be, let's see.  What are the rules?  Doesn't look particularly complicated.  Um, "Each team has 60 seconds to interpret as many phrases as possible.  On each team, one player is the reader and one is the interpreter."  So I guess I have to say words while my mouth has a thing in it.  (Noises)  Closing these things.  Um, and we've got--we're back.  So I'm kinda messing around right now, 'cause I know that not everybody's opened the link yet, so there's not technically tons of people in the room at the moment and uh, oh yeah.  Hm.  Okay, I see what's going--so it's just like a bunch of--bunch of like, things like "A baby baboon's brown belly" and then I have to put in this--one of these objects into my mouth.  Which I've never done before, so I'm not entirely sure how it works.  Oh yeah, like that.  (?~1:38)  That's really hard and also it really reminds you that there's a skull inside of your head.  

But now I--yeah, so I 100% understand what this game is and how it works now.  I imagine people are joining back into the chat.  I'm gonna go to myself and then get this chat open.  It looks like people are here!  

 (02:00) to (04:00)

Why weren't you and John in YouTube Rewind?  You were in past years.  It's been a while since we've been in YouTube Rewind.  Why not?  I don't know.  It's not a thing that I think about.  We live in, not like, we don't live in LA, so it's like, harder to do stuff, and uh, and also there's like--it's such a big diverse platform with so much stuff going on that it's hard to try and, you know, capture all of what happened this year, so like, definitely not something that bothers me or that I even thought about until someone asked me earlier today on Twitter.  They were like, why weren't you in YouTube Rewind, YouTube blah blah blah, and I was like, boy, is there not any hard feelings when it comes to me being or not being in YouTube Rewind.  YouTube is a great place with lots of interesting stuff happening on it.

Is it just me or is Hank's video a bit behind the audio?  Well.  If any--if yesterday taught us anything, it's that it's not just you and yaaah.  Why do you live in Montana?  Why do I live in Montana?  Yeah, right?  Why wouldn't I?  It's beautiful.  Let me answer that question with my--with my Watch Ya Mouth objects in.  (?~3:32) is a big city.  I have a really hard time (?~3:34) too seriously and I like being in a place where (?~3:41) we care about stuff and we try real hard, but at the same time, like, I can, you know, stay in touch with reality a little bit better, I think.  Alright.  So that seems like it was worth it.

 (04:00) to (06:00)

Hank: Uh, so, I'm going to go over to Oh! We got our dynamic third live now. So, thanks to anonymous for getting that digital download bundle. Um, was I asked to be in YouTube Rewind? I don't think it came up, no. But, I think I've been asked previously and said no, so there may be, uh, once you, once, you know, throw out the, throw out the negative.

Am I going to release the Stanley Parable perk soon? Cory, you asked that question for 5 dollars, and, when probably that perks going to cost less than that. Um, but yes. I should have, at some point this morning, written up the text of that perk. But, I didn't do it, so maybe I should just grab my computer, and do it right now.

Live, you can see behind-the-scenes how the Project for Awesome works. First, this is my backpack, and my computer's inside of it. So is this thing I need to give to Marianna. I'll just put it on your desk. You know, just doing all the things. And then, uh, oof! And then, I'm gonna type up my description, if my computer has any charge, which it does. 10% everybody.

Did he cronch something? I was gone. Yes I did. But the good news is, is when you watch that Project for Awesome Recap, you'll probably catch the cronch.

Um, to Marianne and Victoria. What? Stanley Parable. How do you spell Stanley? L-E-Y? Yeah. 


Live Stanley Parable with Hank. Join Hank as he plays the new deluxe of Stanley, L-E-Y, Parable, uh, either live or on-demand.

 (06:00) to (08:00)

Um, you can see Hank playing this exceptionally weird game on Games with Hank, but now only a select few will get to see Hank play live. Uh, get to see him play this new addition live. Uh, available as part of the digital download-- I've spelled digital wrong, bundle. Digital with a 'T', not two 'D''s. I'd watch that.

Did I miss the Hanklerfish art? You did not! That's actually also going live very soon. I think that we've got that one ready to go. Hanklerfish art?

[Off-camera talking]

K. We're gonna put Hanklerfish art and Stanley Parable live very soon everybody. Join Hank as he plays the new deluxe edition of Stanley Parable, either live or on-demand. You can see Hank playing this exceptionally- uh I skipped a word. That's why the copyediting's important- weird game on Games with Hank. The original...

[Typing noises]

Oh yeah, I missed a lot of word. A lot of words.

 (08:00) to (10:00)

Available as part of the digital download bundle. Alright. Boop boop. Sending. And we're gonna get that one up. 

Okay. It's true! So we're gonna get the Hanklerfish art up, and we're gonna get that Stanley Parable up.

"Hank, I just got off work for Jason so I got to have fun packing and shipping quotes by you an John," that's awesome.

"Hank, are the livestreams available as a separate perk like you did with [unknown] last year?" Oh, I don't... I think that they're available as a separate perk and also as part of the download bundle. I don't remember if -- yes, it's that one-- i don't remember if--only if we did not include the livestreams as part of the download bundle last year, but we are doing it this year. Cause it's simpler. 

Marianne: Yes

Hank: Marianne agrees 

Marianne: Uh, Hanklerfish perk is live and featured.

Hank: Hanklerfish perk is live and featured! 

Marianne: We also made two, uh... perks live by Doctor [unknown].

Hank: Okay.. Okay. There's, uh... so the Hanklerfish art is live! Project for Awesome dot com slash donate... we've also got, uh, two perks by... ooh, there's only fifty of them; they do take a long time to make. So, I probably shouldn't do two-- I probably shouldn't do more than that. It was really fun to do them, but, it was a long process. I have pictures of them if you wanna put that in the description. I'll try to find some. 

Marianne: No, it's fine... as soon as it's live--

Hank: It's too late? 

Marianne: Yeah 

Hank: You can't change it! No one will buy it then! It's--they're beautiful! I wanna show people how beautiful they are! Here... there it is... I can show you how beautiful it is on my computer screen. Yeah that's kinda what they look like... woooo! They look like they're in the middle of the ocean. Um... and... 

 (10:00) to (12:00)

Let's see if we get it in time.  Sent you the file.  Um, yeah, it's pretty, right?  I finally--I figured out a good way to do spray paint art.  It's really quite fun, and I thought that there was like, a lot of different ways that I tried this and didn't turn out very well and then uh, and then finally, I landed on what you gotta do to make it work good, and it involves like, how much time you have to leave stuff drying, how you gotta make your stencils and also what material you end up applying the spray paint to, so with these, I ended up doing it on glass, which I think turned out really, really well, and I can't wait to do more of them, though, they will ship late because I found out that it's hard to do them in the winter when it's cold outside, so.  

Ow!  I just bent my fingernail back on my pants a little bit.  We've also got two--we've also got new perks from Lindsey Doe and if I have the Slack open, which I don't appear to--is it--oh, it is.  I will tell you all about it.  One, you can get dinner with Lindsey Doe in London, so, if you're going to be in London, uh, that is an important part of this.  Lindsey Doe from Sexplanations will take you and three friends out to dinner in London when she's there for VidCon in February.  Does not include the cost of travel, airfaire, or lodging, just a dinner.  Available--there are two of those available for $1,200 a piece.  You can also get a postcard from Lindsey, from Dr. Doe.  Receive a personalized postcard from somewhere Lindsey stops on the Sexplanations road tour.  20 available for $35.  Thank you, Lindsey, for those perks.  Thank you, Zachary for getting the Hanklerfish Art.  Thank you Locke & Demosthenes, wow, that's a thing, for getting something.  Ooh, people are--lots of people are getting the Hanklerfish art.  

 (12:00) to (14:00)

I think it's too late for you to update the--the art?  You got the picture up?  Look at that!  Fast, fast!  I love it.  We're pros.  Whoa, 28 of 50 claimed.  What!  People have been--people have been waitin'.  Peop--28 of 50 claimed!  Oh my go--whoo, my heart.  That's--I love it.  I'm so--I'm so happy, thank you all so much.  

Sexplanations is going on tour, I can't believe you didn't hear about this!  It's a whole thing.  That perk has been up for like, five freakin' seconds.  But we got the art up.  28 out of 50 claimed.  There's also a thing--so the Stanley Parable is also up, is it?  It's not up yet.  Stanley Parable is not up yet, but it is--what?  Oh, I didn't say how much it was for.  It's $5, everybody.  Marianne decided.  Can you hang up the (?~13:05) hanklerfish art?  Yes, you can.  It has--it is in a frame that has a little (?~13:09).  I got it at Michaels.  I got them at Michaels.  

Uh, why does my final have to be during the Project for Awesome?  People love your art.  Thanks.  I've been waiting a whole p4a for Hanklerfish art.  Do they leave the stream to watch later?  Uh, I don't know.  We will have links to it.  We don't leave them live, but we leave them up unlisted and you can go watch them if you want, I think.  Last year, we were not able to do that 'cause of a technical problem but I think we've figured it out this year.  So I'm not gonna make any super promises, but I'm--like, a non-super promise.  

Perk is live, Stanley Parable perk is live!  Um, you guys, you need to get the Hanklerfish art right now if you wanna get it.  More than half of them have already been claimed, 35 out of 50, there's only 15 left.  

 (14:00) to (16:00)

Why didn't John upload the Maureen Johnson $10,000 perk?  I think probably that they--you just--I don't think that they have a separate perk for that.  I think it's just like, we're waiting for somebody to donate $10,000 and then we'll know.  Oh, somebody got that John Green cutout.  16 out of 20 people have claimed the Be Animated Into a CrashCourse Episode perk.  Thank you for everybody, that's a really wonderful present for any fan of education and learning, so that they can always be in that episode in which people will learn something good and interesting.  

We just got back from the big Christmas bubble fight.  It's part of our town parade since we don't have snow in California.  That's awesome, Ella, I am super jealous of you.  We definitely could not have a bubble fight right now.  They would all freeze in the air.  Um, so we're at $385K right now raised.  42 out of 50 Hanklerfish have been claimed, so get your clickers, get your clickers ready.  They're goin' fast.  Uh, that Hanklerfish is really nice, but I want there to be a perk for Hank's book.  There will be--I don't have any copies of my book.  Um, I have some, I have like, three, but I have a lot of copies of my book in other languages, but I did not count them before I left this morning, so those foreign language editions will be listed later today after I count how many of them I have, because I don't want to sell more than I have.  

Hanklerfishes are going fast.  I'm going to--did we just raise $10,000 in like, 30 minutes?  Yeah, well, it helps when you sell 50 $150 Hanklerfish.  They're literally sold out, you guys.  I bet we sold more than 50, too, because that's how it always happens.  Woof.  

 (16:00) to (18:00)

Aw man.  We do have a bunch of art merch of Absolutely Remarkable Thing merch.  It's in there?  It's not live.  Ohhh.  Okay.  Go check, 'cause I'd love for that to not be in your office anymore.  Just a bunch of socks and pins.  Okay.  It's part of the perks?  Is it live yet?  Have we sold them yet?  Yeah.  I was trying to make it more clear what I was saying.  

We are $6,000 away from $1.3, oh man.  I can't believe how many Hanklerfish arts we sold.  So fast!  I mean, I knew we were gonna sell all of them, but.  Let's see how that Stanley Parable perk is doing.  Stanlah.  I had so much fun playing that game, it's so weird.  Sarah just got that postcard from Dr. Doe.  Stanley Parable with Hank--whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  Two people.  You and me.  You and me and that other person.  We're gonna be playing that game.  It's gonna be great.  And also all the people who got the digital download bundle.  If you haven't got it yet, what a value.  I need a charger.  I didn't bring one.  That was dumb.  

Probably shouldn't unplug that, huh?  Probably doing something important.  (Unintelligible)  

 (18:00) to (20:00)

Sorry, everybody.  It's just really hard to open these frickin' plug covers.  It always has been and I don't know what it's supposed to do to make it easy, but there it goes.  Did it.  Okay.  I'm back.  Carl's socks are live now.  Thank you, Zachary, for getting the digital download bundle.  Thank you, Sarah, for getting the digital download bundle.  Ooh, okay, we--we've got some guests about to join us.  

Uhh, got the Stanl--una_bananas got the Stanley Parable.  una_10bananas.  Karlie got the Dear Katherine and Sarah.  How's that doing?  253 people got just that perk, and not the digital download bundle which, by the way, has been purchased 2,394 times.  That's more views on that digital download bundle than I get on some of my content.  Gabriel just got something, thank you.  ganslerk got the Project for Awesome enamel pin.  Gabriel got--oh, they didn't get anything, they just donated money.  Thank you.  Kaitlyn Lancaster just claimed the postcard from Dr. Doe.  What size are the socks?  They're one size fits all.  They fit on my feet, so if you got real small feet, I would be concerned.  But they barely fit on my feet, I will say.  I have big feet, so if you're over a size 12, which is my size, I would say questionable, and if you're under a size, like, 7, I would say questionable.  

 (20:00) to (22:00)

I was saying 7 women's.  I was just imagining Katherine's feet and I was like, that would--those socks probably wouldn't work particularly well for her feet.  What?  Oh, right, we got people.  We got--some friends of mine are about to join me here on the Project for Awesome livestream.  Excited to see them and I haven't seen them in a while.  Oh my gosh, this is the first time I've had three people at a time.  

Andrew Huang: Hello.

H: Hi.

Rob Scallon: (?~20:29) your studio is amazing.  

Andrew: Oh, thank you.  

H: It looks beautiful.

A: Have you not been watching my recent videos?  

R: I haven't seen your drums, your drum kit.

A: I haven't done drums too much.  Actually, I turned on the purple lights 'cause I hoped it would distract from how messy everything is right now.  

H: It's good, it's good.  Everybody, this is Andrew Huang, who is a--up on the upper, upper, I don't know, it's on the upper right for me, but I'm pointing in the wrong direction.  That way!  That's Andrew, who makes YouTube videos.  Does a lot of amazing music and this is Rob, who's so--the same.  

R: Hey.

H: He also makes YouTube videos.  

R: In a much less purple room, though.  

H: I've been told that my hoodie strings are bothering people.  So let's try to get them a little more even.  This is a new thing for me, where people yell at me for the state of my hoodie strings, but Katherine has also begun to do it and I'm like, okay, well, I guess it's important to keep those hoodie strings even.  Eh.  Eh eh eh.  

A: What about the people who like them uneven now?  

H: What about them?  Yeah, they probably don't care that much.  They probably like them uneven a little bit, whereas the people who like them even are--really like them even a lot.  Um, so, what are you guys up to?  

R: Oof.  I'm just finishing up a video that I'm really excited about, and it just ends with me holding my guitar into a fan and it sounds awful.  

 (22:00) to (24:00)

H: There's a noise?

R: Yeah, it's the worst.  It's--it starts with like, I'm trying to hit the strings really fast and then I just continue to go until I'm just holding it in front of me.

H: Oh, I see, and not--yeah, and not in--

R: Yeah, and then there's some reason behind it, but it gets to absurdity so.  That's what's going on in my life right now.

H: Good.  I hope your guitar is okay.

R: I broke a string, but it's fine.  

A: Well, I spent like, my whole day making a couple synthesizer sounds for--

H: That sounds right.

A: New software synthesizer's gonna come out this week and they hired me to make some sounds for it, so--

H: Nice.  Just making individual noises.  You know, Andrew Huang, professional noise-maker.  

R: He's getting in some good beeps and boops.

H: Beeps and boops.

A: (?~23:03) beeps and boops.

H: Do you guys know what this is?  

R: I--well, I've been watching for a little bit, so it's something you put in your mouth.

H: Yeah.  

A: I think I've played that game before.

H: Do you guys want to play that game with me right now?  

R: Sure.  I don't know what the game is.

H: I'm gonna say a phrase with this in my mouth, and whoever gets it right gets it right.  

R: Okay.  Alright.  Stakes are high.

H: This is from this deck of--I'm just gonna read what's on the cards, so this isn't stuff that I thought of beforehand.  I really--oh, God, it's awful.  I'm so sorry you can see this.  Muppet babies.  Muppet babies.  Muppet babies, they make your dreams come true.  No?  Nothing?  Muppet babies.

R: Dude, naughty eighties make your dreams come true?  

H: You're getting close.  The second word is right. 

R: Oh, um.

A: Oh, you got babies--I was thinking eighties.  So, something babies?

H: It's muppet babies.

 (24:00) to (26:00)

Oh, people got it in the thing!  They got it before you did.  

R: Oh man.

H: Barbarians.  Barbarians.

A: Barbarians!  

H: Yeah!  (?~24:30)

 (26:00) to (28:00)

Uhh, what am I looking for?  I'm looking for a new perk that we got up.  We got two things.  Two pieces of Absolutely Remarkable Thing merch.  Maybe I should just go get it.  You guys know I wrote a book, right?  

A: I read the book.  I read the book while I was at Rob's house (?~26:19) to your book reading/signing/whatever that was, that was fun.

H: Yeah, awesome.  And then what did--and then what about you, Rob?  

R: Haha.  Okay.  So Tamara has read the book, and said that it's incredible.  I have--I have listened to the beginning of it, and I--so, I listen to audiobooks when I go out and bike, like, if I get away from the internet for a little while, but the tricky thing is, if I'm going out to listen to an audiobook on my bike, I'm trying to get as far away from thinking about the internet as I can, and your book is about the internet.

H: Oh.  Sorry about that.  

R: So uh, it's--I will definitely get around to it.  I hear it's great, but uh, I haven't listened to it yet.

H: That's okay.  I will live.  There--I've got ten left of--so I signed 40,000 pieces of paper for that book.  I've got 10 sharpies left from when I did that, so I ran, you know, like, I just killed these sharpies.  So I went through about 80 of them and they're all different colors and I signed them.  They're signed sharpies, and they're available for $20 and there are only 10 of them left, and then I also, I also just put that Stanley Parable perk live and uh, the Hanklerfish sold out immediately, so what do we got?  So here's a--so here's what's in the--this is the Carl promo pack?

?: No, that's different.

H: Okay, there's some socks.  I don't know why they made these, but they sent me a bunch of socks based on my book.


H: Okay, this is the Carl promo pack.  They--this was used to promote the book at book stores.  So they sent this to bookstores to be like, hey, put chalk outlines on the sidewalk outside your store and it was really great and there's a sticker.  

 (28:00) to (30:00)

So you'll get this stencil, you'll get a sticker, and you'll get a enamel pin and that's the promo pack, and a tattoo, which I don't have right now, but we will have.  Oh yeah, I--is this live?  Yeah.  Okay, additionally, this is the piece of paper that I signed 40,000 times and some of them were misprinted or like, had smudges on them, like this one has like, a little, I don't know, a little booger looking thing there.  You get the boogery one.  I don't think it's an actual booger, but it was too dirty for me to feel like it should be included in the final book and so I took it out and then put it in a stack and I've got a bunch of these that we are also making available, so it'll just be a signed Hanklerfish thing that didn't end up being put into a book, but it can be yours and you can do whatever you want with it.  Well, not whatever.  Don't do anything dangerous.  Um, that's all.  So, you guys.

R: Yeah.

H: You ever wanna make music again with me?  

R: Yeah, of course.  

A: Yeah!

R: And we did, we just did a video called--where we did an album in a day, and it felt very Perfect Strangers-like.  It was very, it was so much fun, so yeah, of course.

A: We could do that all together.  

H: Yeah.  Just get the DeGeorges and us together and make an album in a day.

A: I think yeah, the bunch of us would make a great album in a day.

H: Yeah, I mean, the only thing that I want is for it to come out of it feeling like that was...if you can guarantee me that we're gonna make an album that's just a lot of fun.  

R: It would probably--the video of us making it would probably be fun.

 (30:00) to (32:00)

R: It would probably... the video of us making it would probably be fun. 

H: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

R: But probably, yeah, it would be, the album... 

H: Yeah, I mean, do you remember when we were in that-when we were in that?

A: We put it out feeling very iffy about it, very junky (?) about it, but there are people who legitimately-Someone sent me their -um- Spotify wrapped snapshot and it had a bunch of songs from our album in a day, their -like- top played in the year.

H: That's awesome.

R: Yeah it's so cool. There's a handful of songs on there that I'm really really proud of. 

H: That's great. Did you write them all that day?

A & R: (in unison) Yeah we wrote them in a day, and recorded them all in that day.

H: Wow. What was the length of the day of work?

A: 10 hours?

R: 10, yeah, it was 10 hours with one lunch break, so  about 9 hours.

H: Nice. Do you remember that day we were in a library?

R: Yeah.

H: I don't remember where that was. But we -like- went to a recording studio in the basement of that library. And they had this -like- huge thing that you could plug a bunch of stuff into to make noises? And - Yeah I don't remember where that was

 (32:00) to (34:00)

 (34:00) to (36:00)

 (36:00) to (38:00)

 (38:00) to (40:00)

 (40:00) to (42:00)

 (42:00) to (44:00)

 (44:00) to (46:00)

 (46:00) to (48:00)

 (48:00) to (50:00)

 (50:00) to (52:00)

 (52:00) to (54:00)

 (54:00) to (56:00)

 (56:00) to (58:00)

 (58:00) to (1:00:00)

 (1:00:00) to (1:02:00)

 (1:02:00) to (1:04:00)

 (1:04:00) to (1:06:00)

 (1:06:00) to (1:08:00)

 (1:08:00) to (1:10:00)

 (1:10:00) to (1:12:00)

 (1:12:00) to (1:14:00)

 (1:14:00) to (1:16:00)

 (1:16:00) to (1:18:00)

 (1:18:00) to (1:20:00)

 (1:20:00) to (1:22:00)

 (1:22:00) to (1:24:00)

But we definitely don't have any footage of us playing Baaackstreet's Baaack, which is what I'm really looking for, so if anybody remembers us palying the sheep version of that song, let me know.  We've now raised $398,000, we're gonna hit $400,000 fairly soon, and if we do, I'm just gonna party popper is probably what's gonna happen, and I am now happily awaiting our next guest, but I've been told that they will be here shortly, so in the meantime.  

T: Hiiiii.

H: Oh, they will be here right now!  

T: I'm here.

H: It's Travis McElroy, everyone.  

T: It's the Internet's Travis McElroy.

H: What's going on with your hair?

T: Oh, well, thank you for asking, Hank.  The answer is my stylist has been on maternity leave since uh, like, mid-October, so, and I am very particular and so I've been reluctant to like, go to anyone else and so the purple has pretty much faded out and it's far longer than it should be, but not long enough to do anything else, so.

H: I mean, honestly, I a little bit like it.  There was a time like, maybe four or five years ago when that was super in style, like, the light pastel colors.

T: Yeah, it's--I have very anime hair right now.

H: Yeah, yeah.

T: Lots of--

H: You know, you're like the main character.  Everybody's got black hair except for the one guy who's got the lavender hair. 

T: Yeah, and it has very specific texture to it, like, it's not an even blend.  It looks like somebody drew it with like, too heavy a pencil.  

H: Correct.  Well, I'm glad you said it and I didn't have to.  Everybody, this is Travis McElroy, he is a podcaster of many different podcasts.  You might know him from My Brother, My Brother, and Me, The Adventure Zone, um, you know, that Paul Blart: Mall Cop podcast.  

 (1:24:00) to (1:26:00)

T: Yes, Til Death Do Us Blart, that's correct.  I also, to toot my own horn, am a New York Times #1 Bestselling author.

H: Of The Adventure Zone graphic novel.

T: That's correct, yes.  

H: Glad I got that one right.  Uh, we're really close to $400,000 raised, Travis.  Is there anything that you would like to do when that happens?  

T: I think that if you hit $400,000, um, let's see, what do I have near me that I can do a dramatic reading of?  

H: Ohh, dramatic readings.  I've been doing dramatic readings with peoples' names.

T: I've got Harry Potter right next to me.  

H: Ooh, a dramatic reading of Harry Potter, that sounds like a copyright violation for sure.

T: I have It Devours.

H: Ooh, we could probably get away with that!  

T: The Welcome to Nightvale novel.  Maybe I'll just read this.  Yeah, you know what.

H: It's pretty creepy.  I'm glad it's daytime.  If it's nighttime, listening to Travis do a dramatic reading of It Devours--

T: Yeah, when we hit $400,000, I'll read like, the first--let me see how long it is--I can do the first nine pages, the first chapter of It Devours.  

H: That sounds great.  

T: (?~1:85:09) I'm gonna ask this question and it sounds--it's gonna sound like I'm giving you a hard time because I am, but I don't--I honestly don't know, are you a New York Times #1, like, bestselling author?  Did you hit that list?  

H: I did.  I'm a #1 New York Times bestselling author, which is--

T: Welcome.

H: I was there before you, I think.  Maybe I wasn't.

T: What, no!

H: No, you were first, you were first.  

T: My book came out in July.

H: You're right.  

T: I didn't tell you, the other day, I was walking--this would have been like a month ago, I was walking around Target and suddenly, your voice came over the Target speakers and it was like, Hi, I'm Hank Green and I wrote a book, and I was like, what the!  Why is Hank on here?  It was so weird.

H: Yeah, yeah.  It was great.  It was great.  They were all like, what do you wanna do and Target wants to put you on the big, on their like, promo screen, and I was like, get out my scripty fingers, I'm gonna write a video for the Target employees.

 (1:26:00) to (1:28:00)

T: It was really interesting, and now you're the most famous person I know.

H: Yeah, I was on those Target screens.  It's like the Superbowl of--

T: Yeah, yeah, it really is.

H: --box store screens, for sure.  

T: Um, let's see, how's it feel to be a New York Times #1 bestselling author, Hank?

H: Um, it was really overwhelming at the time.  I did not, I did not at all expect it, in fact, no one told me that it was a possibility.

T: Oh really?

H: I expected to be on the list and like, that--I think, I thought that was sort of what we were aiming for and then like, #1 happened and I was like, oh, okay.  Alright.

T: Yeah, see, so here's what was intere--I, I really hoped to hit the list, but I think it was a couple years ago, not too long ago, the New York Times did away with the like, comic book/graphic novel section, and so like, our publisher and people were like, just so you know, if we're gonna hit, it's gonna be on like, fiction, and you'll be up against every other fiction, and I was like, oh, okay.

H: Right.

T: And like, then we hit #1 and I was just like absolutely blown away, and really, I will say, we did a ton of work on it, but it's not like we wrote a novel.  

H: I mean, you wrote a story--it, like, the sort of collaborative nature of the creation of The Adventure Zone story is very, very, very interesting to me and I love it.

T: Yeah, that's the thing is that it took me a while to wrap my head around the idea.  Basically, what we did, especially now as we're like, converting it to graphic novel, is like we had a podcast that was also like, a writer's room where we wrote the whole thing, like, collaboratively.  It's such a weird experience, you know?  Wonderful, wonderful, but--

H: Somebody suggested lipstick at $400,000.  I don't have any lipstick here.  I mean, maybe I do.  

 (1:28:00) to (1:30:00)

T: I mean, I have eyeliner but it'd be really weird to watch someone put on eyeliner.  It would just seem--

H: You don't have any lipstick?

T: Not here, no.  I don't really do lipstick.  

H: Oh, okay.

T: I have very large lips and I don't really need it.

H: What about--you don't--(?~1:88:16)

T: I could do nails.  I could do a nail.  I could do my nails real quick.

H: You could always do nails.

T: I got nail decals.  Oh, I--you know what?  I have been saving a set of Sonic the Hedgehog nail decals, I'll do some of those.

H: Alright, for a special occasion!

T: I'll do some of those.  Yeah.

H: As you do.

T: Do I have them here on the desk?  No.  

H: Everybody, also, we have a new featured perk at and people have been asking about it all Project for Awesome.  It is the Year 2 Dadcast check in, where now that our children are in their twos, we get to chat about being dads at that stage, our yearly Dadcast podcast.  

T: Just a quick check in, a little spoiler.  Is Orin talking?  How's Orin's talking going?

H: It's good.  He does--he, you know, there are a lot of words where we know what he's saying, but--

T: You're doing better than me!  Bebe's got one word, and it's "Yeah" and--

H: That's good.  It's better than "no."

T: Yeah, she's very--but like, also, at this point, like, I understand exactly what she means when she says "Yeah" because that's where we are, but like, she knows everything except she won't say it.

H: Yeah.

T: So she understands it when I say it, she brought me this beer 'cause she's the best daughter.  Literally, like, I have a little minifridge in my office and she was hanging out with me before the thing, and she pulled open the door of the fridge and brought me a beer, and I was like, okay, cool, thanks, kid.  

H: That's wonderful.  Um, yeah, yeah, it's cute.  

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 (2:14:00) to (2:16:00)

(Crunching sounds)  I'm sorry that I'm eating chips right now.  I got hungry.  Thank you for the lovely video.  I totally agree.  A thing, like, it's just so hard, I think sometimes to remember that like, you know, a human life is not just about like, you know, making everything like, taking away suffering but also like, we have to enrich and um, and I think that music is such like, an integral part of being a person but we, in our society, like, we sort of see it as something that professionals do, like, that they're--like there's people out there who are musicians and then there's everybody else, and I just think it's--there are lots of--there's lots of joy to be found in the--in like, participating in music and in understanding it and connecting with it, so thank you for that lovely video, and I've--I voted for it, so--(crunches).  

 (2:16:00) to (2:18:00)

Um, we'll have another guest coming on soon, but in the meantime, you're gonna watch me eat Barbecue Lays.  I'm so hungry.  I--didn't have a very big lunch.  Huge mistake.  Um, and now I'm going to go and I'm going to see who's recently donated, like, Sara Quesada, who got the 2019 Pizzamas calendar.  Sorry, I'm refreshing the page right now.  I'm sorry.  Yeah, I'm gonna go eat off-mic, you're right.  It's real close, it's pointing right at my mouth, you probably hear all of my mouth noises.  I'll be over here.  You can still hear me, but that mic just is really directional.  I'll just be back here.  Hi everyone.  Thanks.  You didn't sign up for (?~2:137:20) today.  The couch is nice and soft, too.  Ugh.  What is this?  Oh my God.  Uhhh, it's terrifying.  What's happening?  It doesn't have a face.  Do you have any idea?!  Oh boy.  That--that's an upsetting thing.  

 (2:18:00) to (2:20:00)

Was anybody around when that happened?  That--the rabbit, it's the lagamorph, everyone says.  He found it!  It's from when Animal Wonders was on, but what is it??  The faceless bunny.  It's just what I've always wanted.  Aw, he freaked out, nobody tell him.  Alright, if you've recently donated, I'm now gonna say your name.  I'm gonna say it the best--as best I can.  (Clears throat)  (coughs)  Holly Bidwell.  Sarah Britt.  Alice Lai.  Sarah Quesada.  Rachel Harding.  Joseph Barrinson.  MZ.  Rosie Julie BC.  Soccergirl1990.  Anonymous.  Ask21900.  Genevieve.  You people are donating too fast.  It made it hard for me to load all that up.  Okay.  Kelsey Micelak.  Nope.  Kelsey Micialek.  Max Dudek.  The (?~2:139:14) Family.  Tamara Craigdon.  Jenna Claire.  Lauren W.  Sasha King.  deliverynorth.  Rosie.  liannebcohen.  Judi Bush just claimed the Plushie Glennnn!  Kyle Anderson.  Alicia Campbell.  Natalie McCall.  Stanley, who got the Stanley Parable perk.  Megan from Tuataria.  williamsp95.  Madison Shellane.  Aziz Al-badi.  Anonymous.  Jamie.  Wesley Hoslcher for his sister, Alyssa.  Allison Smith.  Laura Vanschuck.  Seraphim Julei.  That's what I'm going to do.  

 (2:20:00) to (2:22:00)

Oh my gosh, there's a little boy over there who I recognize.  And my friends are ready.  Jamie Keel, thanks for donating to get the Project for Awesome sticker--hey, it's Grace and Mamrie!  

G&M: Whooooo!

H: Hi, you guys.  How're you doing?

M: We look like we're straight-up kidnapped.

G: Yeah, sorry, we're waiting for Liam Neeson to come give us back our sons.  


M: We're in a hipster hotel and this is literally the lighting.  

H: That's the lighting you've got?


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