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Good morning, John, it's Thursday? What am I doing here? This is not one of my days.
I'm making two videos this week because I want to explain something. You may have noticed, you probably didn’t, but you might have. We were planning on having the awesome socks Club window open for two weeks, and now we are into our third week. What is that about? Well we thought that when we launched you would have the ability to switch over from crew socks which are like up to the calf and to ankle socks, starting in January. So you could switch over and in January get your first pair of ankle socks,and because technology is hard, that wasn't the case. It's so hard. Just that one feature has been quite a difficulty, it makes me feel like I would never pay a lot of money to acquire a technology company. But if we closed it down it would become very hard to switch people over to the ankle socks, so we kept it open and now that feature is live and you can go to and there's a link and there's also a link down in the description that you can go to if you'd like to switch to ankle socks starting in January. You can't do it before then because we won't have ankle socks until January, but now that that feature is live it does mean that the stock subscription window will close on Monday the 21st so this is really is the last week, for real this time. Just, because there's been a bunch of people who wanted to switch over and haven't been able to. So, I wanted to make a video just like get that message out as far as it could possibly get. also really excited about the light roast for the coffee club that launched this week. we don’t have decaf yet, I'm a decaf Drinker, we're gonna get there, turns out decaf is surprisingly complicated. and we want to do it right that's like the whole thing here, the idea is that like we're working hard to make sure that the the things we make are like really high quality. you get to wear some art on your feet or you get to have like the best coffee that just tastes really good and is good for the world. and if we can't do decaf right, we're not going to do decaf until we can. And when we do, I will tell you all all about how decaf is made which is fascinating; and why it's so complicated to do it. well anyway just want to tell you about the sock thing. John, you'll see me tomorrow