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What I would very much like to do at some point is to make a video that is like "All of the best moments of the last 15 years" and I thought I might even take that challenge on until I realized that my son was going to be staying home from school the last two days of the week.


To all of the nitpickers...yes, we have uploaded more than 2000 videos on this channel...especially if you count all of the various parts of Truth or Fail. But this is the first time the counter has ever hit 2000...that's for certain.

Thank you all for being a part of the things we have done.

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Good morning, John. Yes, you got to record the 15th anniversary video of Vlogbrothers, but I, and this is a weird coincidence, one day later, get to record the 2000th Vlogbrothers video on this channel. And I woke up yesterday to a massive dump of snow, which meant that Orin's school was canceled, so all of my normal plans went right out the window.

So what did you get? You get our 2000th video: a compilation of clips I recorded with me talking over it, because I'm gonna be honest, it's one of the faster ways to make a video. I started out the day making Orin a bagel and then shoveling the walk, even though I knew dang well that it wasn't gonna stop snowing for another 12 hours.

Then it was time for Katherine to take over the shoveling. I went upstairs to write a couple of very important emails, and oh my god, is that really what I look like? Then, Katherine came in for some recovery time, and then it was time for a full hour of Junkyard Joust, a game where you put Hot Wheels down a track, and they get eliminated if they land on their back or their side.

Go ahead and pick which team you think will win. Three of them will, because Orin doesn't like it when only one team wins. I've put the names of the teams in the pinned comment below, and you can reply with the team that you like. This is currently Orin's number one favorite way to spend time. Cars that get eliminated go into this box. He has a bunch of very specific rules.

And then, of course, we had to watch some actual Junkyard Joust on YouTube, which is an amazing YouTube channel if you haven't seen it. It is so fun. And then after that, he was sad that we weren't gonna watch any more YouTube videos, so he decided to have a rest underneath this pillow.

I then went for a walk to the coffee shop to get Katherine a latte and listen to the climax of Jade Legacy, which is a really amazing book, and yes, I did cry while walking down the street. Also, on the way I helped push a truck out of the snow. I love a snowy walk. I love a snowy town. I love it when everything slows down a little bit, and everybody has to, like, take care of their stuff and take care of each other. I especially love it when there is a decaf americano and a croissant at the end of it.

Then, I had to start writing this script. This is a video of me writing the words that I am saying right now, also not tremendously flattering. Then, time for more shoveling. This time I did my neighbor's walk, because he's out of town, and then I had to tweet about how, because of a scheduling mistake, we have to push the date of the Project for Awesome back to February 25th, which I know is very inconvenient for some people. I'm sorry about this.

We tried to find some other way to fix it, but we failed. But yes, I'm very excited for the Project for Awesome. February 25th. Everybody get ready. I also just uploaded the amazing recap video that Maya edited, and it's on HanksChannel, and you can watch it and remember all the fun times that we had.

Then, I wrote some more emails, and I wrote a tweet about how my pants were wet because of the truck that sprayed snow all over me. Then, I recorded a secret video for somebody else that I can't tell you about right now, and I also wrote a bunch of other stuff that I also can't really tell you about right now.

And look, one of the really fantastic things about Vlogbrothers is that we often come to an important point at the end of the video, but oftentimes, we don't! Sometimes, life is just about life. It's about doing all the things that you wanted to do that day or that you needed to do that day. Sometimes, it's about 2000 videos of content, 15 years of life doing things that I couldn't imagine because they didn't exist. And always, always because a bunch of people working together to keep each other honest and push for really interesting and useful stuff to exist in the world, that stuff existed!

And the amazing thing is, I have no idea if I'm halfway through this. Have I made most of the videos I will ever make? I don't know. Probably. 1000 videos is a lot of videos. But I don't know! I'm not looking too hard at it, because I certainly could not have guessed how the last 15 years would go. But what an amazing run. So weird, so much fun, and so many amazing things that would not have been possible without this community or the people who work at Complexly and at VidCon and at DFTBA.

And finally, the moment you have been waiting for. Here are your Junkyard Joust winners. Congratulations to the white team, the green team, and the Batmobiles. John, thank you. I will see you on Tuesday.