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Hello, hello, hello, we're live.

We're live. Nobody's here yet 'cause of course nobody's here yet.

It's Hank Green coming to you live about the Crash Course, finishing up our Crash Course Coin sale today and I'm now going to go to the Vlogbrothers and make sure that - I can't spell my own channel name - make sure that we're live, that everything's going well. [Echos briefly] Looks like one person's watching, yep okay. Who are you?

Who are you, One Person? I'm gonna tweet about this and I'm gonna open up a couple of things. One of the things I'm gonna open up is just the list of things that people have said about the Crash Course Coin when we announced it this year. Because it is a nice set of things to read, um, and the- and so- Oh, there's a bunch of people here now. Wonderful.

So. Uh, should I turn up my audio a little bit? Seems like it. Am I on- Is it this? It's probably too late to fix now. Um, Yeah, I don't know how to fix it, honestly. To be honest with you, I don't know how to fix- Two Livestreams in one day?! Oh my. Correct. 

So I'm coming to you today from Missoula, Montana, from our studios in Missoula, Montana, to say thank you to everybody who has bought a 2022 Crash Course Coin. Mine are up here. Um, these are not actually mine. These are the samples. So they're not officially my coins. And you can tell that because this one is numbered 999, which is not a number in the series.

Um, so we've got that one and we've got the so the five hundred dollar two thousand or ten thousand wonder coin and the one hundred dollar- two thousand coin live got them right, both right here. We got them delivered early so we could take photos of them and stuff. Um, it's- and it's not a crypto joke if you can believe it.

Um, one thing that I know about a lot of people in the world is they don't have a hundred dollars to spend on on helping get educational content out there for the world and that's why we don't charge for it, that's, that's the whole- So here's my, my chemistry textbook. This is not the one that I, uh, used when I took chemistry. I don't think I have that one anymore. This is the one that I got when I was teaching Crash Course chemistry. Grabbed this, um, wanted to write chemistry, needed a textbook to sort of have as a reference, and this boy- you might not be surprised to find, it's a three-figure deal, and nowadays, uh, people are finding a bunch of ways to monetize educational content, uh, by making people pay for it so that people who can't pay for it don't get access to it. Yeah good all zoomed all what they call it. Uh, and the what we say Crash Course is, "Nah, what if like everybody could have it, but then
people who can pay, pay so the people don't have to pay, don't have to pay?"

Um, and I'm going to go right now to except for the, it's going to be the back end, the part that only I can see, and I'm going to look at some of the people who have currently bought Crash Course coins. If you're going to head over to right now and buy a coin, it would be very appreciated. Um, we have, as of now, today, we have sold more Crash Course coins than we did last year. That happened today, the last day of the sale. So I'm glad the last day of the sale existed.

"Could you make them from silver and sell them for a thousand dollars? I don't know why but I prefer to buy something to fit in my collection of coins. Copper would also work; anything other than metal."

The brass is brass, which I know that brass is just metal. Um, and the nickel is nickel. So this is actually nickel. It's not like, plated with nickel the way that nickels are. It's real nickel. Um, uh, but yeah we've thought about, we've thought about doing a copper coin, we've thought about doing a silver coin. Thing about silver is a little bit, it's like a coin collector kind of thing, um, and obviously the, like, the the value of the metal was not the, the thing here. So it's certainly something that we've thought about.

Um, Nikki says, "It's nickel silver." I think that what we- I thought, I could be wrong about this, I thought what we meant by that is, it's made of nickel, but we call it silver because there's a silver one and a brass one, and so the silver is the description of the color. I don't think the nickel silver is a thing, I think they're made of nickel, but I could be wrong. They might just be metal. Um I may have been misunderstanding this the whole time, but the metal is obviously not what you're paying for, the thing that you're paying for is education for people.

And so I'm gonna head to Crash Course Coin, uh, my little back end here. Uh, we've currently got 215 visitors, which is a higher number than it has been in a while so it, I- I'm assuming that it might be some of you. When you order it, you, there is I think a little place where you can put a note. I might be wrong about that, I think there's a little place where you can put a note. If you want to put a note, I can read it on the stream, um, and I can go to my orders page here, and I can say thank you to a couple of people who recently purchased coins.

For example, um, sold this very minute, Will, thank you. I'm looking and it doesn't look like there's a place to put a note. Never mind, that doesn't exist. Will, thank you. Will where are you from? Will's from Boise. Hello, Will from Boise. We're not far away, I can get to you no problem Lickity split. Heather also, it's uh, it's Heather from Lincoln, Nebraska, thank you, and Kevin. Kevin from Rockville Maryland all bought within the last minute. And Kristen from Oklahoma city, Oklahoma. And Jennifer from Westford, Massachusetts bought last minute.

So let's uh, let's see if these, uh- oh we just got two new orders. Is it from, one, is this from some of y'all? I don't know. Uh, Matthew from New York, New York just purchased. Matthew, if you're in the room, thank you very much, and another order just came in the- oh, several orders just came in, uh, I don't know if I might be, uh, reading the website wrong, but, uh, we did Matthew, and now we've got Michael. From Michael, from, i think Carmel. Was that Mike, Michael, Matthew, Michael, Michael from Carmel, from Carmel, Indiana. That's just down the street from my brother. I've been to Carmel before, I think I played a show in Carmel once. Uh, Shavon from, uh, Frenchville, Queensland, or Siobhan and, uh, Milan Raj from Austin, Texas, and Christy from Ogden, Utah. Also fairly nearby me. And Jason from New Orleans, Louisiana, very, very far away. So that's, that's not a that's not a nearby one. 

So, thank you all to all of them for purchasing Crash Course Coins.  This is the last day. The reason why we're doing a live stream now is this the last day that you can get Crash Course Coins. There's 615 people watching, and I know that most of you cannot get Crash Course Coins, because a hundred dollars is not a, like, a nothing to ask for the average person, Uh, going through the world these days, but for the people who are able to do this, if you want to have an impact on around 2000 learners, you can get one Crash Course if you want four thousand, you can get two, if you want to do ten thousand you can get five.

You can't get a 500 coin anymore because we made 500 of them, and then we sold out. So that's great that we sold out, but we don't have any more of them, as for the people who might have gotten a 500 Crash Course Coin. I do feel bad not having one for you, and also not getting your money, so it might be the, next year we'll have some options. I don't know if we'll do like, i like the idea of doing a thousand dollar coin. There is some- there is something to that idea. I don't know if the right thing for that is, uh, because I know that because several people got two 500 coins so like people did it.

"Hank pot why is the sky blue? Please, it's killing me." Well, if the sky is killing you, you have a bigger problem than what color it is. Right, we all agree with that. As for why the sky is blue, imagine that
sunlight is white, but then there's stuff in the sky that scatters certain wavelengths and so the sun starts to look yellow, which is what we see. We see a yellow sun, as it gets lower, it gets more and more orange, because it's scattering out those bluer wavelengths, and when those blue wavelengths scatter across the sky, they
eventually hit something that reflects down to us, and that is blue. It's blue light um, at 400 ml and carbon dioxide, uh, the sky might actually be killing. Well for clarity, it's not the sky, that's
killing us, it's the sun. It's just that it's good at capturing the sun's rays, if the sun could hit us a little less, it wouldn't be a problem to have more carbon dioxide.

"Hank stay on topic. challenge." it's not my fault people ask me science questions in the in the chat i can't help it um
how many 100 coins are there will asks we make as many hundred dollar coins as
uh we can because we don't want to run out because we want to make as much money as we can
um so that's the answer to that question let's see what we've got since the last time
i went over here to oh uh where where were we was the last one
was from New Orleans and that was Jason. I want to say uh thank you to uh from
Morgantown I'm not going to be able to pronounce your name correctly but my dad uh we've got
uh Rhiann again another name that i'm not going to be great at Rhiann from Austin, Texas another Austin, Texas site
blue from Salt Lake City, Utah. We've got Texas and Utah over-representing here so
uh Kevin from Half Moon, New York. That's a great name for a town. Daniel from Kansas, Tyler from Durham, Derek thank you
very much from Kent, Washington. Amanda, I know you from Steven's Point. Amanda and I are buds.
Uh Essan from New York, David from Ashland, Oregon. Kaitlyn from Washington, DC, uh Joe Kim from uh the Netherlands, I definitely didn't pronounce your name
right uh Kyle from Mount Pleasant. Michael from Sacramento. Harjit from Austin, Texas again, and Benjamin from Silver Spring, Maryland.
Uh feels good everybody thank you so much for your support of the Crash Course coin if you have anything you'd like to
say about Crash Course, chuck it in that chat there. Sophia asks if I'm excited for VidCon. I have to say I'm a little overwhelmed for VidCon, should be working on that right now am not am more excited
well look today the crash course coin is is the last day of sales so that's a deadline
I can't focus on that like what's top priority the thing that's happening now and this is the
thing that's happening now okay I'm going to stream well what is it about about Austin, Texas right now I don't
know are you if anybody's from Austin you got to donate now just so but if anybody wants to fight Austin that is
also an available thing that you can do um so get ready
for those people who aren't from Austin what what uh what places
have some competition it's not hide in the uk for where Matthew is from
unfortunately uh Hyde I don't think is going to do it Somerville maybe could do it Daniel uh we got one from another
person from the Netherlands, it's Nicholas and Logan. I mean, the Netherlands is coming up. West Virginia, Logan from West
Virginia uh also I don't think Stephen's Point's gonna be the one. Huntington Beach, California, I'm going there next
week to Huntington Beach uh don't don't try and figure out why uh before VidCon
we're doing a thing in Huntington Beach with for for complexly um
for complexly employees the my daughter just told me she is doing her summer school uh i just
learned that wheezy waiter did a crash course that's true he did he did an american government crash course we got
people from what's my new my my all-time favorite science word i don't know rally scatter scattering is pretty good i
don't like it i like it less when they're uh like there's a kind of cell called natural killer cells where i'm like yes
thank you scientists don't name it after a person don't put anything Latin in
there just name it what it does it's just it's an immune cells that kills things
this is peak live stream time for team Europe and we thank you for it excellent well it's not really
for you that i'm doing it is the time that i had available uh i live 30 minutes from Huntington beach so kind of excited greetings from five on the ap
test so thanks to crash course i'll be buying one each year until we get a music theory course do want to do that have
have have investigated apoptosis is a great science word i agree apoptosis
pretty easy to remember how's the cat gummy bears great he's kind of a you know selfish little cat and he's a
little over excited for a moment there um
uh if there was there was not a second stephen's point i'm just saying uh Amanda that stephen's point's not gonna
win it was one of the other towns that i remember the name of who else do we have buying things
who else who else where was i i definitely looked at
uh Logan and i looked at Lauren and i looked at Sarah well maybe not Sarah's from Louisville
uh and ian is from Edmonton Alberta also close by me lake forest uh California uh
purchaser with a an initial for a name uh this person doesn't use the same language the same uh alphabet as me and
it's from Iceland so i apologize i definitely cannot pronounce your name because i don't even know what that
letter the noise that letter makes uh but that's very cool Lyle from Santa fe new Mexico and uh oh Derek from Ocala
i love Ocala it's a beautiful place with a bunch of i just love a good
pine scrub forest and Ocala's got him in spades Michael from east Lansing uh also
purchased and we've got another order that came in while i was reading and it's from jimmy jimmy Horner i know
jimmy Horner from Austin Texas i mean that's amazing and uh and jay from the uk Austin
is gonna run away with it you guys i'm sorry it's just it's what's happening Austin's gonna run away with it i saw a
raven tower on your shelf uh can you tell me my thoughts on raven tower yeah it was a huge surprise for me was a
was uh after reading some and like his other works um i i liked it
i think maybe more than her other stuff it's just it was extraordinarily different um
and i think about it frequently and i read it like five years ago um because it is such a
different way to imagine the world you know i loved it
i loved it and it i cared about the characters even though they were very uh did not have a lot in common with me
that sentence will seem kind of bland to people who haven't read a book coins are like NFTs but not someone else
from Ocala that's crazy i was so confused a different Ocala person multiple o'callans i assume that's what
you call yourself uh all right hold on
just check just move moving over got to do this always of course
all right well it's been a great hour for the crash course coin already uh i think
that it might i did post something on Facebook just now but also i'm doing this live stream so imagine hank is the
pelican your spark bird i don't know what a spark bird is that's new information
um do we have any plans for a music history course we've thought about doing music theory and it would be good to mix that
with a music history course um so we need a DFTBA fest in Austin Texas
maybe maybe we do do you miss the early brotherhood 2.0 experience i mean kind of i but also
kind of not like first thing about that that i really liked parts about that i less liked gummy bear is a uh 10 out of 10 cat name
was all my son so i can't take credit for it feel free to rate my cat's names Mothra and yucca
i think or yuka i think yucca is two c's so that would be yuuka uh great cat names Mothra's
great we were thinking i was trying i wanted to name gummy bear either Phobos or demos because he seemed like a little bit of a terror uh and that's a mars
thing um and but Orin
outweighed me i feel like Mothra is a good name for a bit of a terror cat um
i prefer manhole as a name you know i i did suggest it but it did not
work out ben asked is it a good idea to microwave the crash course coin i don't think it's going to be i don't think it's going to cause that much of a
problem long live go burker if only um
Phobos and demos would be great black cat names absolutely anybody can have that because i'm not
planning on getting the cat anytime soon so who else do we got who came in since jay
anybody uh indeed indeed Rachel from Kansas city
Missouri Carrie uh from Norway catching those nighttime
Europe people David from Oceanside, California also Tiffany Nichols from Pittsford, New York
and also lan from San Gabriel, California thank you all so much um
i um lan if you're in the chat i have your phone number can i give you a call
just let me know um who else who else do i have a phone number for so i've got
len and and i don't have Tiffany's you don't people don't always put them in uh but i do have Rachel's from Kansas City
so Atlanta Rachel let me know if i can give you a call um i mean you gave me your phone number
i mean i'm probably okay right it's probably okay why can't we micro spoons what i don't
know um how's it how's this gonna go do you think this is a good idea or is it a bad
idea do you think this is a good idea or do you think this is a bad idea well we're
going to click on land's name and we're going to we're going to call
don't listen you can i i know too much about the early days of
hacking to have you listen to a phone number it's hard for me to do this without
saying it out loud let's see if this works
see this works this is weird idea
hello this is uh hank calling for land how are you doing
yeah yeah yeah give me a call back later all right
okay bye land secrets
is currently in a meeting so lan was maybe multitasking a little bit
during a zoom call so no one no one get no one rat out lan okay Ryan
let's just do a little multitasking uh and and decided uh to decided to uh to buy
the crash course coin and wanted to know if maybe i could uh get go she could give you a call back later so that's
what's gonna happen everybody's a little secret everybody is a little secret
jade jade agrees jade's in the same in the same boat
oh gotta be a little unhinged hulu came in in the meantime uh we got one from
uh wait we got Melissa Melissa from Roanoke Texas we got brenna from grove port Ohio
ian from Tulsa Oklahoma Alex and from Burnsville Minnesota brandy
from Bremerton Washington and amy from Morris plains new jersey
all right let's see if i got another number here let's try this one um
just making making mistakes everybody that's that's the name of the game i
um there's no dashes between the numbers and it's wreaking havoc with my
sensory function also the fact that i can't say it out loud makes it very hard i think that
that's right trying out a num another calling a stranger which i
probably shouldn't do
hello this is hank how are you doing
i'm i'm good can i put you on speaker okay
um hello uh i didn't put you on speaker there it is now cool
yeah i have your stream muted now so that's okay get confused okay good um i wanted to say thank you for buying the
crash course coin yeah well thank you for having crash course i i'm finally in a position uh
like in my adult career where i can actually support these things and uh crash course
definitely got me through undergrad and high school and uh yeah it was a really important thing for
me to support so thank you for doing it thank you for continuing to do it and um yeah well this it's this is the whole
business model that that people get help through school and then they get jobs you said you were just getting off work
um did you buy the crash course coin and watch this live stream while you were at work uh technically yes
[Laughter] okay well we won't tell anybody um
okay uh well that that was a very lovely message what did you study in college
uh i got a ba in economics and i'm actually in grad school right now my master's in economics as well okay
well you you may be outside of our ability to help you at this point well that's that's perfectly okay the
foundations i think are so much more important to build to that level anyway so okay
but yeah no it's uh still fantastic work and i know students are still using it
yeah yeah we keep making more stuff and then eventually you have to update it because economics keeps changing because
of people like you yes yes and hopefully like it continues to change in a more positive direction
there are ways it could be better i'm glad that we all agree with that yeah [Laughter]
well thank you for doing that work uh continuing to make economics better and
um and also for taking my call i'm gonna hang up now
okay thank you so much hank thank you all right bye bye what a lovely person
that was also if you're still listening don't tell anybody my phone number because that is my phone
that i would like to be able to keep that number i've had it for a very long time
um that's uh that's that was amazing that what what a
well-spoken person who is super chill and just very very uh helpful
so who is the last person we've got ed from north Belmore new York never heard
that martin who says it's okay to call me
mark because there's no place to put in a note martin just named themselves martin okay to call
uh Michael from lee's summit Andrew from Philadelphia Thomas from Palo alto
Esther from uh appo i don't know where that is um
Derek from wild Wildwood Wildwood Florida tim from Strongsville Ohio great
job naming that town jay from Denver Katie from Kissimmee
another person who lived nearby where i grew up Kelsey from Dearborn uh
Camille Camille yes from los Angeles Jacob from Victoria Australia Daniel from Charlotte
Michigan Charlotte Michigan i didn't know that was the place Jocelyn from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Joshua from
Jackson Maine i feel like i still haven't and amy from Morris plains i think that i did amy before
maybe yes i did i am now back to where i was at least um time keeps flying by
thank you everybody for buying crash course coins it is uh it is
vital to our ability to make crash course happen um i this is this is now
our number one hour of the day everybody so thank you for being a part of that
um we desperately need hours like these maybe next year we should have like a
big old end of the thing live stream that would be fun
gosh that's a good idea i don't even really watch crash course mainly because but courses aren't uh my courses aren't
in English and i don't want to get confused but i still want to coin because i think they're rad hank how do i pass calculus you know we've never
done a crash course math we talk about all the time uh and there are a lot of really useful
math resources out there so part of it is like hey this thing exists over there and we don't we don't necessarily feel
like we could do it better but i feel like organic chemistry is like a similarly difficult conceptual things
moving around thing that we kind of developed some tools for it both in terms of like how to do the
visuals for it and how to talk about it um and i think that some some day we will
do a crash course math but we have not done it yet so i'm still
kind of trying to figure that out i hope land gives us a call back
um former high school math teacher here just saying
it's it's a trick math is very practical and crash course generally is a lot of like how do you
create context around this but i feel like there's ways to do that with math and like maybe
our way of doing math would be useful to a lot of people if we found the right way to do it but it's so different from
what we've done that we haven't like taken i just feel like it would take more time and resources to figure it out
you can't kind of can't like take the existing model or just apply it to math you have to kind of rethink what a crash course would look like
to do math um uh
uh also hank i know you were a web developer once so react or angular what year do you think i was a web developer
in do you think that react and angular existed then because that's cute
uh or maybe it did but it didn't for me hank what's your favorite pin badge
i don't know math is related to science question mark certainly it is history of math i'd love to do a history
of math i think that you'd have to i'd like to see not a history of math course but math taught with a history lens
where you say like okay so what were people trying like what problems were people trying to solve what tools did
they create to solve them with and then talk about those tools um i think that that would be a cool way to
do it yeah exactly cold fusion or Dreamweaver that's more like it Richard [Laughter]
uh that's my era i'm so old
why learn math because we all use concepts of problems yeah it's uh to me math could be taught with a
problem-solving focus so like there are problems people are solving them how do you solve them i'd
love to have i don't know maybe some extra resources to put towards something like that i don't know maybe if there was a crash course coin that people
could buy that would allow that to happen that would be dope that would be huge it
would be a big deal and you can get the crash corn at
and i have mine right here on the front we've designed uh the the face that we've used for the last two years um
this is the 2022 coin and hats off to woody the engraver because
you don't you can't just swap out the number you re-engrave the entire face in order
to do a 2022 coin and that means that you do both a ten thousand learner one and
um you also do the three-year patron one and you also do the 2000 learner one so there's three
different faces it's not like you can't like just swap out bits you can if you're like the u.s mint but you can't
if you're woody uh and uh and then on the back we have our our coin slogan which is knowledge
weighs nothing carry all you can and uh and images from the caves at last
go one of the first ever discovered um series of art from prehistoric humans
why we could just do crashed popcorn crash corn crash pop crash corn did i say crash
corn or are you people just being weird are you just saying craft corn crap did
i say crash corn and you can get the crash course coin
you can get the crash corn at
uh where um i'm gonna read off some names of recent
purchasers now momentarily as soon as the page reloads
there it is oh a lot of come in for James James from Rossville uh Holland
from Raleigh north Carolina i feel like Raleigh's come up a couple times will from Seattle Jamie from Gainesville
Florida Amanda from Seattle Brynn from Columbus so was it Columbus it was Columbus Ohio gw
from Provo another proven two people from Provo Utah and that's smaller than Austin you guys so
i'm feeling good about Provo sam from Paxton Kristen from Englewood colorado Dara
from butler kentucky Richard from british columbia uh Coquitlam
Coquitlam british columbia ramshaw from toronto ontario another
Canadian Andrew from Seattle Washington and jessica from sherman oaks and Ezekiel
from Oliver springs Tennessee thank you to all those purchasers uh of
the crash course coin that that means that we're getting about two to three to four
purchasers of the new crop of the 2022 crash course coin every minute which is a very high rate um and this
person came in with a phone number let's call them and see what happens
let's see what happens
i'm so bad at this
i have to do it two numbers at a time and who knows i might be calling a complete stranger
hello this is hank green can i put you on speaker okay
hello how are you i'm doing great i'm heading home from work oh are you on speaker are you on
speakerphone do you got it hooked in the car okay hands-free okay eyes on the road who am i talking
to that was awesome thank you who who am i
talking to hello how uh why did you decide to get a crash course coin
um well i've been thinking about it all week and then i saw panic of like final
hours remaining and then i was like filling out the form and you were like should we call people and i was like yes
[Laughter] all right i'm glad that it worked um and
uh yeah that i mean that's the thing about that's the thing about talking about it for a few weeks and then it being over
we finally give martin that that last kick in the pants exactly yes it worked
the panic um well hopefully everything you do it's
really awesome i love it thank you so much i really appreciate it and i hope you have a lovely drive home it's great to talk to you
don't give me by my phone number okay okay
goodbye um what what a time
um as far as i'm concerned everybody an nft is a nerd fighter so we don't have to worry about NFTs um
though i did make a joke about them earlier i don't know what uh star 67 is
um what does that mean what is that it i'm not worried about them having my phone number they're it's it's the it's
it's it's 2022. people are going to have my phone number if i call them
um i'm just telling them not to give it to anybody else telling people not to give you your phone number will cause them to want to
give it more you know that's possible dan it's also possible that they'll be like oh you're right i do have hank great's phone number i should write that
down or save it in my phone um don't worry though i never answer the
phone if i don't recognize the phone number oh you could dial it first and it prevents them from getting my number
oh really wow wow what a world
does it still work um who knows if it still works anyway i'm
going to reload this page and see if we've had any any crash coin purchasers since Ezekiel
have we have we we have we've had it was ray
ray from uh Arlington Texas crystal from
Snohomish it's not took me a second to read but it's Snohomish James from Murfreesboro, Tennessee James i had a girlfriend from Murfreesboro, Tennessee once you know anybody named Lee
you know maybe 42 years old Lee, I probably shouldn't have said that uh
Nicholas from Clifton, New Jersey. Julia from Whitby, Ontario. Monica from Moses Lake, Washington. Jacob from Severn, Maryland and a just a from Baltimore
Maryland thank you thank you to all of you for purchasing a crash course coin um i'm gonna be here all night i'm not i'm
gonna be here for about 15 more minutes because i have to get ready for work Edward also from Walpole, Massachusetts.
Richard from Aurora, Colorado. Christopher thank you very much Christopher from Seattle, Washington. Derrick thanks so
much from Davis and Michigan and Kyle, Kyle from Albany, New
York. I feel like those New Yorkers are doing doing us right um
imagine losing the crash course coin it happens man it's a coin it's a coin
um uh we have a bunch of weird crash course coins that we got made to see what kind
of weirdest what's the weirdest coin we could make sometime in the future here's one uh that's on copper that's this
thick so that's a weird coin uh this is on a cool it's like a it's like a larger
uh coin than this than the stamp is so it's like extra big and weird
um and then this one's blue that's a
special metal that you can oxidize oxidize to different colors then we have pure pure copper one which
we thought about doing uh here's another pure copper boy uh different finishes on those
and uh and there's a couple of other weird ones that we've done but yeah
uh can you donate any amount of money you can go Sadie if you want to do that you can give go to our patreon uh and you can
give us a one month amount or you can sign up for the patreon peyton texted me which probably means
i should be oh good it's just somebody created a crash course popcorn bag
um because sometimes when peyton texts me during a live stream it's because i've done something wrong but
that's that's good news um an obsidian coin would be great if obsidian worked that way
might be a new question but what does it say on my guitar it says this machine pwns noobs which at this point is a
little cringe if we're being honest um but it you know hey we all have our brands mine is a little cringe uh Sadie said he said my name faints
okay if if that's what it takes that's what it takes um thank you to everybody who's purchased
coins in the last hour it is it's great um
just looking at what's going on here in the crash course coin website
okay great now i'm looking at slack because i need to do that every once in a while make sure that i'm not saying anything or doing anything but anybody
doesn't like it says TMBG They May Be Giant City, They Might Be Giants, get well soon John Flansburgh pulling all those noobs Hank thanks for saying my name says Julia how thick can
a coin be and still be a coin that's a great question because i think that this one does sort of challenge the
definition of a coin um like that level of thickness not really a coin anymore more like stamped
metal um that uh
slack small company vibes what big companies use slack i think like apple uses slack um
i think um when are crash course bucks coming
ah i guess that's an interesting thought i don't know
that's a pig slammer i think i think that apple uses slack
yeah oh they used to they don't anymore or they they've restricted the use of it
oh wait no they restricted the use of it because of uh because the differ oh yeah
interesting different apple store slacks were connected and they were using it to organize
and then they were like no now every every store has their own slack it's not that i think that's that's not
good for us interesting um if you make crash course bucks please oh yeah if we made crash
course bucks they'd have to be like just there's a lot of there's probably some reasons why you can't make
fake money in that way hank pie or tau do you have an opinion i
don't really i get it i get why i get why tau is maybe better
but like we're but also like there's a lot of things that would be better like if you know
we everything should be decimal but it's not um the year should have 13 months but it doesn't
um and we're and we're stuck with pi so maybe it's not worth like fun arguments good things where you actually get upset
and want the world to be different let's focus not on pie but in terms of a fun argument
i do love to watch mathematicians yell at each other about pie in town have we ever done a DFTBA snat uh
scratch and sniff i think we may have i'm not sure have i read the new Alan Moore book i
haven't 13 months calendars for the win yes i i want to make a calendar that's a 13 month calendar the problem is it is
not useful like is there it's just not useful the thing about kurzgesagt's calendar the
where it's like the common era it starts 10 12 000 years ago uh 12 02 years ago as of this year um is
that at least it's like you it's basically useful you just knock
the one off it's the same the problem is with a 13 month calendar like you don't know what day of the
month it is which you actually do kind of need to know for a bunch of reasons i feel like a
scratch and sniff thing has been made for pizza mess i think i think so uh Abby of course knew we did pizza miss
scratch and sniff stickers last year Abby works at the warehouse um works for DFTBA so Abby knows
um uh let's go and look at who else has bought crash course queens recently
i can also look at abandoned checkouts and tell you who's thought about it but didn't quite
get there but i'm not gonna do that
we have had one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen thirteen abandoned carts in the
last uh in the last hour which is like stellar that's fantastic that's a very
low percentage uh so most people are definitely going through going through with it all the way
we got a purchase from tom in Belgium thank you to tom i think i know that tom
maybe Matthew from Missoula people may be able to guess who that is
Michael from Columbus oh yeah Columbus Indiana peter from new York new York
um Lauren from Essex Connecticut Matthew from the
united kingdom some Samina from Danbury Connecticut ben from Austinburg Ohio not Austin Texas
but Austin berg Daniel from Philadelphia Mary from Canada uh what's that it says
Calabasas that's California not Canada. James from Rossville.  Amanda, Amanda from
Mukilteo. Samuel so much thank you so much Samuel from Charlotte, North Carolina for
getting the crash course coin Eric from Longmont, Colorado Alyssa from Laporte, Texas Kyle um from Albany i
already said Kyle i already said your name that was not the first time i've said Kyle's name you get you got lucky
you ever stare at your cart for a while and then abandon it i do Julia i think it's a universal experience at this
point where we're like i want this but not that much
i think i'll make a different decision now uh Abby says
he says no abandoned carts uh they do not cost money no no they do not cost money
uh they just they just sit there and then uh occasionally we will uh email
you and be like did you mean to abandon your cart uh did you wait did you want to buy this or make sure you want to buy you wanted
to buy this uh but who knows um all right you got like eight minutes to buy your thing if you want me to say
your name so i'm gonna be i'm gonna be leaving uh and working i gotta make uh i
gotta make a uh a trivia game for an event that the com that my
company is doing i gotta work on my crash my crash course i got crash course in the bank i work at my VidCon keynote
i gotta get ready for uh a friend who's coming to town a bunch of stuff i gotta make sure that
my wife inside my Orin green has been a really good kid today i just want to say
that that like some days i'm like how did i get this brat in my house he's been a good kid today he had a little
tantrum just now and then we worked it out and i feel i
hope that it goes okay tonight because he has a babysitter so
uh but he's been a good kid today so far great work warren he's a top lad as they say
um so i'm gonna i have to go in eight minutes ish so if you can get if you want to get your crash course coin in
that time uh i will happily say your name and if lan can co call me back in
that time i will answer and even even afterward i if even if we're not on the stream you can still call me that's fine
um if if because i understand you sometimes you're on a call and you can only do what you can do
um all right what do we got what have we had uh we
got Michael from Dublin Ohio deidra from Antioch Tennessee Kelly from Astoria new
York Christina from Delaware and Austin not from Austin but from
Thornton colorado Sarah coming in from charlottesville Virginia i think that's the second Charleston Virginia we've had
Daniel from Jacksonville Illinois zoe from la junta and Calvin coming all the
way from Tucson Arizona getting that crash course going one new order has come in gotta love those people
Christina uh and the and and folks like her who don't have to pay that sales tax
uh that's always a that's a perk that's a perk and we do have to pay sales we do have to charge sales tax on the crash
course coin uh i'm sorry that we have to do that but it is an extra eight dollars for most people ish
um thanks to Henry from Elmhurst to new York and Patrick from san Francisco
California and maria from sao Paulo Brazil uh thank you all so much happy to ship
that coin all the way to Brazil for you and uh and i'm gonna read
uh the first thing i read was from Amina that says same admiral stank oh stark
i thought you were calling me admiral stank and i was going to be a little bit mad about it but never mind um oh man my back and neck
um hank you could make a 13-month calendar like how they do Hebrew calendars where you have
where you have the main 13 month calendar and a smaller second number in the corner of each square for
the standard date you know there's it's only gonna happen if we do
it there are no this that's an important sentence
because there are some things that are going to happen whether or not you do them but some things are only going to happen
if we do them and those things you kind of have to do
that's how i feel about crash course it's only going to happen if we do it uh and the 13th calendar is the same
thing like it's only going to happen if we do it like there aren't a lot of passionate 13 month calendar people out there but i believe that there are more
and more of them in our community uh so but crash course is probably a little more valuable in the world than a 13
month calendar and it's only going to happen if we do it crash course has been around for more than 10 years now
we do uh like everything we can to get good information smoothly into people's
heads how do you how do you work around the folds of our brains to get that information to settle
in there uh both efficiently and for as long as possible because of course we're going to forget some percentage of what
we learn going to get that step is everybody calling me admiral stank now let's be careful
let's be careful with admiral stank okay there's the nice the thing about admiral
stank the thing that makes it work is that admiral is like a respectful term and then you switch it around halfway
through don't call me admiral hank you call the admiral stank um
so you get that in there we gotta get that we get our goal is to get it in there really efficiently and
and also to have it be available where people learn where they're comfortable where they like to be where they like to
spend time which is on YouTube if it's somewhere else in the future it'll be somewhere else um
and we want to make content that anybody can use whenever they want but not they never
have to so the only reason we're doing it is so that we can get people uh
so that we is so that it'll get used when when it's useful so we have to make sure everything's useful or else they won't use it getting a call from
Pasadena hello this is hank
hi can i put you on speaker sure okay hello how are you
i'm good good i'm expecting this i'm very happy good great well that's
that's good news because i'm sure there's like a non-zero percentage of people who'd be like actually don't call me
um what where how did the meeting go uh meeting with well they asked a few
questions i have some action items that's great i mean i love an action item because then at least i know what i'm supposed to be doing
i want to try to see if i can remember that actually did you not write them down
i know generally what i'm supposed to do is just i'm juggling a lot of things i can hear yes well that is a very 2022
vibe um much much to juggle why did you choose to get a crash course coin
um i was i educational outreach is really
important to me so i actually work at the jet propulsion laboratory oh wow and one of my favorite things to do
that's not actually a part of my main job is to to inspire the next generation with high
school students and college students and i really
value the fact that you've made this curriculum for free for people like i'm learning all sorts of stuff from YouTube
all the time but i know that as students you need like a much more organized curriculum
that can tie into school right yeah to help you learn and help it help you at
school and so i i came across vlogbrothers and crash
course and project for awesome pretty late but i think that what you're doing is so great and i just wanted to be able
to support in any way wow thank you so much that means that means a lot to me it means a lot to me from uh
from someone who sort of works in the same world um and and you you're right that there
is so much great educational stuff on YouTube and i love when it gets sort of picked out by teachers to build curriculum around but one of the things
that we're happy to have been able to do at crash course is to build sort of things that actually intentionally
interface with curricula yeah yeah well thank you
and john and uh so that you at least get my contact info
i could just call you on the phone at this point
yeah that's super awesome thank you so much um and thanks for getting a coin everybody say thank you
they're all saying thank you in the chat not yet because of course there's no delay but they will shortly
okay okay bye thank you bye yay
it happened uh all right let's see what's coming in
the last few moments everybody
hold on i'm reloading the page it takes a while oh gosh
um Abby Abby from Boise Idaho another Boise Ryan from Halifax nova Scotia George i
know George George from Virginia Ashley uh this weird how many of these people i
know personally actually from el Cerrito California uh jim i think i also know jim
do i from saint Albans united kingdom i don't know okay
maybe Sydney from Vancouver british columbia Robert from Danville uh Samuel
from troy new York peg from Boxborough Massachusetts Paula
from st Louis and Victoria from Chicago Illinois Alice coming in to us from the Bronx
uh Muhammad from Stockholm thank you so much Mohamed and Christine from
Pennsylvania that's cool all over the place
that's lovely uh and then we just had one more coming from Jackie in Miramar Florida again my
old stomping grounds there uh crash course gold bars
abushu from India as well as here type in your own name and where are you
from uh yes the jpl the jet propulsion
laboratory is in California uh and i would i've never been there uh i well no i don't think i have i've been
to some jpl affiliated things but i don't think that it was
the main one um so wholesome the people you know are supporting crash course very wholesome
very true thank you everybody um uh so one of the uh things that i love so
much about the crash course coin i'm gonna i'm gonna go through if you if you're ordering now continue ordering
and i will go through one last time um one of the things that i love about this
the crash course coin is that we did this twitter thread right at the beginning of it um this like here's what crash course is here's how it works and
here's why it doesn't work without this coin thing that we do um people take that thread and they
repost it with their stories of crash course and people respond to that thread with their stories of crash course which i is
just is is one it's valuable for crash course for two different reasons one because the people who work on crash
course get to see the impact that it has and not just like in the moment when people are in school
but once they're through school and now they're they're like in their career doing whatever i don't know maybe they work at jpl
and um uh and can talk about like you know how that
helped them get to where they are now which just feels really really great um
and then uh and then also we like that is just it's just testimonials like for
days thousands of testimonials for crash course completely unsolicited that um
is just really uh wonderful
trying to figure out if i know this person maybe i just know that name because this person that that's a musician but it's a different person but
i don't know jim do i know you um
uh and i because i switched high schools in the middle never took high school level
american history course so having crash course to go back to later was a lifesaver that's really cool i do know
jim okay i do know jim all right i see now jim is a moderator in the chat
hi jim oh gosh what a world what a small world
um all right everybody uh i'm gonna do one more read through and then i have to get to work uh
unfortunately um so i wanna say thank you to uh to Patrick
from valentine Illinois let's say thank you to Neil from garden city Kansas i want
to say thank you to Shawn from Petosky Michigan Luke thank you from colorado springs colorado Luke
colorado springs started to make a comeback on Austin i got to say mike from Portland Oregon
Christine from Farmington thank you thank you thank you tim from st Paul Minnesota
Finnegan from Boston Massachusetts and finally Amanda from Vancouver Washington
thank you all so much for supporting the crash course coin thank you for uh being a part of what we do
um and thank you to admiral stark not admiral stank
um [Music] and uh thank you to Sean for getting a crash
course coin with the 113 dollars that he's learned from his recently monetized channel
uh if you want to go check out Sean powers on YouTube maybe there's that you can go brigade him that's what we do
what's it called is that what that's i don't remember what it's called in twitch where you like end your stream and everybody goes over to a different stream let's all do that
to to that to to uh Sean powers YouTube channel everybody check out Sean power's YouTube channel
i'm gonna do it right now i don't know what Sean's doing but earned it uh well i'm gonna have to find it now
is it this one it is hey i'm Sean powers welcome there's Sean Sean
teaches i was like Sean teaches about stuff uh about computer
things i thought i was gonna come up with a useful word after that
but i straight didn't i just i ended up on things engineering raid that's what it's called
we're going to raid Sean powers YouTube channel uh i'll put a link in the chat and uh so thank you everybody for uh
being a part of it it's gone it went by quickly i'll try
and i'm trying to hit it again um we all go rage on YouTube uh thank you
to everybody for um uh for support and crash course for uh
also just hanging out in the chat hanging out with me making things uh possible and having a
great old time here uh and and having our by far biggest hour
of the of our final day so that means a lot feels real good and i hope uh
that i hope you have a great day and i was just lovely to talk to a couple folks a few folks
um and i had uh i hope that you have a nice day i think that's all the things thanks
everybody and i'm gonna be i'm just gonna scroll through and look at i'll just read some some of these
names to myself i don't know i have to read them to every other people i'll just read them myself and say thank you
to them uh off stream or no one can see it but i will do it it's gonna be weird
but i'm gonna do it thanks everybody i'm gonna end the stream now goodbye