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Scientists are potty training cows! Like they're puppies!

If you've ever met a cow you're probably aware that they usually just go whenever and wherever they want, which could contaminate local water.

And to fix this, in theory, you could keep them in a barn. But that would end up creating more problems than solutions because in a smaller space the waste can form ammonia, an indirect greenhouse gas.

So, then researchers thought "what if we could just potty train them and then treat the waste later?" That is what they did! They called it "MooLoo Training" which is pretty similar to a dog's potty training.

When the little calves went to their latrines, researchers rewarded them. But if they did their business outside the latrine, researchers used a splash of water as "a gentle deterrent."

And it actually worked! After a few weeks, 11 out of 16 calves knew how to use the Loo. Potentially allowing humanity to finally collect cow waste in one spot, and let them do their business there.