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if you filled it out before 3:45 Montana time on Friday, it was a little broken and super short if you don't drink coffee (I set up the question logic wrong.) But it is now fixed and you'll get the whole thing!

It's two old YouTubers talking about old YouTube, what else could you want!?
What about MORE because there's a whole outtakes video here:

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H (Voiceover): Stay tuned to the end of this video because it is time, once again, for the Nerdfighteria Census!

H: Good morning John it's the last reunion video!!

J: Pa pa pa pa ap pa paaah! It's Question Tuesday, the day we answer real questions from real Nerdfighters, we're going to get right to it, it's the YouTube edition. 

H: John!

J: Yeah?

H: Who is your favourite OG YouTuber, back in the real early days?

J: Mm, CommunityChannel - Natalie Tran.

H: Natalie Tran.

J: My 2006 favourite was probably LonelyGirl15. 

H: Yeah, my 2006 favourite... probably like the Wine Cone.

J: Oh, I loved the Wine Cone. And Ze Frank, of course. 

H: When did you realise this was going to be your job?

J: It's still NOT my job. I don't get paid to do this. So, uh, never.  Careers on YouTube tend to be very short. Like, Hank and I have been on YouTube for fifteen years now, and so we've seen how really really good careers can not last very long. 

H: Yeah, and the people who stick around tend to be people who reinvent themselves a lot. 

J (Overlapping): AND US 

H(Overlapping): WHICH WE DON'T DO!

H: Sam asks: "What do you think are the best and worst site functionality changes YouTube has made over its existence?"

J: Well, in 2007 the site didn't work, and people forget about this, but like, the site works now. Very impressive. 

H: The player is very good.

J: The player is excellent. 

H: People forget how good the player is. 

J: So good.

H: there are a lot of secret hot keys. And that's my favourite UX thing where like if you know, you can do a bunch of things.

J: yeah, yeah. You can go back a frame, or you can go back ten seconds.

H: You can go back frames!

J: In terms of my least favourite feature. 

H: Uh huh

J: I think it was better when it was a five star system. 

H: Wow! Well, cuz then they went to likes and dislikes, and now they got rid of dislikes.

J: I think five stars was the best.

H: yeah.

J: But I'm old, so of course I think that, and also I wrote a book about the five star system. 

H (overlapping): You did write a book.

H: "Was there any time", Jason asks, "during Brotherhood 2.0 that you wanted to stop?"

J: Yes, like in March where it still felt like a really long project. But the hard part for me is always imagining the future, that gets really overwhelming. 

H: Right.

J: In the present, it was always fun. 

H: Um, Jeremiah asks "When is the next  'X Jokes in 4 Minutes' coming?" That's what the first minute of Dear Hank and John is for. 

J: Yes.

H: that's where I do that now.  Jessica asks "Who got the Play button for VlogBrothers or do you take turns?" And I do not know the answer to this question.

J: I don't know where it is. I just looked to the background to see if I have it.

H: I must have it. 

J: I don't think I do.

H: I think it's on the wall at Complexly, in Missoula. 

J: Okay. I remember I was on a plane when we hit one million subscribers,

H: okay

J: and I remember the feeling it was incredible.

H: Mmhm

J: And now, I never think about it. 

H: Who is your oldest YouTuber friend? 

J: Hank.

H: Oh, that, yes. 

J: I feel like Hank and I are really lucky that we have each other, because if we didn't I wouldn't have a peer. And now I have a colleague - 

H: It's very hard to do this on your own.
J: - who understands what it's like from the inside.

H: Robin says: "I miss video responses, do you miss video responses?" 

J: I miss them now, way more than I missed them when they actually got rid of them, because I feel like they would do better now. Some people forget this, but like video responses were widely misused. 

H: It's really easy to forget how much we know about those days of YouTube. Thanks for chatting about it with me a little bit.

J: It's been fun.

H: It's been fun, mostly.

J: I had a good time.

H: I thought you meant the entire fifteen years. 

J: Oh, oh, no I meant the last twelve minutes. 

H: Thank you everybody who's been through even a little bit of it with us, and John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

J: Yeah!

H: On my computer screen. 

J: Yeah, I know, it's sad. 

H: I have to poo so...

H (Voice over): The Nerdfighteria Census is a yearly - or in this case, because some things came up - a bi-yearly survey that helps us know what we should be thinking about and focusing on and how we should be understanding this community, and it's super valuable for everything that we do together, so please follow the link in the description to fill out the census, it's one of my favourite projects of the year, and I'm so, so looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts. Thank you again, link in the doobly do.