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In 2015 John and I competed in a 14 event competition called the Quadragocon with the intent of repeating it every four years. But then we didn't do that and then there was a pandemic and ugh.

BUT WE'RE BACK! With a couple of repeated events (that had the same outcomes) and a whole bunch of new ones, THIS is QUADRAGOCON 2021!!!

Liftoff by Andrew Huang -
Disco Medusae by Kevin McLeod:

Various dramatic backgrounds clips from various reality shows.

The Events This Year:
Pushups - John
Horseshoes - John
Sprint - Hank
Frisbee Knock - Hank
Lacroix Chug -John
Big Rock Toss - John
Rock Skipping - Hank
NYTimes Mini Crossword - John
Kayak Race - Hank
Fishing Game - Hank
Marshmallow Toss - Hank
Cookie Mouth - John
Collage Art - Hank
Cup Stacking - John

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 Intro (0:00)

H: Good Morning John
J: Good Morning, six years ago we held the first quadrennial Quadragocon
H: It was a series of tests of endurance and skill
J: The idea was that every four years for the rest of our lives Hank and I would test one another against each other
H: And through a. combination of our own laziness and also a global pandemic we are about two years late with the second quadrennial Quadragocon
J: But here we are we are in the same place at the same time and we are gonna quadrac the heck out of this day
H: We're gonna quadragueron
H: *grunts* John we're gonna play to this spigot. nooo
J: *on the floor* YES!

 NewSection (0:50)

J: You may be wondering if I have a strategy, the answer is yes. It is put to as many events that involve endurance as close together as possible because I know I have more endurance than Hank.

H: I've seen a lot of reality television and one thing they always say is like "I'm in it to win it, I'm gonna be brilliant" *out of breath* I'm not like, I'm not feeling good about this. I don't think I have it in me and I think that like 1.that's okay but second: it's my brother, so I would like to win but I don't- Hey, I'm with-

J: Hey we're gonna get started with the next event, it's time to do the next event.

J: Oh no! haha Oh no!

*Sped up sparkling water consumption*
H: Frick! *burps*

 NewSection (1:30)

J: Close but it was not as far as me, I feel like it's a real disservice to the landscape to show your face from below when you could be showing the landscape
H: How good are you at skipping rocks John?
J: I didn't pick this event in the quadragocon.
H: One! One. 
J: Okay, you win.

 NewSection (1:50)

H: *Laughs*

J: We are watching an Olympian at work. *both kayaking (sped up)*
37 seconds
H (?): 37.95

 NewSection (2:02)

J: I feel like having never played this game before is a significant disadvantage. 
H: Well, we're tied so...
*both laugh*


J (?): That's good. Oh that was fast. 

H: Okay, we made a collage art and I'm tweeting which one is better. 
H: John, it's very close. 
J: Oh no.
H: Okay, we've let like an hour go by.
J: Very close, but you have won. 

 NewSection (2:34)

J: Great for me yesterday, obviously I had a rough day too, not least because Hank introduces a bunch of events that I have absolutely no expertise in. I need cup stacking to get the draw. I'm all in on cup stacking. I've been practicing. I've been doing some mental exercises, thinking through cup stacking and I feel- I feel ready. 
H: Look, I don’t think I’m going to be good at this, but I think John might be worse.

J: 3, 2, 1, start! 
J: Oh jeez I don't know how to do this. *groans*. That's good, that's fast. 
H: Oh! 14.13 something
J: YESSSS! It's a draw! It's a draw! It extends, we won’t know for sure who the real quadragoconian is for another 4-6 years

 Outro (3:21)

H: But we all know who the real winner is, John. Everyone besides us.
J: *Laugh*
H: Thank you and I’ll see you now. 
J: And let us know what we should do for our video on Tuesday, it's gonna be our last video together. 
H: Last collab video, 3 in a row. Gotta make up, gotta make up for lost time. 

Mike Green: Okay
J: We need you to say "ready, set, go"
M: Ready, set *Hank starts running* go
*all laugh*
M: What a cheater.
J: False start!

H: You okay John? 
J: Yeah
H: I know you run a lot.
J: I don't usually run that fast
H: That's the fastest I've run, probably since the last quadragocon

M: Ow