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Before I left for London I made this video with the help of many very funny people on Twitter. If you would like to see more of the fun that we had, the thread begins here:

Thank you to the inspired artists of for making these beautiful pieces of art.

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Good Morning John.

So the team at scishow is constantly looking for images to use for thumbnails and graphics and stuff, and they're always finding very strange things on stock photography sites, and I decided that I would share some of the things they have found as well as some things that I have found, along with some captions that people sent to me on twitter, and here it all it John! Have a good time! With this thing that I decided to do right before I left for London I d'know what I'm thinking! Let's do it!

The Doc said uh, rubbing my knee daily, would uh, get rid of the, weird old lady face that it has inside of it.

Look Stephen I'm just gonna say it, you really don't look uh, very much like your tinder profile pic and like I also play the game, I get it, but uh, I mean thanks for taking me to the beach anyway.

Today announcing their run for the President of the United States, the new candidate which we find ourselves somewhat surprised to realise we would indeed vote for.

(Laughing) this is the best gender reveal party I've ever been to.

It is not (? 1:02) theatre unless your metaphor works on at least three different levels.

Gary I swear to you, you can order these mock-turtlenecks at (?1:12).com you do not need a physical catalogue.

That moment when you've been promoted to admiral but everybody's still treating you like a colonel.

While we do applaud your creativity Brenda, I'm afraid that your submission to the Northland Elementary School mascot design contest has been... rejected.

Are you ready to hear about my, breading night adventures?

Even my facade is a facade, mom.

I mean in all honesty, we probably should've checked out the yelp reviews before visiting the Island of Dr Morow, I think this one might really be on us Gary.

Talk to the hand, because the hand is actually my face, and that's, the polite thing obviously that's the polite thing to do.

Don't worry honey, I saw this in a movie! We're gonna be fine!

Treat yo self. What about meat yo self... ahhh
If you think you've got sausage fingers...
I know right now it seems like you're a winter, but trust me, five more minutes on the grill and you'll be an autumn.

I know what you're thinking it's not a very big car... But it's a very big boot!

They say there's a lot of fish in the sea, I say there's a lot of keys in the desert. I'm a lock!

Dude, this is the last time, you cannot keep searching Google Images for headlights at work!

Well it's nine o'clock on a caturday, the cat gets some cream for his tea, I'm eating a bar of white chocolate, there's muffins for Fluffy and me. Oh da, dida, dadida, I'm wearing a loofah sponge on my head.

You know I think the real pregnant dancing men were the stock photos we captioned along the way.

OK, that's all I had, John I'll see you on Tuesday!

And won't the real Slim Shady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up.