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Hello, and welcome to an announcement video! Your regularly scheduled SciShow content will resume tomorrow, but today, we wanted to let you know about a new feature on our channel.

SciShow would not be possible without the support we get from our viewers. Most of this comes from Patreon, and we cannot overstate how important our patrons are to us and our ability to pay all of our bills. But, since not everyone wants to use Patreon, we're introducing channel memberships as an alternative means to helping SciShow continue to exist. 

You can become a channel member by clicking on the button that says join next to the subscribe button below the video and on our channel page. From there, you can sign up for recurring monthly payments that will get you access to some cool perks.

You'll get a public badge that will show up next to your name in comments and on live streams, and this badge will get fancier the longer you're a member. Look how fancy they are! Anyone who sees these badges next to your name will know that you're helping keep science content accessible for everyone, and are therefore a super awesome person. 

Also, you'll get exclusive emojis you can use during live chats on the channel; nothing like some organs or smiling science poo to really kick the discussion up a notch.

In addition to all this sweet flair, you'll get access to members-only posts in the community tab. At least once a month, we'll post a pic of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that come along with making SciShow videos.

And, of course, this is all totally optional. SciShow will always be free to watch, and we appreciate all of you who enjoy our videos and share them and subscribe to the channel. This is just another way to support us, plus you get some sweet perks as a bonus.

Member or not, we're very happy to have all of you here getting smarter with us. Thank you for watching, and for caring about science. We'll see you tomorrow with a regular SciShow video about why we have been unable to make a good salt substitute the way that we have been able to make many good sugar substitutes. Good... maybe, maybe not. I like regular sugar.