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All work is business, and even if you're very isolated from the business parts, those things are very important to understand. You can watch Crash Course Business here:

I think the very idea of "business school" is a problem...the idea that business is separate from the rest of work. No. It's all business, and I think employees at every level should be given the capacity and the tools to understand the value of the work they are doing, and what role they play in a business. I also think that we should be opening the door to allowing more people who aren't like, passionate about becoming billionaires to be interested and aware of how business works.

I recognize that I come at this from a somewhat bizarre and very privileged perspective, but I deeply want more diversity in business...and I don't mean "people of all genders and skin colors" I mean "people who don't all subscribe to the particular worldview you are presented with in business school" (though, for clarity, I think having people of all genders and skin colors and backgrounds would HELP WITH THAT A LOT).

ANYWAY! Business is weird and fascinating, and you should watch Crash Course.

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