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Premiering at 9 AM Pacific! I'm hanging out in the chat if you wanna ask me things!

Thanks to Nicole Sweeney for editing most of this!

And thank you to everyone who made the 2018 Project for Awesome so amazing!

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Good morning, John, it's Friday.  Do you remember a couple weeks ago when we got together and raised $1.6 million for charity during the Project for Awesome and we were joined by a bunch of amazing people on our livestream and we voted on what charities would get money and we made videos to promote charities?  Maybe we've lost it.  Maybe we've forgotten it some.  Maybe that wonderful feeling isn't something you can have all the time.  But maybe you can have it just a little bit right now.  

In case you've forgotten some of what went down or maybe you weren't there for the whole thing, like I wasn't--was anyone?  'Cause that's a lot--that's dedication.  John, it's time for that.  It's recap time.

Hank: Look, it's the Project for Awesome.  It's raw, it's real, it's got a butt crack in it.  

Do the thing!  

Hank & John: Whoaaa

John: Whoa!  

Let me see the finished result.

Welcome to the Project for Awesome, ho, ho, ho!

John: Does anyone have any updates on the Agnes situation?  

Hank: Eh.  Eh Oh Eh.

John: Oh my gosh.

Ahsante: This is the final hat.

Flula Borg: I'm just happy to be alive and speaking to humans.

Akilah: Can you explain the sheep?

Matt: Look at that squishy sheep face.

Hank: Whaaaa!

Brit: This is Marrrrsha of the Marsh!

Hank: What's under my pants?  

Destin: What does this mean?

(Music plays)

John: Uh, I learned a lot.

Joe: Hm.

The Gregory Brothers: Santa Claus had a glitter beard. Oh, don't look at him sideways, and don't look at him weird. Don't be one of--

Jessi: Animal noises

Rosianna: I love you as high as I can reach, said Little Nutbrown Hare.

(?~1:35): If an episode is challenging or if a topic is challenging, it inspires me to keep working on it, 'cause I'm like, this means that something here is worth talking about if it's hard.

Destin: Give me dinonauts or give me death!

John: It's not really for sitting.  It's more of a standing costume.

Travis McElroy: Do you want me to get an adult in there for you?

Hank: We've got two--I mean, three adults if you count me.

Travis: I like how you didn't though originally.

Akilah: I'm a damp person, I can do this all day.

(?~1:59): This way to the moon, everybody!

Hank: Is this gonna be okay? Can we talk to the lawyers?

Rosianna: My brain is a sausage.

Hank: Big daddy likes pork rinds.

Mamrie: Big daddy likes pork rinds.  IS IT THAT?!

(?~2:14): Whoa, Matt, no.

Brit: She's perfect.

John: Huge thanks to everybody again for being part of the 2018 Project for Awesome.  Here in the livestream we're having a great time and there appears to have been a development.

I wish that Alice were here right now to see what proper face painting looks like.

(?~2:33): Beautiful.

(?~2:33): 'Cause the universe is weird, I'm kinda freaking out.

Destin: Oh my gosh!  Gumball Mike is the first dinosaur on the moon!



Hank: You know, this is what I've always wanted, is just to watch a grown man shave.

Alice (off-screen): I do NOT want to be famous.  

Silvia: Because I didn't know that the last time I was shocking Hank it was gonna be the last time.

Hank: A problem like global health can feel like spitting on a wildfire but it's not.  Like, all the resources, all the power that you're able to like, exert on the world, like, that has real world effects.  

John: Sorry, you made me cry.  

Colin: Don't forget to be awesome!  (?~3:22)

Hank: This has been a beautiful time.  I'm so happy.

John: To everyone in Nerdfighteria, thank you and as they say in our hometown, don't forget to be awesome.

Hank: Don't forget to be awesome.

Henry: YEAH!

Hank: Thank you to Nicole Sweeney for editing this video with me.  She did like, 90%.  95% of the--ehh, probably more percent of the work than that, and thank you of course to all of the Project for Awesome's donors and volunteers and video-makers and guests and champions and to all the nonprofit organizations that are making the world a better place with their hard work.  Thank you.  John, I will see you on Tuesday.