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John and Hank together again because we can answering your questions about the past and future of making stuff on the internet. I hope I can edit a longer version of this video for Hankschannel at some point because this was very hard to edit down!

We have news that we're super excited about coming tomorrow at the Gathering of the Nerdfighters at VidCon! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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John: Hold on, we gotta do the thing where I'm the surprise guest. 

Hank: Alright.

J: That'll be actually a good intro. Just use all of this.

H: Good morning, John!

J: Good morning, Hank!

H: Woah-ho-hooo!

J: We're at Vidcon.

H: From Adobe.

J: Are you gonna become one of those people who like wears your sponsors all the time and you're like, I wanna shout out Oakleys while I'm here, and also Dr. Pepper for providing me with that key hydration. Hashtag win at hashtag any cost.

H: Hashtag invest in your digestion. Hashtag Metamucil.

J: [laughs]

H: I actually didn't bring my Metamucil and it's already a problem!
Don't move.

J: I'm not going to.

H: Never move again. They won't let me open this.

J: Alright, let's go.

H: 'Cause that kid peed off the balcony at Vidcon 2016 and now they close all the balconies.

J: That is such a great metaphor, by the way, for the internet.

H: [laughs] One person pees off a balcony and nobody else gets a balcony ever again!

So I asked people to send us questions -

J: Yeah.

H: - about our past and future on Youtube. Kathy asks, 'Why did you stop making straight-up silly videos?'

J: I think what happened is that I felt like the rest of the internet got pretty good at being silly.

H: Right.

J: But it wasn't as good at being earnest and I was like, 'Oh I-I'm quite earnest.'

H: 'Out of everything you've created,' Blake asks, 'what piece of content are you most proud of?'

J: Oh, definitely that Tumblr post where it has me jumping against the wall to prove that I'm not an octopus.

H: Mhm. That may be your most viewed piece of media.

John, if death is a cube, does that mean you have to meet the face of death six different times?

J: If death is a marble,

H: Will it win a marble race?

J: Probably not.

H: You look very cool. Speaking of marbles, how did the Green Ducks do in the Marblelympics?

J: I-

H: I haven't had the chance to watch yet. I don't want to spoil this for you! But like, go Green Ducks. 

Chillan says, 'When you guys retire, I imagine your education channels will continue, but will you let Vlogbrothers die? Or is Vlogbrothers something you will continue until you are physically unable?' Well, thanks for that!

J: I want to choose to end the channel.

H: You want to upload your last video and know it's your last video instead of just...

J: Yes.

H: I mean, it's interesting to think about, like, why are we still doing this? It's been a really long time.


J: It has been over a third of my life.

H: Wow. And you're old.

J: [laughs] I like our job.

H: I like our job, yeah.

J: Like, I like the people I work with, I like making educational video, I like -

H: You like lookin' super cool in your Adobe hashtag create your story sunglasses.

J: Do I actually look cool? I don't think I look that good.

H: Well, now you're wearing -

J: For one thing, I gotta take off this sticker.

H: [laughs]

J: You know, like, obviously we haven't done it for money for a long time, so there are other reasons we are making stuff. And the main reason is the main reason we were making stuff in 2007 when there also wasn't any money involved, which is that we like making stuff with people we like, and we like each other, and we really like the community of Nerfighteria.

H: Yeah.

J: Sorry, that was overly sincere.

H: Can you go 'bleleleleb!'

J: Bleleleleh. You want me to dab?

H: Don't dab on camera. It's one of the -

J: Don't worry. It's a no-dab zone. Hashtag no dab zone.

H: Pecanpancakes wants us to do another year of Brotherhood-2.0-style vlogging.

J: Maybe the last year that we do it.

H: Ah, that's a good idea. God, it'd be so hard for me to stop. I think I would - I think I would spiral.

J: The other thing is that it's really good for my mental health to have the anchor of the Tuesday. Aside from everything else, there's also that.

H: Yeah.

J: I don't want to quit. Let's not quit. Why would we quit? Stop talking about quitting. It's weird!

H: Pheonix says, 'I just ate dinner!'

J: That's great.

H: 'If you two could switch personalities and lives, would you? Why or - no. No.

J: No. And I like my kids. I like Hank's kid, but not as much as I like my kids.

H: [laughs] 'Our Lyft driver just asked us if we were going to see that Chuck Green thing.

J: I mean, I'm really honored if people still associate Vidcon with Chuck Green.

H: I was jealous of your eyewear, so I'm putting on my Cinnamon Toast Crunch sleep mask.

J: I'm gonna put on this fanny pack. These are socks. I can't see anything.

H, J: [laugh]

J: Where's the fanny pack?

H: I don't know! I also can't see anything!

J: I look like the worst Blues brother.

H: I thought it was a blanket. It's a Cinnamon Toast Crunch bathrobe!

J: Wait, how did you get this and I didn't get it? I'm super annoyed.

H: What what.

J: Hank, I'll see you on Tuesday.

H: Hashtag win at hashtag all costs. Avoid the dab.

H, J: [laugh]