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This video was recorded after our tour got cut short (for obvious and completely understandable reasons.) We're all searching for clear and simple information right now, but while there are lots of things that we know (we need more testing, there are ways to slow spread and that will protect the most vulnerable populations and help keep the healthcare system from being overwhelmed (and they include handwashing, social distancing, and ending large events.)) But there are also a lot of unknowns. And there are lots of people who have reasons for wanting us to think things are more certain than they are...but they just aren't.

But the outcome does depend on us...but also the outcome depends on us taking care of ourselves and not letting the stress, loneliness, and uncertainty of now control us. Part of that, for me, is reaching out and talking to people...whether that's on the phone or online...but doing it in spaces that are not performative and are not public. That might be a private chat, a video game, a phone call, or just some nice long emails. Find your way and reach out to the people who matter.

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Good morning John.

I recorded this video last night. I wanted to provide an update to it, which is that it looks like I'm about to give you some bad news.

Just within the current context I want to be clear that I'm feeling mentally not great, physically fine. Okay Good morning John. Oh boy, it's currently 1 o clock in the morning.

Oh my gosh it's almost 2. I've been doing the anxious scroll to some extent, not super surprising there. But in between that, I've been doing something wonderful that I feel like a bad person for not doing more. 2 reasons 1 in like the way you think i mean. like I should do this more because its good, it's a good thing to do. But 2, in the other way, like I'm just bad at being a person, because this is so obvious and so good and I like it and I don't do it, which is that I called a friend. I called 2 people, people that I don't like call on the phone that often.

And yeah, we talked about COVID-19, but we also talked about bread and Star Wars and work and coffee and like the normal, like the stuff people talk about and it was lovey. when I'm doing the anxious scroll I feel as if I'm gong something useful, and I'm seeing the same 3-5 stories over and over again, so that they seem like 300 - 500 stories, and I want to know more and want to know what it's gonna be like tomorrow, and I want to know what it's gonna be like in 3 weeks, and I feel like I'm doing something that's going to uncover that reality and uncover that truth and it's just not. but you call up a friend, or you call up a family member and all of it just goes away a little bit and you can talk about movies talk about books talk about the past, or talk about the hard time a mutual friend is going through and how you guys are gonna help them. And feel ways and rant, and get mad and be happy and laugh. You're up on twitter, and it's like don't forget stress lowers your immune system, okay, first of all that's a little dubious; what exactly that means is complicated. Second, do you think that's gonna make me less stressed out? Yeah, no, but what does make me less stressed out , and maybe this is the same for you, is calling a friends, talking to them. Somebody may be from a while ago, somebody you have talked to that much, somebody you want to check up on, and say hey I think about you; I care about you and I think you care about me. I think you should do that every day. It's good, it feels good and the more I don't fo it, the more I feel like I cant do it so happy to have good people in my life and instead of searching for the next the next scare for the next scare for the next outrage, for the next piece of news, the next bit of context, it should be occupying all of this all of the tremendous power that I have at my disposal connecting with someone. 

John, thanks for,..., hanging out in my hotel bed. I'll see you on Tuesday.