Crash Course U.S. History aired a new episode on YouTube every Thursday, beginning the week after Crash Course English Literature's conclusion.

Thought Bubble continued to be the graphic team, and "Me from the Past" continued to appear briefly, but the Open Letter and Secret Compartment were retired.

In place, John began a segment called the Mystery Document, in which he took advatange of the United States' relative youth (and thus the abundance of written documents) by reading aloud a document that Stan had picked for him without his knowledge; he must then guess the author. If he responds incorrectly, he is shocked with a shock pen.

Necessarily, author-name-swearing was also retired, and so John began the "Libertage" (in place of the "Mongoltage" from World History), featuring a brief clip of an explosion and a sequence of flashing American images, with "America" and an audience-suggested phrase in large letters across the screen. Loud rock plays throughout, and the phrase often is humorously self-mocking in nature (such as "Give Me Liberty or Give Me a Triple Cheeseburger").