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Because discussions of climate change are often so very dire, I do end this video on a positive note. That's something I went back and forth on a lot. Ultimately, what we're dealing with here isn't simple in terms of causes, problems, or solutions. We do see that economics are already making renewables more attractive. That is the path of least resistance, but it is also the slowest way to go.

We need governments to take action but that is an extremely tall order with a global crisis and competitive nations. Will this ultimately be a force that drives us apart? Or will it be something that brings us together.

There is actually a more positive way of looking at the outcome of Game of Thrones thus far...a common enemy brought an end to some, but not all petty squabbling. And maybe the unification brought by an external threat created an alliance that will show that one last squabbler a very bad time.

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