A youtube channel created by five female nerdfighters. From 2008 to 2010, they each made a weekly video addressed to the other girls in the group (each was assigned one weekday). These exchange inspired many similar groups and channels.

Kristina Horner

Kristina Horner was Monday on the channel. She was also one half of the band ALL CAPS as well as a member of the wizard rock band The Parselmouths with her friends Eia Waltzer and Brittany Vahlberg.

She has been part of the YouTube community from very early on, and is a popular vlogger. Her personal channel is called italktosnakes.

Lauren Fairweather/Maggiacomo

Lauren Fairweather was Tuesday on the channel. She was also half of the wizard rock band The Moaning Myrtles, with her friend Nina Jankowitz.

Kayley Hyde

Kayley Hyde was Wednesday on the channel.

Hayley G. Hoover

Hayley Hoover was Thursday on the channel.

Liane Graham

Liane Graham was Friday on the channel.

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