Henry Green is the son of John Green and Sarah Green. He was born on January 20, 2010. He has appeared in a few Vlogbrothers videos, but for the most part, John has decided to keep Henry's appearances to a minimum, for his son's safety and privacy.

This was decided, as stated in January 16, 2010's Hello Baby!!, for three reasons. First, that he wants for Henry to be able to decide whether his life is private. Second, so that there will be fewer embarrassing moments for everyone to see, instead of just his future partner. Last, this is so that strange YouTube users will not have access to footage of his son.

While this is true, there are a few videos which Henry is in. It has been suggested through the video Cooking with a 3-Year-Old: The Mac & Cheese and Communist Celery Edition (February 26, 2013) that Henry may or may not be a communist. This is due to his refusal of his father's suggestion that they put peanut butter on their celery. While John may disapprove of communism, he approves of his son's engagement in politics so early in his life. John has also written new lyrics to a well-known lullaby for Henry, explaining what he would buy for his son, "in the event that the mockingbird doesn't sing." Needless to say, this is a strange list which can be found in the video Adorable Baby is Adorable from May 19, 2010.

Date Title Duration Views Transcribed
2017-03-14 Green Brothers Reunited! 04:01 284,812
2016-03-01 Question Tuesday: The Potato Edition 03:43 340,442
2015-12-15 P4A 2015 - Condensed Soup 03:58 111,952
2015-12-07 Project For Awesome 2015 Livestream - Part 4 7:24:01 65,123
2015-06-16 Paper Towns Madrid with Nat Wolff! THE TOUR BEGINS 02:41 282,902
2015-01-20 REUNION MINIGOLF 02:59 495,881
2014-12-19 BUTFARTMAN Is Coming To Town! 04:00 175,444
2014-12-16 Jelly Face, Sharpie Face, Peanut Butter Face, and Mummy Dancers: The 2014 Project for Awesome 02:36 212,845
2014-12-13 Project For Awesome Part 5 5:30:30 64,128
2014-06-12 World Cup Live Show with John! 57:20 20,793
2014-04-01 VELOCIRAPTORS 03:25 651,122
2013-12-10 Cooking with a 3-Year-Old: Slobber Carrots and Gross Barbecue 04:00 697,000
2013-02-26 Cooking with a 3-Year-Old: The Mac & Cheese and Communist Celery Edition 03:59 1,620,484
2012-06-13 Henry Green: The Miracle of Swindon Town #129 13:58 44,865
2012-06-01 Adorable Squirrel and Table Topics 03:44 456,710
2011-09-12 Adorable Baby and Insufficient Cartography 02:47 550,910
2011-05-05 IT'S HANKO DE MAYO!! 02:47 299,947
2011-04-21 John Green, welcome in the Netherlands! 02:38 34,373
2010-12-29 Baby on the Road: Thoughts from Places 02:58 718,748
2010-09-10 Giant Baby Attack 03:27 846,933
2010-08-22 Is Obama a Muslim? Examine the Evidence! 03:00 807,834
2010-05-19 Adorable Baby Is Adorable 02:51 1,312,009
2010-03-15 Cute OVERLOAD: The Ultimate Concern Edition 03:14 909,987
2010-02-15 Hello Baby!! 03:44 996,854
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