Fireball Wilson "Willy"* Roberts, also known as Bubbles the Nerdfighting Puppy, is John Green's dog. His name is a reference to the first sentence of James Crumley's novel, The Last Good Kiss. Willy is a West Highland Terrier. Willy has a quirk where he shifts his head to the side when he hears a noise he hasn't previously encountered. Willy also had a broken leg which, when wrapped, looked like a peg leg. Hank Green joked about this in his video Adorable Puppy Injury!!!! and suggested he should also get an eye patch. 

John confessed in the video My Puppy's SECRET SHAME (and Paper Towns) that Willy was born with an extra tail bone, making so that his tail droops at the end and never stands straight.

*Has also been spelled as Willie





































































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