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In which Hank Announces a Zine? Possibly? Also, talks about where John's been and April Fool's and his favorite horse and how vacations don't exist and how the sequel is going and how there are TOO MANY MILKS! I didn't have a script going into this one, so it turned out surprisingly well.

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Good morning John! I didn't see you on Tuesday!

Woofh, I mean I know we said we were gonna take vacation days, but now one actually happened and I'm just adjusting, just dealing with that.

I mean, vacation's a bit of a stretchy word in this situation, um, and I think that's true of a lot of vacations these days. We go on 'vacation' by which we mean we're not doing our normal work we're doing some kind of abnormal work. Whether that's going to a wedding with 500 people you don't know at all, or like, taking a vacation day so you can buy a car, because it takes a full freakin day to buy a car!

Anyway the point is, John, you were in Sierra Leone with Partners in Health looking at how we- us, as individuals- and we- this whole community- might be able to help um make life easier there, particularly for pregnant people, and also babies who are great unless they decided that it was time to scream every night starting at 2.30 in the morning for no reason.

They're still great I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's a lot right now.

And it turns out, not great internet where you were at, and also not a lot of free time to make a video so I'm looking forward to hearing more about what happened, you know when you were in Sierra Leone and I was having four different April Fools jokes.

Sorry, yeah, DFTBA brewery not a real thing, not a real, never gonna be a real thing. But the merch is real!! The merch is always real. And also, all of John and I's after-tax DFTBA profits gonna be going to charity, probably to help do a project with Partners in Health, so if you want that good old DFTBA brewing merch its available only until today... maybe we'll make it through the weekend.

Also SciShow Pee is not a real thing, though it is a real Youtube channel and if it does get a hundred thousand subscribers we will get a silver play button from Youtube that says SciShow Pee on it so.. Do with that information what you will.

Is there a link in the description? Probably! I couldn't tell ya for sure, there might be one right here. Just go, do it, we're never gonna make another video on that channel so what do you have to lose.

John am I 38 years old or do I love zines? Yeah, both. This is my friend Valerie's 'draw a horse' zine. They had people draw a picture and send in one picture of one horse. I don't know what's happening here. Occasionally get a little blurb from the person about their horse. I have personally picked a favourite horse, (you can get this I'll put a link to their Etsy in the description). It's this one. I love how muscly and bony it is, it's like a centaur but only the torso is of a man. If that was your horse.. great work.

I wanna do a similar thing. I saw a reddit thread, that was extremely intriguing to me, that asked people to describe the bar that they picture when they hear a like "a man walked into a bar" joke. I never thought about this before but I have a bar! I have a specific bar that I've never been to, that has a very weird layout, and I want people to draw me their bars that a man walked into.

Then maybe I'll just make a video about it, maybe I'll make a zine about it, but in the meantime I want you to draw me a bar and I want you to put it into the internet somehow and send it to me at with "my bar" in the subject line. That's all that you have to do and then I have to figure out what to do with those, don't worry I'm fine I've got lots of free time, I don't have to write a book, oh god.

Sequels are WILD. Whew! Recently in the book, I made up a person and then I was like, this doesn't work, and I got rid of them, and they don't exist anymore. That's my job! I decide whether you exist.

There are too many milks. My son is two and a half years old and he asks for oat milk in his tea. What have I done. What have I done.

Send me your bars!

And they may be DFTBA brewery someday. But they won't. But the merch is real.

John I'll see you on Tuesday for real this time.