The Nerdfighteria Wiki is all about the projects of John & Hank Green. It's a catalog of their videos and podcasts, and a place to transcribe them. It's also a repository of community articles and groups for their fans, known as Nerdfighters.

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Top transcribers

  1. runalovegood
  2. kitchensink108
  3. complexlyniki
  4. cae_prince
  5. random13579

Incomplete transcripts

  1. The Muck of Millenia
  3. Meet the Mad Haterpillar with Henry Reich from Minute Physics
  4. Dinosaurs Probably Weren't Cold-Blooded, According to Eggshells
  5. Introducing Ours Poetica
  6. Sarah and Evan Gregory read The Walrus and The Carpenter
  7. Hank Green reads "The Raven"
  8. Heems reads "Portrait of the alcoholic three weeks sober"
  9. Nomi Stone reads "Gay Marriage Poem"
  10. Lena Khalaf Tuffaha reads "Mountain, Stone"

Nearly-complete channels

  1. crashcourse (2)
  2. art assignment (4)
  3. engage by uplift (10)
  4. how to adult (11)
  5. sexplanations (11)