The Nerdfighteria Wiki is all about the projects of John & Hank Green. It's a catalog of their videos and podcasts, and a place to transcribe them. It's also a repository of community articles and groups for their fans, known as Nerdfighters.

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Top transcribers

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Incomplete transcripts

  1. Project for Awesome 2017 Part 3
  2. Project for Awesome Part 6!
  3. Poor Unfortunate Theater: Crash Course Theater #48
  4. Absolute Monarchy: Crash Course European History #13
  5. How to make an AI read your handwriting (LAB) : Crash Course Ai #5
  6. Reinforcement Learning: Crash Course AI#9
  7. Symbolic AI: Crash Course AI #10
  8. Robotics: Crash Course AI #11
  9. AI Playing Games: Crash Course AI #12
  10. The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course European History #24