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The Nerdfighteria Wiki is a repository of nerdfighteria culture and videos, with a focus on projects by Hank and John Green. See the getting started guide for ways you can help out. Videos are added automatically every half hour, so if you're looking to transcribe a recently uploaded video, it should be up shortly.

About Nerdfighteria

If you're new to nerdfighteria, make sure to check out the blog effyeahnerdfighters and the forum our pants. You can find nerdfighter groups at Groups.Nerdfighteria. Hank & John also have a website with contact info and links to their various online profiles and projects.

Incomplete transcripts

vlogbrothers: Baby Poop Rookie: Vlogbrothers Reunited vlogbrothers: See you in Amsterdam, Melbourne, or Anaheim!! (also Boston) vlogbrothers: Logging Off crashcourse: Outtakes #3: Crash Course Philosophy crashcourse: Circuit Analysis: Crash Course Physics #30