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Sexplanations is sexedutainment for the universe hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe, directed and edited by Matthew Gaydos, and produced by Hank Green. The show is designed around the 4 minutes model of YouTube EDU to share incredible knowledge while inspiring the audience to stay curious. The most viewed episode is Anal Sex, followed closely by Masturbation and Consent. The channel has covered over 150 topics and has reached over 100 nations. It's in it's third year and continuing shame-free, comprehensive efforts to educate on everything sex. Dr. Lindsey Doe the host is also a doctor of human sexuality who runs a private practice in clinical sexology where she works directly with clients on their sexual health goals. She also travels internationally speaking to various campuses and conferences about her work and curiosity. You can learn more about Dr. Doe and Sexplanations by watching all the videos and visiting drlindseydoe.com (under construction). Stay curious!

Article: Lindsey Doe

Dr. Lindsey Doe is the host of the YouTube channel Sexplanations. She also works as a clinical sexologist in counseling indviduals and couples on sexual matters, and teaches courses on the matter at the University of Montana.


Lindsey has had an interest an human sexuality since high school. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, her Master's in Health & Human Performance (with a concentration in Health Promotion) and her doctorate in Human Sexuality from the University of Montana. She has worked at UM since 2005 teaching classes on human sexuality.

In 2010, she asked Hank Green to represent "straight men" in a panel for her class. At the time, Hank proposed an early idea for a video series hosted by her, but the idea didn't take hold. In 2013, Lindsey contacted Hank in an attempt to help her reach a larger audience with her sex education. This led to the two working together to produce a new Youtube channel, Sexplanations.

On June 10, 2013, the first video of Sexplanations went live.  Each episode features Lindsey talking on any of a variety of sexual topics in an attempt to educate and to break down the social stigma of talking about sex.

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Article: Sexplanations

A sex education channel, hosted by clinical sexologist Dr. Lindsey Doe, in which she  discusses sex, sexuality, and related topics and issues openly and honestly.