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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Project for Awesome last weekend. This wasn't even all of the memes! There were tons of great ones I couldn't fit in!

It was a really amazing time that inspired a lot of....creativity. And here that creativity is featured in my first ever meme review! (And yes, I did get a dispensation from the four minute rule for this video!!)

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Good morning John! It's been a time! It's been a week - it's been a month - it's been a year! The Perseverance Rover is on the surface of Mars, the Project for Awesome was amazing, and John, it is time for me to do my first ever, inaugural, Meme Review! And I have asked Nerdfighteria if it's ok for this video to be long, and they said yes - because it has to be! We must do the memes justice.

Now, most of you are thinking right now, oh that's nice, Hank has got a picture of the Perseverance Rover's first image of Mars behind him. Close! The beans didn't stop coming! That's right Beanie Sandfurbs, your famous. They love you, everybody loves you! [Hushed] I'm aware that not everyone loves Beanie Sandfurbs, we don't have to let him know that though.

I have to apologize for one thing, which is that I downloaded all these throughout the Project For Awesome and so I didn't maintain any context - I have no idea who made any of these things. So upfront, let me say thank you to everyone who made these. Like, these aren't things that just appeared out of the ether. People worked hard to make this stuff! Sometimes more hard than other times [laugh]. Some people worked hours on things. Some... less than that. 

John, on my desktop I've got a folder called Beanby, and it contains four other folders: Bean Memes, Just Beans, Normal Memes, and Art. So we're going to go through a selection of each one of those. Let's start with just normal memes.

This was the one that started out the Project for Awesome for me. It's Sue from Glee, and the thing that I like about this so much is that it could have been, "I am going to donate to a project that is so awesome." That's the choice I would make but this choice is so much better.

It's me! I am once again asking for your financial support. We're starting with Project for Awesome specific memes here, there shouldn't be too many beans here.

Uh, well, here's one. Dang it, that didn't take long! Look, I was having a hard time saying Beanie Sandfurbs for a long time, so I've ended up with a lot of cards. 

This is a good one! Project for Awesome perks, they take time to make and I want to be careful [laugh], which I have not been in the past, that I do not end up in a situation where I'm over promising on my ability. So this pink blob is just all the other stuff that I have to do [chuckle]. I love - that's what I look like - that is an accurate picture of my face there.

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A spray-painted angler fish is something that can actually be so personal.

My strange addiction, I'm constantly donating! Yeah! Good kitties.

I love the memes that are encouraging donations and there's plenty of them.

This is another one, "when the matching fund hits". A large donation the size of a small donation is completely blocking east - it's the boulder, it's the boulder meme you guys.

Brain scrambled egg - wallet p4a. It's a dangerous day to get paid, uh, was the tagline of like the Project for Awesome 2014 or something [laugh]. It's true, look we're not denying it. It's harder to make good, sound financial decisions during the Project for Awesome.

Give directly to P4A, do not pass go, please donate 200$. Thank you to everybody who followed their monopoly card.

Look, the Project for Awesome does make me feel better about the future... and humanity.

Moreeee money irresponsibility, yeah...

Oh, this one's good! The project for awesome digital bundle, it's got all the infinity stones in it; you can't help yourself!

I mean it is! OK, it is!

You watch the P4A; and you buy your perk early and donate to charity; but you keep watching the livestream; but more cool perks come out; so, you donate again!

There is no separating ourselves from the universe. Beanie Sandfurbs. What? It's not like we created these personas for a Youtube channel. That's just how he is! And this is just how I am!

Ohhhh, Flula started to call me Billy Hank because my first name is William. And then somebody made this, I love it!

[laughs] I love how as I've gotten older, in this photograph, my head really sank like down to my sternum.

I'm sure that Post Malone gets compared to every person who writes on their face, and I'm sure that that's not fun for Post Malone, but it's fun for me. Thank God Katherine came out, I thought I was gonna write names on my own face in a mirrored image? Noooo! I can't cut a single hair off my head in the mirror, I can barely shave.

Moving on to just bean memes. All of these are bean memes! There's nearly as many as all of the other memes put together.

This one sparks joy, Glen and Dale of the Glen (they were our mascots last year).

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Our mascot this year: this one does not spark joy. Look, look! He can hear you!

Arrrrrrrgghhhh I have nothing to say. He's so big! I guess I had that to say? I just had that one thing to say. I love it, and so does Harry! Harry loves it too.

Beanie Sandfurbs is better than Dave the Fish, change my mind. And it's Beanie Sandfurbs sitting at the table so you're not gonna be able to. As soon as somebody posted a traced out picture of Beanie Sandfurbs, all was lost.

More Beanie Sandfurbs... it's me, turning my back on Dave the Fish, a previous Project for Awesome mascot, to focus solely on Beanie Sandfurbs. And I didn't even have Dave the Fish this year!

SHTAAAANK, it's me now, STAAANK is not just Adam Levine for men mixed with Adam Levine for women. Change my mind. Look at the DFTBA mug, that's so good! It's not, I don't know where everybody got this idea.

And then the comeback, Beanie Sandfurbs coming back, this one sparks joy, this one does not spark joy. Take that, Glen of the Glen!

Now it's just Beanie Sandfurbs asking for your financial support. Look, we were all asking for your financial support, it's the Project for Awesome.

I really like this one. Thank you for changing Project for Awesome, I'm literally a deeply disturbing furby made out of beans. People, again hating on Beanie Sandfurbs! It goes both ways. For example, I don't wanna see a normal furby, no, do I wanna see a bean furby? Yes, Drake does.

Beanie Sandfurb isn't a bad P4A mascot, I'm giving a presentation, you guys are just bean. [laughs]

Noooooo and also yes.

I like this one. I don't know what they did, but they made it look like this was almost part of a comic, maybe this is a picture of their computer screen. It mi-it isn't because that's the same picture and that doesn't have that artifact. They made it look like it was part of a newspaper!

My reflection staring back at me from the black screen when the Project for Awesome ends. I.. that face that you're making when it fades to black and you can see yourself. Beanie Sandfurbs, this is 100% true.

Oh My God! I hate, hate that! They kinda colour correct to his skin tone. That wasn't necessary, you didn't have to do that [laughs]

 (06:00) to (08:00)

Oops! All beans! That was kinda the tagline of the Project for Awesome this year. And I love that they surrounded where the cereal was with beans. They outlined it and put some beans in!

Got Beanie Sandfurbs as the stonks guy but it's beans, and that does it for our bean memes. Now we must move on to a category that is labelled "just beans", so this isn't even memes.

Bean Show, the sci show logo, it's hosted by Beanie Sandfurbs. Beans for Awesome Project and it's got beans. Beanie Styles, fashion forward. And this is a picture from me from like, I don't know, 5th grade maybe. With the Beanie Sandfurbs face. This is a choice that someone made.

Here we have not the only Beanie Sandfurbs Valentine I've seen. This is Perseverance rover, with Beanie Sandfurbs aboard. Thank Goodness.

Someone, during the project, we weren't even done yet, had knitted a Beanie Sandfurbs, or crocheted or whatever that is. Art! That should be in the art folder!

Some one has made my child into a large Beanie Sandfurbs. More art. Wrong folder. Chugger of beans, destroyer of worlds. That's me. God those were hot beans. The effort, like how did you make the Wanda Vision logo so perfectly? Where did you find the font? And I'm there! It's me and I've got the Vision thing in my head.

Ohhhhhhh God inspiration, it's inspired. It carries so much emotion! The moustache, the-the stuff on the head, the eyes, the downcast eyes! And this was one of the very first things I saw, it was Beanie Sandfurbs hatching out of the Chicago bean. It says John Lima Bean, Hank Bean and it's got some musical notes, and I don't know why.

God, that is high quality turning Bernie Sanders into Beanie Sandfurbs. During the project this kinda messed me up for a little bit, I could-I had to like host a charity livestream but I was so preoccupied with the long, long, long Beanie Sandfurbs with all of the legs.

 (08:00) to (10:00)

Can you guys believe I interviewed Barack Obama and also that I didn't cut my hair beforehand. They told me to show up how I would normally dress, and then I got there and they were all like, we're gonna need to take you to a store [laughs] I shoulda given him some beans.

Travis McElroy was on the stream while this happened, was he offended? A little bit. And then this! Which turned into a Project for Awesome perk. It's a laser etched and laser cut Beanie Sandfurbs coaster.

Which means we have only one category left. It's the category called "Art".

This is just gross ice cream, alive, living gross ice cream. With beans raining down. You can't forget that they took the time to have a background of bean rain.

This is Choppa's amazing Beanie Sandfurbs cake, I didn't get to see like the moment where the knife goes through the cake, which I kinda wish I-I had gotten that opportunity. And also I love, I'd love to have a bite, but I also didn't get that opportunity, does it taste like baked beans? I know that there are bean cakes, I've had them before, they're not usually in Australia but who knows? God, it's so shiny.

Ohhhhh, man if there is anything [laughs] like slimier than Beanie Sandfurbs it's cake Bean. Wowwwww? Thank you Choppa?

Lollipop the skunk after doing finger painting. Oh God it's too cute. It doesn't belong here, it doesn't belong with all theses cursed images, this is just good.

I like that you didn't go all in on the shiny. 

Beanie Sandfurbs drawn with circles, like John's been doing those circle drawings. It's a little bit touching, which it shouldn't be.

This one is just leaning a bit more into the shiny.

Looking kind of like an arrangement of dried beans which makes it much more pleasing to the eye though the flesh coloured background, doesn't really spark joy.

I-my heart when I saw this one. Look at this art! Look at this frickin' Butt Fartman, Hank Green, Dr Seuss carrying green eggs and a ham on it's finger, how is this possible?

I do not like that Sandfurb Bean!
I do not like it! It is obscene!
I do not like it in the dark.
I do not like it in my heart.
I do not like it on the stream.
It's presence cannot be unseen.

 (10:00) to (12:00)

I do not like it in the night. Bean Sandfurbs gives me a fright! It hurts my brain. It hurts my eyes.
But worst of all,
I do despise That Beanie Furb (this is absurd) (this could be said with a curse word) (but then that curse word would be blurred...)
I think this is in a British accent, I'll say it loud! I'll say it clear! That Sandfurbs gives me nerdfighterrea!
Which is a Flula joke, so threw in a flula joke on top of all of it! I died.

Hmm I almost missed this one, it's a- it's a pelican made out of shiny beans? Just a beanie saucy pelican. I- it's so good, it's so good, I don't wanna say it's not good, oh my god everything about it is so good - I don't like it. I love pelicans and I love beans and I love the Project For Awesome, like look at this bean covered project for awesome heart! oh my god it's so good, but I cant, I can't like it, it's too cursed.

This is a thing that I dislike and like at the same, like at the same intensity, and the intensity of both is very high. I'm new to that emotion, that's a new one for me. I'm forty years old that doesn't happen often.

Oh but this one I just love! All the different paper spiral circles, they're made into shapes of beans, the gradients are perfect. it's much more pleasing to look at then actual beanie sandfurbs, I mean this blew me away when I saw it.

BOX MAN!!! The super hero of the Project For Awesome. Not enough box man was happening, love it so much.

This is a Beanie Sandfurbs cross stitch. Really, very good.
I just love being a part of this with people. It just seems like such an extraordinary opportunity that like, we didn't know we were getting ourselves into and then the results are these just, wonderful moments.

Choccy milk make pain go away. Uhhhh I don't know how to explain that one.

And then our last piece of art is this absolutely gorgeous...I don't know what to call this kind of art. But its got the little 2021 tag, it's eyes are perfect, there's a lot of time and energy and effort went into 

 (12:00) to (13:21)

this cursed bean boy.

I don't wanna overstate this but it's these contributions to community that make me really feel like I'm a part of something. And that's a really valuable thing. Felling like you're part of a community, feeling like you're a part of change in the world. And the project for awesome makes a really big change. It makes a change in my heart, it makes impact in the real world, we're gonna be able to distribute a ton of money to a ton of different charities, it's gonna have a lot of real world impact.

But it also, I think, has real world impact on the people who participate. Whether they are stitching weird bean furbies, donating, hanging out in the project for awesome chat, making memes, creating ideas, just singing. digitally, we're here because we're here because we're here because we're here.

All that is super valuable. And I think it can also be kind of hard to find these days. So thank you so much for everyone for being a part of this community whether you were around for the project for awesome or not.

Thank you to everybody who made stuff, who volunteered, who was on the livestream, thanks to all the mods, and the core team, people who did the designs, who were organizing, who scheduled, It's a ton of work to make this thing come together but it's value-and we all come together to create it-is far beyond what all of us together put in. Like we all put in work, but the value that comes out is just way bigger than the work put in.

And what else can we ask for as people, so thank you to everybody who was part of it, and John, I'll see you on Tuesday.