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In which Hank edits together a ton of the best moments from this year's Project for Awesome. Of course, no one can be there for all of it but, this way, you can catch a glimpse! I'd like to edit together some of the more intriguing episodes, but this will have to do for now.

Thank you all so much for your giving your time, talent, and/or money. The Project for Awesome really is unique in the world of giving, and the charities we give to are always so astounded and enthused by what is often surprising but very needed money.

Thank you all. I'm so pleased to be a part of this community.

Music from Kevin McLeod of - Retro Future Clean - Who Likes to Party - Ouroboros

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John Green: Here we go! AAAHHHHH!

John: Why did you put fart fart fart up with- yeah.
Hank Green: I just — I decided that I would have a lower third.
Hank: How about this?
John: No, that's — that's just four farts.

Hank: I briefly heard that you guys promised that you would eat a bowl of crickets if we raised $10,000.
Steve Zaragoza: That was this guy! Right here!
Matt Lieberman: I said I would eat it!
Hank: ...Crunchy.

Hank: There's a lot of fingers happening now!
Ughhh that one's mine!

Hank: Hannah, is this your sweatshirt?
Hannah Hart: OH, YES! Now-
Hank: This is as good as I can do. I guess I probably should have unzipped it.

Rhett McLaughlin: My mom, she does not know who you are.

John: If you donate $10,000 in the next hour, Sarah and I are going to cover our faces in peanut butter.
I gotta take off my shirt if I'm gonna dance.

Michael Aranda: This is a perfect opportunity to confess my love for John Green.

Henry Reich: There is a piece of aerogel.

John: Keep your Batman mask on, though, so you can be the Masked Defender.
Never do this... unless you have explicit permission. How about my cheek?
Is that enough, or should we do more?
Henry Green: Uh... That's enough.

Reid Reimers: For those here who haven't met Lollipop, can you describe why we are willingly having a skunk in this room with us right now?
Jessi Knudsen Castañeda: 'Cause she's awesome!

John: He's covered in poop!
Henry: I KNOW!

Craig Benzine: This is a phase of time when I didn't have a beard.

Hank: Just to let you know, we're talking about butts.
Felicia Day: It's a heiney! A derriere! A badonkadonk. That's my favorite.
That's the, uh, scientific term?

John: We're just $160 away from a million, Hank! So when we get to a million, Grace is gonna dress up like a Christmas tree, and Sarah is gonna do my makeup, and you can do whatever you want.
It seems to me that the donations have slowed dramatically!
Apparently everyone is getting an error who's trying to donate right now.
Hank: Did we crash all of Indiegogo??
John: No one's been able to donate in nine minutes.
We just got a little bit, we're inching-

(Much yelling)

Sarah Green: Oh, Grace, the star...
John: Aw, Grace, that makes it, the star makes it.
Grace Helbig: Thank you. I'm a great actress.

Emily Graslie: I want to see the horse.
Destin Sandlin: The horse. Okay.
Emily: I like horses. Equus ferus caballus.

Destin: Oh, woah, there's a word there!
Hank: Fart! It says fart! It says buts fart!

Matthew Gaydos: So is your concept that you're a baby?
Hank: No! I'm a space alien, obviously!
Allison Speed: Oh my gosh, it is like a little onesie!
I feel like I'm watching something I- that's very private.
Matthew: Neither baby nor alien. He was BUTFARTMAN.

Hank: You gotta find two shirts that are very similar, wear one on the top and one on the bottom, and you, too, can be Butfartman!

Wil Wheaton: I'll be right back.

Hank: Oh, my God!

Wil: This is an amazing time to be alive! Australian money says "but fart" on it.
There was a fog of farts around.
It was a Fartmas Miracle.

Hank: Fartmas is trending worldwide!

Hank, Matthew, Michael: Lighting up farts, running away, burn down your house on Fartmas Day!

Hank: And remember that we are all but farts in the butt of Butfartman.

Link Neal: we wanna say that we appreciate what you've done to create this outlet.

Joia Mukherjee: We need all of us to work together and say we're in this for the long-haul.

Ettore Rossetti: Thank you and your community for the time and contributions... you're truly awesome, as your name suggests.

Hank: Thank you to everyone so much for making this year's Project for Awesome so successful, and so awesome: we had six trending hashtags, dozens of guests who donated tens of thousands of perks, hundreds of thousands of votes on over 900 videos submitted, and we raised $1,282,750 to make the world make a little bit more sense.
Thank you so much! This community is the best!
John, I'll see you on Tuesday.