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The p4a donations END TONIGHT:

In which a very sick John discusses the 2014 Project for Awesome, which has raised more than $1,200,000 for charity. John also does peanut butter face with banana eyes while his heroic wife Sarah does jelly face, and then Hank is a dancing mummy. Learn more at

Thanks to Sarah for all her help this weekend. Check out her show with PBS Digital, The Art Assignment:

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Good morning, Hank. It's Tuesday. I have a flu-like illness, so you should prepare yourself for the worst vlogbrothers video ever. To make it slightly more entertaining, I'm gonna play some Project for Awesome livestream highlights, so you don't have to look at my sick mug.

So, Hank, this whole thing started while Henry was giving me Sharpie face on Saturday morning during the Project for Awesome, and I felt a little tickle in my throat. I thought it was Sharpie fumes, and, you know, maybe it was, maybe Sharpies caused my illness. But, at any rate, yeah, now I'm miserably ill, which sucks, because there are only a few days left in the Paper Towns shoot, and I wanna be with those people because awesome things are happening today in a minivan. But I also don't wanna get them sick because they still have to finish the movie.
More importantly, the Project for Awesome has raised over $1.2 million for charity, by far the most successful P4A of all time. Nerdfighters, thanks to all of who donated, who made P4A videos, who watched them, and shared them, and commented, and watched the live show. I don't know what you guys thought of this year's Project for Awesome (I'm interested to hear in comments), but for me it was definitely the best one yet, at least until I was stuck by this terrible Sharpie illness.

John-from-livestream: Cover it with Sharpie, yes!
Henry-from-livestream: No, I don't wanna cover it.
John-from-livestream: Oh, you don't wanna cover it.
Henry-from-livestream: If you cover it guess what.
John-from-livestream: What?
Henry-from-livestream: You like... get forehead disease.

Oh, Henry you were so right to be worried about forehead diseases, which reminds me to thank my family for their patience and participation in this year's Project for Awesome, not least Sarah, who allowed herself to be covered in jelly. And I should also mention that the Indiegogo is still live. You can donate for the rest of today and today only, to get amazing perks, from a calendar featuring YouTubers before they were YouTubers, to the Project for Awesome exclusive edition of The Fault in Our Stars. There's also original art by Minute Physics, An Imperial Affliction, P4A socks, pressed pennies, and so much more. Donations are tax-deductible in the US, and all of your money after manufacturing costs and shipping goes to charities that are chosen by the Nerdfighter community at

Ah, man, this reminds me of when #bananaeyes trended on Twitter. Happier days, Hank, happier days.

Sarah-from-livestream: Yay!
John-from-livestream: You look adorable. How do I look?
Sarah-from-livestream: It's gross. 

So Hank, the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck works because there's no overhead. Everyone who packs and ships perks at the DFTBA Records Warehouse volunteers their time, as does Sam Rudge, who does the website work, Karen Kavett, who designs it, Lauren Chernikov, and dozens of other people. So to everyone who was part of this year's Project for Awesome, thank you, thank you. We did it! $1 million! Actually like 200,000 more than a million. Hank, here's a sentence I thought I would never say: you are the most beautiful mummy dancer the world has ever known. I'll see you on Friday.