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In which John is attacked by a giant baby and reunites with a very special guest on vacation in Sonoma, California. We miss you, Mom and Dad!


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Good Morning, Hank, it's Friday. Earlier this week I was like, "I got attacked by a baby." Well, Hank in the intervening few days I have as you can see been attacked by a giant baby.

(Shot of Henry crawling along floor towards camera.) So I'm just sitting around and I see this giant baby pulling himself on the ground, crawling toward me and crawling toward me and then--Bam!--giant baby attack. Or maybe I fell off my bike and broke a rib. Anyway, Hank, I don't think I've ever shown you my backyard, which as you can see, looks astonishingly like Sonoma, California.

(Hank appears, sliding down slide)
John (J): *laughs*
Hank (H): I hope we don't have to film that one again. That hurt.
J: Are you okay?
H: Yeah I'm fine it was slippery, it was wet. I just shot down that like a... like a...
J: Like a shooter down a chute thing.
H: All of my, all of my analogies were poop based.

Brotherhood 2.0 recreation moment (both jump into pool).

J: So Hank and I are here in Sonoma California; we are here for Dad's 60th Birthday Party.
H: Dad, come on in.
J: Dad? Is not here because Mom broke her ankle and so Mom and Dad couldn't come, so we are celebrating Dad's 60th birthday without them. Anyway, Mom and Dad-
H: Happy birthday, Dad.
J: -we love you and, uh, sorry that you are not here with us.
H: John, uh, almost couldn't come because he hurt himself very badly. Show-
J: We already... we already covered that-
H: Show everyone your-
J: We already, we already covered it (holds up scraped arm).

J: So today's video is going to be a quick one because we have to go do stuff that honors our Dad on his 60th birthday, um...
H: At wineries.
J: Exactly, and also because we want to go inside and enjoy the amazing place that we have rented that Mom and Dad can't enjoy, with its amazing window shades of amazing, and also with the world's quietest fridge.
H: You're very impressed by the fridge.
J: It's so quiet!
H: I like the barbecue, you could, like, have an entire pig on it.
J: Okay, so but last night Hank and I were talking about the fact that we both have thousands and thousands of outstanding friend requests on Facebook because Facebook believes that you can only have 5000 friends.
H: Yes.
J: Facebook does not understand the internet.
H: It does not understand Nerdfighteria.
J: So our solution is that we have changed our Facebook pages to pages that can have more than 5000 friends, so now if you want to be friends you can, link in the dooblydoo.

J: And lastly, even though I have a broken rib, have I mentioned that to you Hank?
H: You have mentioned it to me - the worst, which is worse - coughing or hiccuping?
J: Ah, last night I got the hiccups and it was like torture. You made me laugh- what was the joke, I can't remember.
H: Oh, it wasn't something we can tell Nerdfighters...
J: Woah, hold on. I'm gonna pause the camera, Hank's gonna retell me the joke and then I'll tell you if we can tell it.
(Black screen, then back to the brothers, laughing.)
J: We can't tell you. Definitely.

J: Even though I have a broken rib, and I was attacked by a giant baby, we were thinking about doing some exercises while we're here over the weekend but we need your exercise suggestions- specifically nerd exercises.
H: Yes, I just recently had an idea. It's a stretch called I've dropped something behind the desk. It's like a, I think it might be a zip drive, I don't even know why I still have that thing.

J: Uh, do you have your phone in your pocket?
H: Um, no, why? Oof!
(John pushes Hank into the pool)
J: Win! Hank, I will see you on Monday!