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Send Hank (belated) Birthday Greetings in the mail P. O. Box 807 Elyria, OH 44036-0807 (No money or anything. Thanks.) or upload your birthday videos as a response to this one.

ALSO: Hank and I just got tumblrs! Hank is at and I'm at

In which John talks about Hanko de Mayo 2011 (Hank Green's 31st birthday), and his astoundingly productive 30th year, which included creating VidCon, 2-d glasses, publishing EcoGeek, co-running DFTBA Records, Truth or Fail, the Project for Awesome, traveling to Haiti, and so much more. Thanks, Hank, for all the awesome you bring into our lives!


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Henry: Hi! John: Hi! Happy birthday, Uncle Hank! He's not gonna say that, he's just gonna say hi. Henry: Hi. John: Good morning Hank it's Thursday, May 5th, 2011; you are 31 years old! It's Hanko de Mayo! So Hank, in the video responses below you'll find many amazing birthday wishes from Nerdfighteria. I'll be tweeting and reblogging those all day. Also for your birthday I taught Henry your name. Henry: Hank! John: And today you will also be receiving a large box full of birthday greetings from Nerdfighters all over the world that were mailed to a P.O. box in Ohio. That P.O. box is maintained by the nerdfightastic Valerie2776, the two thousand seven hundred and seventy-sixth Valerie to enter the internet, but the first in our hearts. Hank, in a few of those cards you'll find a dollar or two. We would like to challenge you to pool that money and spend it in the way that, in your opinion, most increases awesome. So we look forward to seeing what you do with that. 
And Nerdfighters, if you still want to send Hank a belated birthday card, that is possible; just mail it to the P.O. box in the doobly-doo. And lastly, Hank, as previously noted, it is Thursday. I chose not to upload a video yesterday because I figured that the greatest gift I can give my brother is the opportunity to force me to do something humiliating and/or embarrassing and/or unpalatable. So Nerdfighters, leave your punishment suggestions in comments, and Hank, when you are choosing a punishment, I ask only that you not think of the brother who tried to poison you to death with iodine when you were an infant or the brother who repeatedly stole from your piggy bank when you were a child, but the brother with whom you have been making YouTube videos lo these many years. Alright, Hank, so you're 31 today. Since you turned 30, you have continued to publish, the best environmental technology website on the internet. And you fostered the career of young musicians from Chameleon Circuit to Mike Lombardo through your work at DFTBA Records. In the last year you also organized and ran VidCon, the largest online video conference in the world. Frustrated with the increasing three-dimensionality of the screens we look at precisely so we can avoid looking at the actual three-dimensional world, you invented 2D glasses. You also oversaw the 2010 Project for Awesome which raised more than $150,000 for charity, and you wrote songs about making babies and Phineas Gage and the fundamental constituent of matter observed in 1968 through deep electric scatter. In the last year you made more than 100 videos that we watched more than ten million times; you inspired us to support the building of a well by traveling to Haiti with You created Your Pants more or less overnight - things that don't make sense to new viewers! And you built Phototrometon and the HankGames YouTube channel and you ran Truth or Fail and you donated blood twice and two days ago, you beat Portal 2! Hank, that's a good year. And while I know you'd hasten to say that none of this could be done without Nerdfighteria, and that's true, just like you need us, we need you, so thank you. And Hank, not to quote a quote I stole from my wife and used in my first novel, but while I understand that imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia, I still can't wait to see what you do with 31. Hank, thank you for being awesome, best wishes, happy Hanko de Mayo! I will see you tomorrow! something I haven't been able to say in a long time!