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In which the European leg of the Paper Towns press tour begins in MADRID and John and Nat Wolff just keep swimming through crushing, world-ending jet lag. The Paper Towns movie is 38 days away from its US release on July 24th and I'll be sharing a John Darnielle/Mountain Goats song I love every day from now until July 24th to celebrate the movie and the band (Q's favorite band and my favorite band):

DFTBA Records has lots of awesome new Paper Towns book merch available here:

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John: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday. It's actually Saturday but we're on our way to Europe! We've packed up and we're going to Europe, but where are we going first, Henry? 

Henry: North Carolina boo boo

John: North Carolina boo boo! Alice, the sun is shining and the sky is blue and we're feeling...?

Alice: Alwight!

John: Alright! And now indeed, Hank, we are in Nashville where noted American heroes Mom and Dad will be taking care of our kids for the next week while we're in Europe. Mom and Dad's house has flowers and chickens and goats and grilled cheese with the crust cut off. 

Plus there is a fairy garden. All around the garden, Mom has installed all of these tiny little fairies that everyone can search for. It's like a scavenger hunt! And there's a golden doodle? I think she's currently urinating. Good job, Cassie! Way to do that outside- oh it's poop, it's a poop. And now having dropped off the kids we return to the airport to fly to a somewhat less wooded location. 

I have arrived in New York just in time to get on the flight to Madrid, Hank. So hopefully I will sleep for that entire flight! 

Nat: Hello!

John: Look who I found! Here's an observation, videotaping yourself with your eyes closed is not the same thing as sleeping. I continue to find it very difficult to sleep on airplanes, Hank. Because there is always a little voice inside of me reminding me that I am 34,000 feet above the ground which is a situation that calls not for sleeping, but for ceaseless vigilance!

Nat: Uh... I slept probably for an hour. How you doing? 

John: Yeah, not great. So Hank, there are a lot of ways to deal with jet lag. I don't like to judge people's ways. Our way today is that we're going to attempt the Dory from Finding Nemo, which goes Just Keep Swimming! 

Took a shower, had some caffeine, changed clothes, still haven't slept, feeling good, let's go to a museum! So Hank, we're now at the Reina Sofia Art Museum. Just keep swimming! Saw some cool stuff by Carl Andre, took one of those glass elevators I hate while Nat struggled to remain standing, saw a very good early Picasso and then looked at people looking at the great Picasso painting Guernica. 

And there was also this great Warhol and in every room they had film from similar periods of history, which was a fascinating curatorial choice. Nat spent a long time watching this one. Nat and I have become really close over the last year and a half and among the many gifts he has given me is an appreciation for movies. I used to think of them as lesser novels, but Nat has helped me to understand that movies are valuable and fascinating of themselves.

He's a great actor but he's also a brilliant person and so let me quickly say while his back is turned, I love you Nat Wolff. Alright moving on! So now we're going to go to lunch! It's, it's... fried bacon. Okay Hank, Nat and I have to end the video now because we're so tired and we still have 2 miles to walk, but... 

Nat: I'm going to be John when I grow up.

John: And I just hope that I'm Nat Wolff when I grow up. Awww! Hank I'll see you on Friday! 

Nat: Ohh, I just got almost hit by a car. 

John: I'm glad you didn't get hit by that car. That would have been really bad for press. 

Nat: *laughs*