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The P4A2015 IndieGoGo is STILL LIVE:

In which we take 48 hours of peculiarity and shove it into three minutes of video. For whatever reason, my elbow really hurts.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make the Project for Awesome such a success this year. Donors, artists, video creators, guests, volunteers, voters...EVERYBODY! It is so wonderful to be part of such a wonderful, thoughtful community.

Please note that Google will only be matching funds that come in through Donation Cards through 12/21/2015, so if you want to donate through there, do it soon!

Here's a playlist of the 2015 livestream, if you want to relive it:
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John: Project for Awesome!

Hank: Whoo!

John: Aah! Booboobooboo!

You're gonna see a lot of party poppers in the coming 48 hours.

That's good. That's very good. But don't forget your eyes!

I feel like you guys haven't been donating because you've been watching my face.

Philip: Now instead of just controlling the front page we're actually just doing good things.

(Olga juggling while doing the splits)

John: Oh my God! Yay!

(John and Sarah doing push-ups)

And down!

Rhett and Link: (Singing)

"We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late"

Kathryn: The problem that we're facing right now is truly unprecedented. We're reaching the highest levels of displacement since World War II.

Théo: (Singing)
"Don we now our gay apparel!"

Presley: The Geena Davis Institute.

Emma: Liberty in North Korea.

Ingrid: Conscious Period.

Max: Re-Cycle takes unwanted bikes from the UK and transports them to where they're most needed in Africa.


Destin: What is it?

Hank: On this pizza that I'm gonna eat at $300,000: Cholula, mined garlic, chocolate chips, ketchup, mustard.

Destin: I need that bucket, man.

Hank: What is that!?

(Destin and Henry eat)

John: Herring is one of my favorite foods too Wufguz Bella, but have you ever had a lot of it in a big hurry?

I already love this  because it's so much smaller.

Oh! No. No.

Hannah: Tyler Oakley's butt has been so many places including that beanbag.

(John laughs)

(Skunk makes art)

Henry: Bounty Hunters aren't bad.

John: What are they?

Henry: Complicated.

(Jimmy and Charlie dance. Hank dances. Hank and Katherine dance. John dances)

John: Do you want to do your, do you have a happy dance? Show me.

(Henry dances)

John: Oh! That's a great happy dance, man!

Grace: What are you eating?

John: Oh, I'm having some herring.

Grace: OK.

John: Mmm!

Oh no! I hit restart by accident! Oh panic!

(Grace laughs)

John: How do I stop this proc...

(Hank and Grace laugh)

Michael: One. Two. Three.

(Group laughs)

Michael: Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

Emma: It's called the euphoria of non-navigable rivers.

Hank: Melony got a Project for Awesome 2015 mug to keep those toes warm.

Rosianna: We'll lightly patch the butter onto our face.

(Rosianna laughs)

Hank: So this is six eggs.

Katherine: Nope.

(All laugh)

(Hank smashes egg on head and all cheer)

Hank: (Singing)
"Backstreet's back, alright!"

What? Oh, Watsky's here.

(All laugh)

John: Thank you guys so much! Thank you to everybody who worked so, so hard in the last 48 hours. Thanks to everybody in the live stream, we love you. Happy Project for Awesome! We will see you in just 363 short days!

Hank: Woo!

John: Woo!

Hank: I'm so sad it's over!

But it is over, or is it? The Indiegogo is still going on so you can go to and still get all the great things that are available: the Pets of YouTube calendar, the Project for Awesome socks, the commemorative coin, smashed pennies. But after midnight Eastern Time tonight you will never be able to get any of these things ever again including all of our very exciting and reasonably priced digital perks and out most popular perk of the year, the digital perk bundle which has all of the digital perks all in one.

And finally, maybe most importantly, right there there is a donation card that you can click on and you can donate through that card and that will still get matched by Google. They're matching up to $100,000 and they made a deal with the credit card companies so that every single cent that goes through that button gets passed on to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck.

Thank you so much to everybody who participated this year, whether you were in the live stream, whether you're volunteering, whether you're donating, whether you're making videos. It really went so well, so much fun. It's a great time and John, I will see you on Tuesday and you will see me again on Friday. That's a double week for me.