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John Green woont tijdelijk in Nederland! De komende twee maanden woont hij in de Schrijversresidentie van het Fonds van de Letteren in Amsterdam. Dinsdag 19 april verwelkomden Lemniscaat en natuurlijk tientallen nerdfighters hem met een surpriseparty in De Nieuwe Boekhandel.

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John Green lives temporarily in the Netherlands! The next two months he will be living in the Writer's Residence of the Fonds van de Letteren in Amsterdam. April 19th Lemniscaat Publishers and of course dozens of Nerdfighters threw a surpriseparty to welcome him in De Nieuwe Boekhandel in Amsterdam.

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(Airplane noise)

John: Hi Hank, this is some video from, uh, my visit here at De Nieuwe Boekhandel in Amsterdam.

John: Oh my God my name is on the window, yes!

(Music starts playing)

John: My name is John Green, I am from Indianapolis, Indiana, and I am a writer, and video blogger. I've come to the Netherlands to work, uh, on my new book, as part of a, uh, residency with the Dutch Literature Foundation. Um, and we're staying in the center of Amsterdam for two months, myself, my wife and my son, uh while I finish my new book.

Singers: To help you understand, here's a couple things you need to know about the Netherlands. We think that you'll be fine, just follow this advice, first before you leave you need to get your ass to Albert Heijn. Three whole herring wrapped separately, a six pack of Heineken, windmills and some cheese, a dozen of tulips, an army of locusts, legal gay marriage and dan met z'n allen op de fiets.

John: I love nerds! I am obsessed with nerds. I have a great affection for people who are intellectually engaged with the world, and who, who don't treat everything superficially.

John: And I think when people talk about nerdiness, what they're really talking about is smart people who are trying to think hard about the world, and I don't think that's an insult, I think that's a great thing.


Pikachu: Fuuuuuuuuu!

John: Ik ben- Ik ben een? Ik ben een bolleboosvechter!

John: A Nerdfighter's a person who fights for nerd rights and nerd culture, and who fights to make the world more awesome by celebrating all kinds of intellectual pursuits.

John: Ik ben een bolleboosvechter! Oh yeah, always with the "h". H, h, h.

(music) (2:11)

John: When I say the name of my own book, when I try to say, uh, "het grote misschien," um, a lot of times, like, Dutch kids don't even know what I'm saying.

John: (laughter)

John: (2:33) Yes!