2D glasses were created by Hank Green in 2010, as a result of the headaches that Katherine got after watching 3D movies. After making a working pair himself, he began to get requests from family and friends who also sufferend discomfort when watching 3D movies.

After a bit of research, he found out that roughly 10% of Americans are subject to some form of discomfort when watching 3D movies. This resulted in the creation of a business selling 2D glasses.

3D glasses work by isolating the two different images, and projecting a different one in each eye. Hank's glasses combat this by isolating only one image, resulting in each lens projecting the same image, and your brain interpreting this as a 2D movie. Regular glasses allow both images through, so your brain interprets it as a blurry or overlapping image.

2D glasses work in most 3D cinemas. However, they do not work at IMAX theatres or on some home 3D TV's.  

2D glasses are available now at DFTBA Records for $8.00

More info at http://www.2d-glasses.com/