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In which John eats slobber carrots with drool, gross barbecue with drool, and hat. I'm glad to have this punishment behind me. Thanks to Henry and nerdfighteria for the horror.

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John: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday, it's punishment Tuesday. Henry, remember how you came up with this really gross meal for me? 
Henry: Slobber carrots with me drool and gross barbecue with me drool.
J: Gross barbecue with me drool, gross slobber carrots with me drool, and hat.
H: Not with you. 
J: No, you. Y- your drool. 
H: Yeah.
J: Mmm. I would prefer my drool. 
H: Why? 
J: My drool's already in my mouth. Couple questions Henry. First off, what are slobber carrots?
H: They are cooked carrots.
J: Okay that doesn't sound too bad. And then barbecue is basically just meat and barbecue sauce, right? 
H: Yes. 
J: I mean I gotta say, so far the only gross part of this sounds like it's gonna be your drool. 
H: Here's the luncheon loaf. 
J: Uh-oh. Henry, what do you think luncheon loaf is gonna taste like? 
H: You know, like goo.
J: They're so focused on value they didn't even spend the money to print the 'e' in value. Okay, so when making slobber carrots, first thing you need to do is preheat the oven. Henry, what temperature should we preheat the oven to?
H: Four, two, five
J: Four twenty-five, sounds good. I wonder if Mum helped you out with that. Then you take on the salt and pepper. Henry, do you want to be Mr. Salt or Mr. Pepper? 
H: Mr. Salt. 
J: Okay. This is becoming fairly well-seasoned slobber carrots here buddy. Okay I think that's definitely enough. Henry, do you want to go ahead and drool on the carrots now or after they're cooked? 
H: NOW! (spitting noises) 
J: Oh.. That's... 
H: What's a luncheon loaf? 
J: It's a meat-like product. And then it should just- OH! Oh God that looks horrible. NGGUUUYYAAA!
H: Dad has super-hero strength

J:It just looks delicious. You wanna know something interesting Henry?
H: Wha?
J: The first ingredient of Valu Time Luncheon Loaf is mechanically separated chicken comma pork. 
H: Pork? 
J: And then the last ingredient... is smoke flavoring. I didn't know that was an ingredient. 
Sarah: How does that smell, Henry? 
H: Eeewy! 
J: So what you wanna do now is you wanna cut a couple slices of Valu Time Luncheon Loaf -- I am not looking forward to having that in my body. You wanna cook it over a low heat, and also it's time to put in the slobber carrots. Alright! Oh, we need a hat! Henry, what should we make a hat out of? 
H: Cabbage. 
J: Cabbage! That's a great idea! So Henry, when you're making a cabbage hat, the key is to let Mom cut the cabbage. 
S: We're also making coleslaw. 
J: So here's my cabbage hat. Oh yeah. Alright, you ready for my cabbage hat trick? 
H: Yeah. 
J:OHH I did it!
J: So, once your luncheon loaf is reasonably browned, you put it on a plate of it's own. Alright, Henry, it's time to put on the barbecue sauce. 
J: Isn't that enough?
J:Oh. Oh my. And of course the last ingredient, Henry, is drool. 
H: (spitting noises) 
J: Oh, just a tiny little sprinkling of drool. Lastly, you're gonna want to take your slobber carrots out of the oven. We're ready to eat! So you take your cabbage hat -- WOAHP, bam -- then you take your barbecue with Valu Time Luncheon Loaf. Oh, that is -- that looks delicious. 
H: No it doesn't.
J: And on top go the slobber carrots.
H: This is gonna be a gross meal. 
J: First, I'm gonna try the slobber carrots with drool. It's actually quite good. If anything, the drool adds something. Gross barbecue with drool, okay.
(Gagging noise)
It's so bad.
(Gagging noise)
(Noise of things falling as John runs to sink)
Ohhhh, it's so much worse than a blenderized happy meal. Ahhhh.
S: What about hat? 
J: Alright, I'll have a little bit of hat. Hat's okay... Ugh, not very good. (gags)
S: oop.
J: So there you have it Hank, that was my punishment meal, uh, I don't recommend it. It was, to quote Henry, "The grossest meal ever." I'll see you on Friday.