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In which Hank and John answer real questions from real nerdfighters while playing an incredibly intense and competitive round of putt putt.

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John: Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday. I'm actually at a minigolf course. I wish you were here but you're busy, like, interviewing the President or whatever. Oh wait.

Hank: I'm in Florida where this happens.

J: It's Question Tuesday, the day that we answer real questions from real Nerdfighters while also playing minigolf. Are you nervous about interviewing the President of the United States?

H: Thanks for bringing it up.

J: Are you?

H: Yes. I'm trying to golf.

J: But is it going to effect your golfing?

John and Hank's mother: It absolutely is.

H: Apparently.

Mom: Oh.

J: Oh, oh, oh, oh! That was terrible. Why do you look so much taller than me? It must be because there's something wrong with the ground. Anyway, what's your favorite flightless bird?

H: You're my favorite brother.

J: Hank just got a hole in one but I insisted that he tapped it twice because I don't want to get too far behind and I'm the big brother and that's how we compete. I may not be better than you, Hank, but I am able to change the rules mid-stream. Are you behind me?

H: What are you...

J: Nothing. There's a ton of waterfalls in this joint. If your last name were any other color what would it be?

H: Oh, chartreuse.

J: (Laughs) I would go with blue which I think is a kind of chartreuse. The next question is will you try on each other's glasses and I think we should do that and putt-putt.

H: Ooh.

J: Hank's prescription is actually pretty close to mine. I feel fairly comfortable.

H: Yours are just mostly dirty. Oh my God, John. I don't clean my glasses very often but that's just disgusting.

J: Can he perform under the pressure of wearing his brother's glasses? It's Hank Green, it's Hank Green! Oh no!

H: There it is. Werdegerdeh.

J: Oh, Oh! Come on! Give me that bounce!

H: That was a good bounce.

J: Between the two of us, who was weirder in high school?

H: Oh, I don't know. me? I feel like me. You had all those friends.

J: Who's better at rhyming?

H: I don't know but I have pretty good timing.

J: Sorry, I was trying to think of a rhyme for timing. I didn't get there. Diming? Filming? Climbing! Goh, it took me a minute. Hank might be better. Who's your favorite member of One Direction?

H: Let's go with the police officer guy.

J: I like the construction worker, you know.

H: Yeah. I feel it.

J: They're all good though. I love that song.

H: Yeah.

H & J: "YMCA. It's fun to stay at the YMCA."

J: What should win the Oscar for Best Picture?

H: I'm gonna go with The Fault In Our Stars, John.

J: Not nominated. Um, I'm gonna go...

H: You look like the TFIOS clouds right now.

J: I know, it's a... marketing. Never not marketing. I'm gonna go with Whiplash or Selma. I thought that both those were excellent. Hank, how do you feel about koalas?

H: They poop in their sleep.

J: Is that true? Can you play the ukulele?

H: No. Yes, I can play, like, two chords.

J: I can't play it at all. And what's your favorite type of hummus?

H: Uh, chickpea.

J: I didn't know there were types of hummus.

H: It's the final hole and we are tied.

J: Oh, it's tense, very tense.

H: Eighteen.

J: Hank is significantly closer than I am.

H: For the tie.

J: No!

H: Oh! Oh, oh no! How does it feel to be less good than me?

J: I'll see you on Friday.