Bald John Green (#9) and Other John Green (#23) are currently the two star strikers of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys and formerly of the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers.

The two are the first married striking partners to compete in English professional football, and have subsequently become the first such couple to win the FA Cup, Premier League, and compete in the Euro League. They are also Time Lords. 

They met when Other John Green (then John Bennett) was acquired by Swindon Town at the behest of Manager John Green. Immediately they became a formidable duo on the pitch, but it was not until one drunken night at a Swindon pub that their romantic relationship began.

They became engaged during Swindon Town's last game in League Two. John Bennett had just scored, and as he and Bald John Green embraced in the goal, Other John Green asked Bald John Green to marry him. The two Johns became the two John Greens in a private ceremony held in the County Ground on October 7, 2008. Other John chose to take John Green's surname, but still wears Bennett on the back of his jersey.

After the Swoodilypoopers had won the Premier League, Manager John Green decided to manage the same team in a parallel universe that he called FIFA 13. The John Greens, along with Leroy Williamson, decided to join him in his cross-dimensional journey.

During the second season of the FIFA 13 Swoodilypoopers, Bald John Green received an offer to play for FC Barcelona, one of the world's top football clubs. After much thought, both John Greens decided that it would be best for their future if Bald John accepted Barcelona's offer and the enormous salary that went along with it. However, in a stunning turn of events, Bald John Green requested a transfer from FC Barcelona after less than a season. Bald John did not request a transfer back to Swindon Town but to a smaller club, AFC Wimbledon.

When Manager John Green was fired from Swindon Town, he and Other John Green decided to join Bald John Green at AFC Wimbledon. It is here that the John Greens now reside, as a formidable striking duo. Other John Green now dyes his hair red and wears red wrist bands as a tribute to Swindon Town.

After a few years, the John Greens adopted a baby, who they named "John Green", and nicknamed "JJ". Raising JJ cost a lot of time and effort, and therefore Other John Green made the choice of becoming a stay at home dad, while Bald John Green continued to play for AFC Wimbledon, where he stayed a key player. 

Currently the FIFA 14 time line has come to an end with an amazing triple victory (Winning the FA cup, the Premier league and the Champions league), and what will happen in the future (FIFA 16) is still unknown. There are rumours that Bald John Green will use his skills as a Time Lord to move over to the new AFC Wimbledon, and others who say that perhaps little JJ will eventually join. If any of this is true still remains to be seen. 

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