SciShow is a channel featuring Hank Green. It was launched with Crash Course, in January 2012, but whereas Crash Course focuses on teaching a broad topic, SciShow is about spotlighting something specific in science or the scientific community. SciShow videos are also a lot shorter.

Some recurring SciShow series are:

  • "SciShow Breaking News" discusses the week's important news in science.
  • "Great Minds" discusses the contributions certain important scientists have made.
  • "IDTTMWYTIM" (short for "I Don't Think That Means What You Think It Means") is a series devoted to clearing up commonly-held scientific misconceptions.
  • "SciShow Talk Show" is a talk show where Hank and a guest discuss important news, the guest attempts to stump Hank with a question or object, and Jessi Knudsen Castañeda from Animal Wonders brings in an animal.
  • "Dose" In where Hank does a video answering scientific questions such as  Why The Rat?
  • SciShow Quiz Show: Since 27th March 2014