Hank's numerous video game show exploits began on vlogbrothers, with the first episode of "Truth or Fail!" He soon created a channel (truthorfail) just for "Truth or Fail!" episodes, which was last updated March 4, 2013; he now runs the quiz show on mental_floss, which follows a similar format.

Truth or Fail

Truth or Fail! was a "game show" on YouTube devised and primarily run by Hank, although guests appeared frequently to quiz on topics most familiar to them. Each video was about a certain topic, and contains 5 pairs of statements, one of which is true - pick the right choice, "Truth!"; pick the wrong one, "Fail!"

The answer choices are annotation hyperlinks that lead to another video in which Hank reveals the clicked answer as truth or fail. As a result, for each topic, in addition to the start video, 10 videos are released onto the channel "truthorfailnosub", one for each statement of each pair.

Mental Floss

With the show's move to mental_floss, the "Truth" and "Fail" were replaced with "Correct!" and "Nope!" There were minor changes in format, including the reduction in time for each question to 5 seconds.

Also, in the new format, 30 unlisted videos are added each time, that keeps the player's score.