The Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers returned to hankgames on FIFA 13 after making the Swoodilypoopers Premier League champions in The Miracle of Swindon Town. The series premiered on March 18, 2013, with Swindon Town back in League One. The season concluded on October 18th 2013 after John was fired as manager. He was fired as he kept trying to recreate the past and trying to only acquire ginger players.

Bald and Other John Green traveled to the FIFA 13 universe from the FIFA 11 universe in their TARDIS along with Leroy Williamson.

In their first season, 2012-2013, the Swoodilypoopers played in League One, the third tier of English professional football. They won the league and were promoted to the Championship. They also won the Johnstone's Paint Trophy.

During the off-time Bald John Green left the Swoodilypoopers to join FC Barcelona, citing financial reasons. Bald John Green later went on to play for AFC Wimbledon. This meant Leroy Williamson became Other John Green's main striker partner.

In their second season, 2013-2014, the Swoodilypoopers played in the Championship, the second tier of English professional football. The Swoodilypoopers made it into the Championship playoffs but lost in the finals to Southampton. This led to John being fired from his position of manager of the Swoodilypoopers, ending the series.

10 Other John Green
17 Andy Rooney
27 James Collins

7 Leroy Williamson
18 Wordsworth
19 Merrick Maric
31 Väyrynen - We call him Bob.
13 Mionel Richie
11 Fireball Wilson Groberts
24 A Judge
25 Gerry Coke
21 Cox
16 Mr. Bean
6 Navarro
22 Risser

26 Ginger Rampage
23 One Size Fitz Hall
29 He who shall not be named
20 Ginger McShane
14 Dave Matthews Bandalovski
4 Silva e Silva e Silva e Silva
5 Caddis
32 Ginger Smith
8 Awesome Dawson
12 Cormac McCarthy

1 Green Eggs and Foderingham - Also known as Wesley Crusher Foderingham.
30 Lovegood Bedwell

Former Players
Bald John Green

21 Bostock
28 Shepard Ferry
18 Miller

2 Archibald-Henville
33 Stuff
4 Flint
3 Machiavelli
24 Bassoon
22 D. Ward
15 Thompson

John, after repeated conflict with the supporters on whether you can "repeat the past," was fired from the Swoodilypoopers and began managing the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Wombly in FIFA 14 on November 4th, 2013.