After complaints from Swoodilypoopers Strike Back, John Green was fired from being the manager of Swindon on account of trying to relive the past and hiring solely gingers on his squad. He was then proclaimed the manager of AFC Wimbledon in FIFA 14, the first episode airing on November 4th, 2013.

In their first season, 2013-2014, the Wimbly Womblys played in League Two, the fourth tier of English professional football. They won the league by more than 20 points over second place Chesterfield. That same season they also won the F.A. Cup defeating Manchester City. The score was tied 1-1 after 120 minutes of play, but the Wimbly Womblys prevailed 3-1 on penalty kicks.

In their second season, 2014-2015, the Wimbly Womblys competed in League One, the third tier of English professional football. Although they were in position to win promotion, the John Greens suggested that they fix games to be forced into a playoff to win promotion. The reason for the controversial strategy was to ensure that MK Dons did not advance out of the playoffs and win promotion. Eventually, the strategy worked and the Wimbly Womblys were promoted while MK Dons remained in League One.

In their third season, 2015-2016, the Wimbly Womblys competed in the Championship, the second tier of English football. The Wimbly Womblys ended up defeating Newcastle United in the F.A. Cup final 2-1, with Dicko scoring the winning goal in the 89th minute on a penalty kick. Seb Brown did not save a shot. Just two games later, the Wimbly Womblys defeated Blackburn Rovers in the Championship playoffs to advance to the Premier League, the top tier of English football.

In their fourth season, 2017-2018, the Wimbly Womblys competed in the Premier League, the top tier of English football. John started off the season aiming to not be relegated. As the season progressed he kept doing well. He decided to try not to lose any games in 2017. He only lost one game in the Euro League which he immediately avenged as it was a home and away game. He therefore declared this year the Wimbly Womblys annus mirabilis. The Wimbly Womblys won the Capital One Cup, the F.A. Cup, the Euro League, and they finished fourth in the Premier League which meant they could play in the Champions League next season. It was announced that one of the John Greens would be retiring to look after their son JJ full time.

In their fifth season, 2017-2018, the Wimbly Womblys competed in the Premier League. This was their final season in FIFA 14. It was announced that Other John Green had retired to look after the Greens' son JJ full time. After winning the Premier League and Champions Cup, manager John Green moved on to the world of FIFA 16.

Bald John Green
33 Dicko
34 Deeney
32 Ya Bamba - 54 in skill level but 100 in heart.
18 Green Eggs and Sheringham
19 Kelvin
10 Maicon
21 Di Filippo

12 Hells Pells
7 Francombstein
11 Less Moore - formerly conjoined twin to ex-Wimbly Wombly Some Moore.
24 Correa
26 The Gaulden Child
16 K. Sainte-Luce - the Patron Saint of lost crosses.
27 Mose Vestergaard
37 Surman
30 Juan Maresca
25 John McClean
28 S. Ki
17 Doin
8 Ralte

15 That's Amoura
23 The Dagger
3 Callum Kennedy - He has an awful haircut that is adored by Assistant Manager and CEO Meredith.
2 Buckminster Fuller
31 Röcker
14 H. Walter White
13 Girls Just Wanna Have Fundingsrud
36 Martín Demichelis
6 García
5 K. Zouma
4 Casey Casey
20 Ginger McShane

22 Seb Brown - He saved two penalties against Luton Town to send AFC Wimbledon into the Football League
1 Amankwaa Amankwaa
42 Ivan Mellis

Former Players
23 Other John Green
17 These Boots Were Made for Strutton.
13 Matt Smith
10 Jack Midson
10 Come Moore - pronounced "Some" Moore.
10 Mohsen Mohsen

8 Some Moore - formerly conjoined twin to Wimbly Wombly Less Moore.
29 Jagiełło
8 Kaz
4 P. Sweeney
21 Goal Porter
19 C. Arthur - A relative of Bea Arthur.
25 Falkesgaard
25 Jacquart
40 John Dunne
41 Palacios
31 Fayers
28 Ralls

20 Ozéia
6 Lizzie Bennett - first woman to play for the Wimbly Womblys.
5 Frampton Comes Alive
21 Buxton
24 Weston
14 Antwi
19 Gurpegi
30 Beere
5 Fiola
4 Gaikwad
38 Leonard

21 Glédson
1 Worner Chilcott
35 Curth

Real life
AFC Wimbledon is currently in League Two, the fourth tier of English professional football. John gives all the money from ad revenues to the actual AFC Wimbledon to help the team stay in the Football League, the bulk of which goes to support the AFC Wimbledon youth academy. As a result, Nerdfighteria has a billboard in the AFC Wimbledon stadium. The Nerdfighteria logo is also on the back of their shorts. It was announced in July 2015 that the North Stand of AFC Wimbledon's stadium would be named "The John Green Stand".

John has emphasized the need to keep real AFC Wimbledon and the Wimbly Womblys separate, using Lizzie A. Bennett as an example.