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Emma Approved is a modernized adaptation of Emma, a novel by Jane Austen. It is a Pemberley Digital Project, a company founded by Hank Green and Bernie Su.
Emma Approved is developed by Bernie Su.

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Music Director - Sally Chou
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Hey everybody! Welcome to my music club! So this is the first song that I've ever written, and this song is about some things that I've been going through. And well, here it goes -


Well there was this guy
But you know what they say
So I wrote my first song
On my uke-le-le
Oh, hey, hey 
On my uke-le-le-le
I'll be okay, ay, ay

Yes there was that guy
But I've since washed him out
This first song is all
That I'm thinking about
To live in the now
And not in the past
This maybe my first song
But it sure won't be the last

Cause a new day 
Is on it's way, ay, ay
So I'll be okay, ay, ay
Hey, hey

So that's it. I don't know if it was any good. But I wanted to started this music club to practice and improve my hobby, with your help! And I know tons of you are super talented, so if you want to do your own version I'll make sure that the sheet music is in the description. Well, thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed it! Bye!