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Emma Approved is a multi-platform series based on Emma, a novel by Jane Austen.
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
The series is developed by Bernie Su.

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Knightley: So! Thanks for all the questions you've been asking on my twitter and the Emma Approved Facebook.  And, if you wanna see my last few blog posts you can click on the link below.
But! I thought I'd take some time to answer some more personal questions, and, I thought I would do it Emma's way. So, I hope you like it. 

[Intro Music plays and title]

Knightly:From DA Neegster(~0:24) on twitter- 'Did Emma ever set up that date for you?'
(laughs) Nope! (shhh)

From FaySB(~0:31)on Facebook- 'Emma says she won't settle. How about you?'
Well if you never settle you'll end up alone, but if you appreciate things for what they are, then it won't feel like settling.

From Michelle on Facebook- 'If you're in constant doubt of Emma's abilities,why do you stay in business with her?' 

Well, I'm not in constant doubt, I'm in occasional doubt. But Emma has some very unique talents, and though I may not always agree with her, she is one of a kind. And those are the type of people that are exciting to be in business with.

From Samantha, Grace and Hola on Facebook and @QXZenith (~1:05) and Rayla Shoner on twitter, who all ask what I like to read.
Well, right now I'm reading "The Tipping Point"

From @hellokitty491 on twitter- 'Do you wear matching socks regularly?'
Yes...doesn't everybody?

From Hicklery on twitter- 'Any tips for maintaining long distance friendships?' 
Write to them! And not just on social media

From Holly B on Facebook- 'When you aren't doing your busy business-y stuff, how do you like to unwind?' 
Uhh well-I like the outdoors! Always take the time to get away.

From Rosemary G on Facebook- 'Brownies or chocolate chip cookies, and with or without milk?' 
(takes deep breath) ooh that is a tough one! Chocolate chip cookies....definitely with on (gets up)
(comes back with cookies)
(eats cookie without dipping and gives a satisfied groan)
(frowns after dipping in milk)Almond milk-not the same!

(End theme plays)