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Hank and Michael and Karen have a chat.
Hank: What's going on Michael?
Michael: Well, this has been, uh, the best month on record for, uh,
H: Which is a domain image you own? 
M: Yes.
H: Website?
M: Uh... at the first VidCon, we were in a- someone's hotel room, I don't remember who it was, but you were there. And uh, you were on Google, searching things like "Is Hank Green" and then just seeing the suggestions that Google came up with. Like "Is Hank Green gay," "Is Hank Green christian" or whatever. And, we did, uh, is H- is Charlie McDonnell whatever and the first thing that came up was single. So my brain was like "oh, I should register," so I did, and uh, there was just text on the- like, super simple HTML page that just- yes. 
H: Like, just say- have like a binary switch. 
M: Yeah
H: You should have done a switch! 
M: (laughs)
H: Where you just send in- send in a piece of code and it's just like- PINK! As soon as Charlie gets a girlfriend he like texts something.
M: No, I- I had to manually go in and change it. When he-
M and H: got a girlfriend. 
H: Was that public knowledge? 
M: Yeah, that Charlie's..
Karen: Is it? 
M: But, uh, yeah. July. Maybe it was because of VidCon? I don't know, but July, uh, made a whole six dollars. Through the month of July.
H: Six dollars! People were just really curious. And it just says "no," like big "NO"?
M: Yeah.
H: Can you bring it up for me? 
M: Is Charlie McDonnell Single dot com. Oh, dot copm? 
H: dot com
M: Did you mean to- yes, I- no. What? 
H: Just click on it. 
M: I'll just, uh, yeah. (brings up website)
H: (laughs) and an advertisement. Six dollars. For you. What is that advertising? 
M: Uh.. I have to get the thing out of the way. "Meet real guys" 
H: (laughs) 
M: Okay (clicks on link)
H: If you can't be with Charlie, you could be with that man. 
K: Wait, why am I getting girls? 
H: Well I don't know Karen, why are you getting girls? 
K: (laughs)
H: (laughs) 
M: Well, I mean, Google does serve ads based on your search history, right?
H: mm-hmm.
H: Well then why are you getting guys? Why are you getting guys Michael? 
M: Well, I mean, it's no secret that I- I like me some real guys. 
All: (laugh)
H: Yeah, these are- these are- um, exclusively african-american men, it would appear. 
M: Yeah. Well, they're real. 
H: Right.
M: In Missoula!
H: In Missoula!
M: (laughs) 
H: Well, that's gonna be actually quite difficult to find, unfortunately. 
M: I think I have seen four black people in the six months that I've been here. 
K: (laughs)
H: Yep. It's a little embarrassing.
M: (laughs)
H: Okay, we're gonna end on that note. Um, thanks. Karen's in my house.
K: Hello! 
H: Now we're- that's all.
K: Bye
H: Bye