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Just a little anti-rant about my favorite Hollywood actor.
So my last couple of videos have been a little bit rant-y. so I wanted to make a positive video about an advertisement that I saw, because there was something that I saw in this advertisement that I liked. Actually not something that I saw, something I heard, which was the voice of Matt Damon.

Because I frikkin' love Matt Damon. He is so cool! I love... he's... he's like my favorite Hollywood celebrity ever. Not only is he like super hot and sexy, he's also kinda cute, which is nice. And he has that like good boy charm going on and I'm just a huge, huge fan of that. Uh, wish I could pull that off myself and, um, I think it's okay for me to say that Matt Damon is super hot and sexy, um, I assume that that's not going to creep him out.. 

But anyway, there are a bunch of different reasons why I like Matt Damon, so lets just go through a list.

First, the, um, I checked on Wikipedia, the money he gets paid for those T.V Ameritrade commercials, he donates all of that to charity! That's frikkin' cool! uh-What kind of Hollywood celebrity does that? He works with a ton of different charity's including I have worked with before, huge fan of their work. 

He, you know, he's done a lot of different work with a bunch of different charities, he's, he's also- I read this once, and I didn't see it on his Wikipedia page, I dunno if it's still true, but, uh, I read that he brings more, uh, ticket sales by being in a movie than any other actor. So, not, not more ticket sales but like, it's a better deal to hire Matt Damon than anyone else. With the amount of money you end up paying Matt Damon is better for your movie than any other actor in America.

And so, I, I think that that's true because Matt Damon doesn't necessarily like, do a movie, because it's, uh, because he's getting paid a lot for it, I think Matt Damon does movies because, you know, he's getting paid but he's a Hollywood superstar, he's getting paid a lot, but he's not getting, but- but he's doing them because he likes them. He likes the scripts and he likes the characters that he's gonna play. 

And so I think he ends up playing a lot of characters that I really like, because he's picking the characters that he likes. And, you know, I like everything from like Jason Bourne to Good Will Hunting to Saving Private Ryan and, and like Mr Pizza, sure, why not Mr Pizza?! Uh, so, it- another thing is I think he always, like, has a good time? He's always like doing these super fun things, like the, like, with friends, like he did Good Will Hunting with, with Ben Affleck, they're friends and they're just, like, pulled off this huge amazing sort of coup in Hollywood. 

And the Jimmy Kimmel Sarah Silverman thing, if you don't know what I'm talking about just Google Jimmy Kimmel Sarah Silverman Matt Damon. Um, and, uh, that, it just seems like they're having a really good time, um, and I like that. It seems like he's having a good time, he has a really good attitude, he takes roles that are like, good, that like, he feels good about, and he, like, advertises with companies that he believes in, and then he donates the money to charity. 

Like, this is the guy! Like he should have a freaking video blog, I would watch his video blog all the time, and it would be so much fun! Matt Damon, if you're listening, I would love to advise you on your future career as a video blogger, because I think that you could create the kind of, like a really good community, because he's, you're just into this, you're, you're into like doing things the right way.

And like, having your impact on the world be a positive one, um, despite the fact that obviously you make lots and lots of money, so I, yeah, very talented guy, really great attitude, and I, and I just like when I hear him advertising for things I'm like "I bet that that's actually a good thing." I bet that if Matt Damon is lending his voice, like, when I hear like Tim Allen advertising for something I'm just like "eh", you know, he's Tim Allen. I don't think that Tim Allen is necessarily a super good guy, but Matt Damon, I know is a super good guy. Cause he's Matt Damon, and I believe, like that's one spokesperson that I can actually be like "Okay, okay I can actually check out T.V. Ameritrade, even though I probably do not require their services" 

Okay, that's all, just me and Matt Damon, I just think he's cool. I just wanted to say: "I love Matt"