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Hank browses the catalog.
I don't know why but my office just got the catalogue. Hi guys! And I noticed some things.

First, kids have way better costumes than adults. This little spaceman? I don't get to be spaceman. There's no good spaceman costumes for adults. I don't-Yep, mostly kids costumes. Which I find pretty uninteresting.

But then when you get to the back of the magazine, after your party favors area, then you start to get into the weird stuff. Like these over here, which are various sexy cartoon character costumes. But instead of calling them sexy, they call them sassy. So you have sassy Grumpy Bear, which is a Care Bear. I don't know if they're paying royalties to the Care Bears for this.

There's also sassy Pooh Bear and sassy Tigger, but they do occasionally break down and go ahead and call things sexy. Like, for example right here, sexy Gizmo from, you know, from Gremlins. So there's sexy Gizmo. And we also have sexy Waldo up here, which maybe is one of my favorites. I like girls with glasses. 

But I think that the weirdest page is yet to come. Oh here it is. It's the one with the sexy Teletubby on it, which- just confusing for a few reasons. It's like sexy Tinky Winky, there's also sexy Gumby, which I find also strange. 

I guess it's the mixture of the sexiness with the children's television programming. Especially not just for children but for infants. 

And then down here we have plug man and socket girl, which just makes me uncomfortable and is going to completely change how I feel about plugs from now on.