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In which Hank discloses the fate of a liquified brain, thanks sXePhil and tells the nerdfighters about a new secret project.


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A Bunny

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[On the phone] No, Phil, look. I'm just saying that I had a dream you were in this bizarre, kinky club where everyone dressed up like cartoon characters and made out with each other. Wait, what? Why are you getting so defensive about this? Oh... Phil, that is really weird.

[Guitar tune]

Good morning, John, it's Thursday, November 29th. I wanted to make you sXePhil fans comfortable. And for those of you who have never been here before: the nerdfighters Secret Siblings in my pants have teamed up to decrease world suck...using a scavenger hunt. Pretty jokes. Yeah, we have terminology. I'm sorry about that.

Anyway, thank you, Phil! We have, like 1,500 new subscribers, just because you mentioned us. You're a powerful man, Philip DeFranco. But we weren't the only ones who had a big day yesterday. Secret Sister Melissa Jenna got in an airplane and flew to St. Petersburg, Florida, to participate in the CNN/YouTube Debates. (That "participate" there at the end was giving me some problems.) Hope you're having a good time, Melissa!

John, yesterday, I realized that, because of Thanksgiving, I'm not doing a song until next week, and because of that, I only have two more songs to do. Which is really amazing, because I have two more songs already written! Oh my god, it's such a load off. The songwriting is really fun. And sometimes people like the songs, which is really, really, awesome. But it's hard. It takes a lot of time. And I don't have a lot of time. Especially since I've decided to give all of that time away to people who care about me and love me. So if one of those people wants me to write a song for them, that'll be fantastic. Especially if that song is about 1) Christmas, or 2) eating your wife. God, not that way. SXePhil fans are so disturbed. It's actually a very sweet song. I think. Die hard nerdfighters know the chorus to this song already.

John, I think that you and I have finally come to respect the power of the nerdfighters. When we asked them to find Tiffany with no last name (the first girl that ever dumped you), we didn't realize how seriously they would take that challenge. And when you told them to find the Corvette in Los Angeles that had the license plate that said "Shazam", they found him! We can't underestimate the power of the nerdfighters. And so you were right to ask them what happens when someone's brain liquefies. Because they knew.

From a variety of sources, I discovered that it is most likely that your brain will come out through your eyes. However, your eyes are connected to your nose through your tear ducts, and your nose is connected to your mouth, which is connected to your stomach. So really, your brain would probably come out of your nose, and your mouth, and some of it would drip into your stomach. There's also a chance that it would come out of your ears. There, but it's less of a chance, because you would have to break your eardrum.

Some people were suggesting that because the ancient Egyptians the Pharaoh's brains out through their noses, that that would be where it came out, but there is a bone there, that they have to break, to get the brains out of the nose. (You just let me know if I'm making you uncomfortable.) But at the base of the eye sockets, there's a bone, but there's also a way to get around your bone, and liquid would have no problem slipping through that little hole. And now you know! It's just one more example of the awesome power of nerdfighters.

John, I think that we need to put this power to the test. Next week, I want to announce a final project for Brotherhood 2.0. That project is going to be the ultimate test of awesome! We are going to need the combined efforts of every single nerdfighter! We're going to ask you to do some things, and if you do it, we will make the awesomest thing happen ever. I can't wait to tell you all about this, but I can't do it right now. So for now, I'm just going to say good bye everyone! And John, I'll see you tomorrow.

No new scavenger hunt clue until you figure out what John's is about. But you're not getting any hints from me, and John's not answering his phone, so I actually have no idea how to solve that clue. Best of luck figuring it out. Um, I'm trying as well. So, we'll work together on it.