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In which John discusses the sad state of his brain after finishing a revision of his new book, and the possible Amy Winehouse implications of his discovery.

Thanks to youtubelebrity sxephil for his kind words about us today:


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Good morning, Hank, it's Wednesday.

As you will no doubt notice, I am wearing my nerd glasses again. (nerdfighter hand gesture) Hank, the nerd glasses got pretty bad reviews when I pulled 'em out the first time, including, "He looks like he's trying to be emo, but he's too old." To which I have this response: if I'm too old to be emo, how do you account for the very emo and very old Edgar Allan Poe? Checkmate! But I might go back and forth between these glasses and my other glasses for the rest of the year.

Hank, in other news, as you can see over there, I've moved my writing setup into my office. I did this because for the last several days I've been working like sixteen hours a day in a big ocean of paper in the living room. And then finally the ocean of paper actually took over the living room, and so to escape the ocean of paper, I had to move into the office.

But I have good news, Hank, I finished the most recent revision of Paper Towns. Hank, usually in this kind of situation I would do my happy dance, but I'm just so tired. I feel kind of like my brain has turned into liquid and like at any moment my brain might start to drip out of my nose.

Or would it drip out of my ears? Hank, that sounds like a good challenge for the nerdfighters! Nerdfighters, if my brain were to liquefy, would it come out of my eyes or out of my nose or out of my ears or out of some combination of the three?

Hank, usually I would think that's the kind of question that has no answer, but I have recently learned not to underestimate the nerdfighters. By the way, nerdfighters, I will deliver you your handsome reward before the end of the year in some fashion or another. (sniffs) Do you think that was brain? Do you there's a chance that that was brain that I just shot back up into my brain that for the rest of my life every five minutes or so I'm just going to have be like (sniffs), you know, just to keep my brain up there?

Oh my God, Hank, something just occurred to me. What if Amy Winehouse doesn't have a drug problem she just has a liquefied brain and so she has to snort every few minutes to get her brain back into her head? No wonder she has to cancel all her concerts for the rest of the year!

She has liquid brain! I'd cancel my concerts too! All right, Hank, I'm starting to worry that if I talk to you any longer, I'm going to give you and the nerdfighters liquid brain, so I'm going to sign off now.

Oh, and one more thing, Hank. On Friday I want to talk about Christmas, but I was thinking maybe early next week I could answer some questions from nerdfighters. The questions could be about anything.

I mean they could be about Pakistan or they could be about my glasses or whatever. Anyway, nerdfighters, if you have any questions of any kind, please feel free to leave them (points down) down there. Hank, I'll see you tomorrow. (Brotherhood 2.0 outro) Hey, scavenger hunters, you've already received today's clue.