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In which Hank and Katherine encounter some technical difficulties and then finally save Harry from his cursed broomstick.
Hank: Last time on Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4, we were playing LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. And I scared this little girl! And...oh student rescued! Was she in peril or something?

Katherine: I don't know.

H: No. No. 

K: I think she was just frightened by Scabbers.

H: Well he is scary because he's a freakin Death Eater. Which could...

K: Well he's also like, a nine hundred year old rat.

H: What? He's not nine hundred years old.

K: Curiously long lifespan for a common garden rat!

H: (Laughs)

K: AHHHH!! Was not looking where I was going.

H: Common garden rat?

K: Yeah?

H: Isn't variety?

K: No he says..

H:(Laughing) Common garden rat.

K: He says common garden rat!

H: What am I doing?

K: I don't know.

H: What are you doing Scabby?

K: I think you're supposed to..

H: Oh am I done? I don't actually need to do...

K: I don't know. Yes. He pushed these things down and now we have to build this.

H: Oh good. Shoot him!!

K: Ahh!

H: You build that, I'm going to go twiddle my diddle. (Laughs).

K: (Laughs) I bet you are. Ahhh why did it get there! Okay stop don't help. Stop! Stop!

H: I'm not helping!

K: Good. No helping. Why did it go there?? I put it..ahhhh oh boy. Wow. Okay. Ah, no. No that's not where that goes. Yellow one. Give me the yellow one. Yellow one! Ahhh! I thought I could do this. I thought I could do this.

H: I'm gonna do this. Yes.

K: There we go. Okay, now, yellow one.

H: It doesn't seem to work.

K: It does not.

H: That does not seem to work.

K: Eh. There we go.

H: I think I got it.

K: No! Oh yep. You did. I fell off.

H: I don't know...

K: Because I thought I was controlling the...put it in the hole!!

H: FAaaaaaa! Oh my god!! Why is this so hard??

K: Shouldn't it just go in? Ah! There you go

H: Curiously long lifespan for a garden variety...common garden rat!

K: Garden variety common!

H: Common garden...

K: Sh, sh, sh, sh, calm down...There we go! Delicately...delicately.

H: Very slow...very slowly...very slowly

K: Delicately...ha! Hahaha!

H: Hooray!!! (Mumbles).

K: I almost fell off the edge again because I wasn't looking where I was going. Oh my god come on! Get up! You're!

H: Such a chub-er little chub-ers! You can't go behind you have to jump over those things.

K: But I might fall off!

H: No you're fine, just do it and jump! You gotta blue..

K: Ahh!

H: Oh wow. That was...ooooh!! I fell off. Oh sack. 

K: You probably could have blasted those. You could have! Damn you! This is much, much, much easier isn't it!

H: Oh hey! Don't shoot me!

K: Once you blasted them.

H: Oh! (Makes sound effects for the pieces moving). Oh Hermione, do you have a book?

K: I do, how did you know?

H: Oh that's excellent news.

K: Stars, hat, moon, thingy...

H: Stars, hat,! Moon, potion bottle.

K: Beaker?

H: It's an Erlenmeyer flask

K: Erlenmeyer?? (Both laugh)

H: Curiously long lifespan for a common garden rat.

K: Oh another one of those?! Yes, honey. Build it.

H: I'm...I did a bad job. It's in the wrong place. I'm making a staircase! Boooooooosh!

K: Oh, that's too bad.

H: What happened?

K: It cut away.

H: Oh so you didn't see it?

K: Yeah.

H: Stupid stars, hat, moon, flask.

K: It's the same thing it did last time!

H: It is the same thing it did last time.

K: Not very secret.

H: Let's just do the same thing every time. Ooh.

K: Ah, jeez. That almost fell.

H: Oh, flap-ity! Oh, excellent. Make a thing for me to jump on.

K: (Sighs) It's not..It's not harder when you're up there.

H: I think...I'm just trying to...ahh don't hit me!

K: How do I get up now you...ughhh! I'm gonna shoot all of these things!

H: You have to shoot my butt...we're true wizards! 

K: See! Aha!

H: If you don't become a true wizard you have to collect, uh, money. To be a true wizard.

K: Oh god.

H: did it!! Yeah, spiderweb, take that! Sorry. Do it Hermione! Light his stupid pants on fire!

K: Lighter lighter pants on fighter!

H: Get on the broomstick Harry! Go and get that little snitch! Get the snitch-y! I'm faster than you. I'm faster than youuuuu. I'm Harry fricken' Potter!

K: I always felt bad for the little Seeker. In the movie.

H: Yeah...

K: He's kind of cute!

H: But he's a Slytherin! 

K: I know, but that doesn't mean they're all bad!

H: It doesn't mean they're all bad. Oh is it in your ear? That's not how that happened.

K: So...

H: They take liberties.

K: Yeah. Does that mean that at the end of...he has to stick it in his ear? Later?

H: Haha, in the Deathly Hallows? Hermione it does have a...

K: It does have...they do...Snitches do have flesh memories.

H: Flesh memories. But I didn't catch it with my hand. I caught it with my ear!

K: Obviously! Almost punctured my eardrum with it. Punctured.

H: Punctured.

K: We should end this episode here.

H:We should end this episode here this is a good ending point. Thank you for watching Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4.

K: It has been fun.

H: It has been fun!

K: We will see we won't see you.

H: Yes! Haha! But you will hear us, next time. Goodbye!