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In which Hank is in a play!
Last time on Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0, I had to infiltrate the Colosseum to find and rescue the actor Pietro before he is murdered by Micheletto. And I need to currently, uh, kill the gunmen before heading backstage. And not kill anyone else in order to achieve full synch.

And I discovered last time that this is NOT a leap of faith, and that was a shame to discover.

(Ezio): UGH.


So, there's all kinds of bad people around, and I have to not get detected by them.

That one right there, for example. Uh, there's probably some more around. The gunmen are QUITE a ways away. To be honest. A surprising distance.

Shhh..don't worry about it. Wow, there are SO MANY bad guys. I was detected. I was all kinds of detected. You can't just go climbing stuff, Hank! is going poorly, overall. Badly. That was two minutes of fail. Felt like. Maybe not all of two minutes.

Oh, and now it's just grid time! Just lots of hanging out in the grid. Loading screen to make the game take longer. Okay.

Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. Maybe if I go right there anything? It doesn't look like there's anything to fall into.

Oh, there is. There is, I just missed it.

Oh, there are so many of them. Maybe if I go this way, they won't see me. This seems like a good strategy. Oops, except I fell. Jeez, woah, and then I did that, that was weird.

Falling is a bad strategy. Kill no one but the gunmen, who are well-hidden.

OK, I like this strategy so far. I already see a gunman. There's one. There he is.

I thought that they would all be together. That would've made it a heck of a lot easier to do. I almost fell just then.

There's a chest right here. I can't help it. I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. CAN'T HELP MYSELF, I NEED THE POMANDER I NEED IT.

Incense! That just does not seem..

*shoots guard* Fall! Yes! Oh that was weird physics.

(Actor onstage: "...high king of heaven..")

OK. (falls into hay bale) Anyone around except for gunmen? Nope.

(Actor onstage: "..what deed have I done...")

(3:13) *shoots guard* Don't see me! That would be horrible.

(Actor onstage: "for I was not what I did!")

Good...2 minutes and 55 seconds.

(Actor onstage: "...thee will I serve and with thee be..")

Okay, I'm being quiet because I'm obviously nervous. YESSSS...

Make it backstage to rejoin the disguised assassin recruits. Okay.

I'm still on this time limit, which I did not realize was going to continue happening.

(Ezio drops down) That hurt a little bit.

Yesss! Yess!!!! YESSSS!! Hurrah hurrizzle!

Ezio: I need to get onstage.

The show must go on! Wait, why? Why? Why are we still here? Why can I only go this speed?

Is this how I get on stage? I have a feeling not.

(4:35) Okay, it's just us, right? Yeah, you're not going to worry about that--WHAT? What's going on? Why? Why worry? I'm dressed up in the thing!

I'm confused. I'm confused. That...was weird. I didn't understand the purpose of my mission. Nice shoes, by the way. Very strappy. Strappy shoes. I guess that's what they wore back then. Not, back then, but in Rome. Right?

(In front of Romulus entrance) Do we have to go through this? I mean this is very sparkly it's hard to resist, but no. That's not, that's not how we do it. That's not how we do.

Ummm...Okay? I can't walk past you. 24 SECONDS? I am confused.

Okay. Phew.

Don't try and explain it to me.

(Actor's speech continues)

Find the correct spot without arousing suspicion.

Oh. Oh, I found it! Without....I'm so smart. (giggles)

(Actor: ....I say surely this is god's son almighty. Go ask Pilate for his body, and buried shall he be.)

Okay. Find the correct spot, oh jeez OH JEEZ. Didn't realize there was more going on...(stressed)! I was on it! I'm staying on the spot! JERKOFFS! I'm standing on the spot! I'M ON DE SPOOOOTTT!!

(6:33) (weird voice) I'm on the sput..I'm standing on a duck...shooting a duck...*nonsense* turn into a duck (?)

Oh man. Jeezle Creezle.

I'm gonna do this. Oh, we start all over again? OK, let's go guys. Let's do this thing.

Oh, it's so annoying to have to walk after running so much. I'm a slowbie-pants. (sings) Slowbie-pants, Slowbie-pants, I am a slowbie pants.

(Actor: ...ah lord god, what heart have ye to slay..)

There's my spot. Headed to it.

(Actor: ..therein buried shall he be, for he is king of bliss.)

I'm stuck here, I can't move now.

(Actor: I saw surely this is god's son almighty!)

Hank: (old priest voice) This is god's son almighty...

(Actor:...and buried shall he be!)

Okay..let's go to the new place. Okay. I'm sure that eventually this will be a useful thing. Watching a play.

(Actor: Thou grant me his body.)

Okay, need to get around this guy, excuse me. Thank you. I'm close now. This seems like a good level of closeness.

We are..are we gonna walk right up to the, to the dude? No? Okay? Cutscene?

Fine. And neutralize Micheletto. When you say neutralize....

(*stabs Micheletto*) That's one way of neutralizing. I thought maybe I was going to have to do something else, but...He has been neutralized! With a sword in his heart.

(Micheletto): Hah

You're gonna talk?

(Micheletto): You cannot save Pietro.

What? What? You giant...oh, bastard.

(Micheletto): As I promised Cesare, I made doubly sure.

Wow, you are, yeah you're very clever aren't you?

(Micheletto): I am not yet dead!

(Ezio): I did not come here to kill you.

Well I stabbed you in the chest though!

(Ezio): He who is the cause of someone else becoming powerful is the agent of his own destruction.

Okay. Wise words my man. As you generally have.

Now are we going to have to fight a lot? Because I can do that. Nope.

What? I didn't kill anyone! Except the gunmen. Didn't I? No, I did. I killed that guy.

Pietro: "This was not in the rehearsal!"

Ezio: "Hold back the guards."

I'm gonna carry this guy out of here. I have to save Pietro. But I'm going to do that in the next episode of Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0, in which you will not see me and I will not see you, but you will hear me. Next time. Goodbye.