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In which Hank visits YouTube's physical location...or does he? Thanks to Rick and Margaret for showing me around, and all of everyone else for not getting too creeped out at me waving my camera around.

YouTube HQ was great to see, but mostly it was a bunch of people working hard to make YouTube better. Which, I guess, if I'd thought about it, is what I should've expected.

And San Francisco is BEAUTIFUL! So awesome...people who live here...I am extremely jealous!

And thanks to Mitch for putting The Katherine and I up in Pacific Heights.


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Good morning, John.

It's Monday, September 13th. I woke up this morning at about 4 o'clock in the morning, not because I had to, actually because I had to, I really had to pee. Unfortunately, between me and the bathroom was this freaking spiral staircase.

Luckily, I did not fall down it--that or any of the other four times I had to get up and go pee. But that is neither here nor there. John, the reason there is a spiral staircase between me and my bathroom is because I am in San Francisco!

And I am in San Francisco to go to Youtube. There's some legitimate confusion as to where Youtube "is". Like Youtube, to me, is on my desktop, it's a non-physical, digital, internet place.

But in the physical world, Youtube could be the place where all of the 1's and 0's that make up this video and all of those other billions of videos actually exist. But I have no idea where that is, I actually think that that might be a secret, like nobody knows where that is? But if you ask Google Maps, if you type in "Youtube" into Google Maps, it says 901 Cherry.

Which is where I am right now. "Welcome to Youtube!" That was Rick Silvestrini, who works at Youtube, who is now giving me a little "tour" of Youtube, and who was very clearly a giant Nerdfighter. Which was pretty cool to see. My first thought upon approaching Youtube HQ was "God, this would be the coolest place to work ever!" These guys must literally just sit around and make Youtube more awesome, and watch Youtube videos during all of the moments when they're not having Nerf gun fights.

But, the reality is very different. These are people who get up early, drive to work, put in 8-10 hour days, making a playground for the rest of us to play in. It's all very normal, there's office politics, and some people don't put in all the work they should put in, and a lot of people don't get recognized for all the great work that they do do.

God, every time I think that I think dodo. It's a place, in the real world. But it's also just a place where people work.

Don't get me wrong, it's not Dunder-Mifflin. They've got a massage room, and scooters, and a tiki bar, and a gnome, and a mini golf course, and a Youtube logo made of wallets, and art, and grass on the roof. But it's not magical, and it's not evil either.

They're just people, mostly cool and talented people, but just people. And they work in a place, and John, it's weird to put a street address to, which is so obviously to the rest of us a web address. Because 901 Cherry isn't where Youtube is.

Youtube is right here in front of all of us right now. What 901 Cherry is, is a place where people work really hard, making this place. this weird, non-physical place possible. And I am very thankful to the people in that place, for making this possible, and I'm also very thankful that they know as well as I do that they're just a bunch of people in a place, helping to create something much bigger than that.

John, I'll see you on Wednesday.