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Amy KR's Positive Pranking: John builds upon an idea by the brilliant Amy Krouse Rosenthal to turn pranks into vehicles for worldsuck reduction. In this video, he TPs houses around his hometown of Indianapolis. (TP, in this instance, stands for Tootsie Pop.) Enjoy your tootsie pops, Indy.

My note: Hello! Your home has been TP'ed, which--for today, at least--means that it has been Tootsie Popped. These Tootsie Pops are your for the licking (and/or biting) not as a part of some marketing campaign but because of an initiative called Positive Pranking started by the author Amy Krouse Ronsethal with the help of the nerdfighters, an Internet-based community of people who seek to decrease the overall worldwide level of suck. Please enjoy, and if you're so inclined, start your own positive pranking adventure. You can find out more at

Best wishes,

John Green


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Good morning, Hank, It's Wednesday. I'm in a parking lot.

So I love pranks. I love pulling pranks, I love writing about pranks, in fact, one time I was in a Hollywood pitch meeting, and this a totally true story, and a Hollywood executive described my first novel, "Looking for Alaska", as "Prank Academy with some sad bits."

Oh, Hollywood... I love you.

But Hank, the only problem with pranks is that they're generally designed to hurt or diminish or humiliate someone else, right? For instance, when I recently threw you in a pool, that was designed to hurt you to make other people laugh. I can't speak for other people, Hank, but seeing that sill makes me laugh.

So, anyway, my friend Amy Krouse Rosenthal recently called me with an amazing idea: Positive pranking.

Oh, hello Target. I'm gonna need all your Tootsie Pops.

So Amy's idea is that you can use the pranking ethos to decrease worldsuck, and to launch this positive pranking campaign, she re-invented ding-dong ditching by delivering actual Hostess Ding-Dongs to strangers throughout Chicago - there's a link to watch that video in the doobly-doo - and then Amy gave me the idea that I could TP peoples' houses... with Tootsie Pops.

So, first I bought all the Tootsie Pops at Target and a Diet Dr. Pepper because I was thirsty. Then I went home, typed up a note which you can read in the doobly-do, printed it out, and then signed all sixty copies of it. (J. Scribble) And then I set off to TP some people.

So some mailboxes in my neighborhood have recently been the victim of negative pranking involving baseball bats, so I started off by TPing some of those mailboxes. Then I went to Subway.

"These are for you. They're a gift. Just Tootsie Pops. And can I have a six-inch on wheat?"

So eventually I developed a system wherein I combine TPing with ding-dong ditching.

"Ditch! Go go go go go go!"

Hank, doing it that way seriously got my heart rate spiking. I mean, I was walking up there thinking "Oh, God, I hope they don't open the door," and then I put down the TP and then I ring the doorbell and then DITCH! And every single time I ran away like "Panic! Panic! If these people find out that I'm trying to give them Tootsie Pops the consequences will never be the same!"

But then I got the idea to TP the garden at my friend Chris and Marina's house, and then I taped a note to their bush so they'd know that they'd been positively pranked.

Then I went back to mailboxing for a while until finally I discovered this lonely and desolate island in the subdivision and thought, "Y'know, someone should TP that island."

So, Hank, that's the story of my first go at being a positive prankster. I now turn this idea over to you and Nerdfighteria. Let's work together in comments to come up with some excellent positive prank ideas. If you click on my face, you can watch Amy Krouse Rosenthal's original positive pranking video and get turned onto her amazing mission Amy-KR project. And then Nerdfighters, if you want to do some positive pranking of your own, you should, and you should videotape it and then you should upload it as a video response to this video or Amy's video. And our pranking shall heal the world AAH! Oooohhhh... Oohhh... It hurts when it hits the chair...

I'm not gonna lie to you, Hank, my elbow could use a positive prank. Nerdfighters, I hope that you guys find the idea of positive pranking as exciting and cool as I do.

Hank, it was fun hanging out with you in real life, but alas, we are back to this. I will see you on the internet on Friday.